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Lezel Simons, Author and Poet

Editing & Book Layout: Nicholette edited and formatted my book manuscript and cover. It was important for me to work with someone who I felt comfortable with and could communicate with easily as the work was very detailed and specific. Nicholette understood exactly what I needed to have done. Our interactions were relaxed and fun but professional. Her work is structured and organized. She is conscientious and gets the work done quickly and efficiently without it being rushed. I appreciate her attention to detail and the finished work exceeded my expectation. Nicholette is multi-talented. Her writing skills, insight, vast knowledge, interpersonal skills and tech savvy makes her work unique and gives her an edge to work with anyone on a wide scope in many fields. This has opened up many possible future opportunities for collaboration and I highly recommend her.

Lezel Simons

Jenna Rutherford, Director of Pure Within

Content writing: Nicholette wrote a blog post for Pure Within on our new product ahead of its launch. I found her to be professional to deal with and efficient with regards to the deadline we discussed. I am 100% satisfied with the blog post, with the information and with the layout of the post. I think it is extremely professional and I found the information to be very concise. I really enjoy the way Nicholette writes, her wording makes it easy for people to understand and to read. I would definitely recommend her to other people, I already do, and I am most certainly going to continue working with her for future blog posts.

Jenna Rutherford

Lauren Melnick, Travel Writer @thewanderlustmovement, South Africa

Blog Management: I worked with Nicholette for a couple of months as a writer for the VanHunks brand. Nicholette is super easy to work with and is a fantastic blog manager. She managed multiple writers and was always organized and on top of everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their blog and needs someone to manage all those daily, weekly and monthly tasks that keep a blog growing and afloat.

Lauren Melnick

Andrea Mulholland, Owner Operator of LifeFit Coaching

Social Media: Nicholette helped me set up my digital marketing for my coaching business. Before working with her, I didn’t really have any direction or plan and my own efforts had been inconsistent and irregular. She started off with platform optimisation, did industry research, came up with a strategy for my content and did everything from sourcing photos, doing graphic design, centralising my content to a main hub, and then scheduled and distributed the content I wrote and made my life easier in that regard. I found the quality of her work to be perfect, colourful, and stress free. She helped me take notice of what I do and got me to work and think systematically so there was consistency, strategy, and coherent flow. I have got a number of enquiries and opportunities to sign new clients up through working with her. Nicholette is very easy to work with and I have been 100% happy with her work. I continue to work with her, and have definitely recommended her to others who have given me such great feedback about my digital marketing.

Andrea Mulholland

Katherine Stott, Owner of Archetype Copywriting

Content writing: Nicholette captivates her audiences with a flair for the written word, coupled with her deep insight into the subject matter at hand. She has a way of expressing things in a unique way that allows users to consider a different perspective. In addition to her skills and experience, she is incredibly easy to work with and always open to discussions about her work. Always great to interact and engage with her.

Archetype Testimonial
Katherine Stott

Karen Knox, Owner of Mac’s Smoothie Bar

Content services: I recently started my first business, a smoothie bar and cafe. At the age of 49, this is the first taste of being a business owner that I’ve ever had. I had some ideas but was at a complete loss as to how to implement or even where to start marketing and social media. I could do a simple facebook post but had no clue how to even set up a business page. Then, in walked Nicholette. She is a dynamic yet humble, confident, knowledgeable and experienced content creator and manager, who went the extra mile in helping me get my digital marketing going.

She spent a few mornings with me gathering info, doing industry and hashtag research, exchanging ideas, and finding out what brand image I would like to promote for my business.

On the day of my product photoshoot with her, Nicholette arrived with a flat lay board, DSLR camera, and a head full of experience and ideas. It was super fun and extremely empowering working with Nicholette. The owner of the shop my smoothie bar is in has been running his business for 25 years. He has had various people in to do his marketing over the years and even he was super impressed with her work.

I would highly recommend Nicholette without hesitation. One of the things I really enjoyed about her is that I felt so at ease and although my knowledge and thoughts were limited in this department, she carefully listened to and valued my input.

Karen Knox
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