Self Love: Where Your Manifestation Journey Begins

July 24, 2018admin
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Seriously. I can’t stress the importance of self love enough when it comes to manifestation. It is your primary tool in improving your wellbeing and your life. When you love yourself, truly, not from a place of ego, but a place of self worth and care, your life will improve infinitely.

Self love and respect sets the bar for the treatment you accept from others. If you’re not treating yourself well, you’re not going to feel worthy of being treated well by the outside world. And the manifestation is going to reflect in the outside world, since the outside world is a reflection of your inside world.

Our healing and journey to our best life begins with ourselves, within.

What does self love look like? 

Basically: You need to care for yourself in the same way you would care for a child. You ensure the child gets adequate amounts of healthy food, fresh air, stimulation, rest, love and attention. Make healthy and loving choices for yourself in your life — because you deserve it, and you are worthy of it. You need to be your own parent to the child inside you. This child just wants to be loved.

So, how can you begin practicing self love to elevate your capacity for the manifestation of your best life?

Honesty rocks!
Have honest conversations with yourself about what is and is not working in your life. Ask yourself: Is the current manifestation of my life working for me? Does it make me feel good? Am I even happy doing this thing? Or is it draining me? The current manifestation of your life is not set in stone. It’s only what it looks like right now. It can change, and you can shift your circumstances if you’re not happy, by being responsible when it comes to your wellbeing.
Be conscious of the fact that what feels good in the moment may not be what’s going to be best for you in the long run. We live in a time of instant gratification with fast cars, fast food, and fast people being the order most days. And a large aspect of self love includes learning to choose what’s best for you long term. The manifestation that comes with taking things slower and putting our best interests ahead of anything that may be appealing in the moment with ‘un’beneficial outcomes shortly after, is much more enriching and fulfilling. We all know nothing beats a road trip along the scenic route, or a home cooked meal surrounded by people we have lasting bonds with. Instant gratification rarely brings long term fulfillment.

Be conscious
Become a conscious choice maker. For manifestation, this is paramount. What does this mean? It means you are in charge of your life. You create your reality. If you are not happy with a aspect of your life, only you have the power to change your circumstances by making new choices that support the life you desire to live. Ask yourself: Am I going to continue doing this thing that depletes my every ounce of vitality and life force, or continue to behave in self-sabotaging ways? Or am I going to take the necessary action to improve my state of well being and my life? Anyone can make the shift. Trust me, I used to be the poster child for poor and unconscious decision making.

Take action
How can you implement action that reflects self love and make caring choices for yourself to improve the manifestation of your life? Well, Life applauds action, not mere thought. Thought without action is just wishful thinking, and nothing will ever change if we don’t show life with our actions that we want it to change. I get asked quite often: “If I say I love myself, is it enough?” My answer every time is “No, it’s not enough. You need to believe it and take action that supports your belief of self love”.

Summon the courage to take the first steps, no matter how small they are. If the thing involves other people, the first step to bring about the manifestation of it is to ask for what you need. I guarantee you, who ever it is can only say yes or no, in some way or another. But having the courage to ask for what you need is an act of self love. You have honoured yourself by asking for what you need. This action alone is telling life you know what you want. Whether the other person makes adjustments from their side or not is a different story. If they agree to improve the situation for you from their side, wonderful! If not, you will need to proceed to the next course of action to improve the manifestation of your life: move on.

To improve your self love and  manifestation skills, practice living with integrity toward yourself. This means that your thoughts, words and actions are aligned. If you are not comfortable with the thought of something, honouring ourselves and being in integrity with ourselves means not saying or doing anything that contradicts what you feel or think about the thing. For manifestation, having our thoughts, words, and actions in alignment is giving life a clear signal that you know what you want and intend to receive it. Saying one thing, but thinking another gives life mixed signals and it interprets that we don’t know what we want.

When we are in integrity with ourselves, we feel good because we are treating ourselves well. Our ‘feelings’ are our internal navigation system. When we are doing something that feels good, we are on the right track for manifestation of our best life. If we do something that doesn’t feel good, we’re off course. Get to know the sense of feeling good, versus not feeling good. Listen to your internal compass. It’s always right.

Be a conscious creator. Set intentions for how you want the manifestation of your desires to unfold. Daily. You don’t get in your car without choosing where you’re going to. You choose the route you’re going to take based on information that’s in alignment with what you want to achieve when you leave the house. This includes potential traffic, quickest and most direct route, which is more scenic, safest, etc… We need to consciously choose how we intend to experience all other aspects of our life too. Choose to experience your day as harmonious and smooth is how the manifestation will unfold. Choose to enjoy the company of the people around you. Choose to make healthy loving choices for yourself.

Don’t just go through life on autopilot as if you’ve got no choice in the matter because then the manifestation may be chaotic or distorted without any direction. We have ALL the power within us to experience a life filled with better wellbeing. If you would like some daily conscious manifestation practices, let me know. I have some tools to share.

Choosing yourself
As you can tell from what I’ve shared, self love is not a ‘state’, but a constant ‘doing’. It’s choosing ourselves every day. It takes practice, and while we can aim to be completely in love with ourselves one day, it’s the small acts of love, care and attention you provide to yourself daily that add up to the manifestation of a loving way of life with yourself in the future. Practice does make perfect here. And really, once you discover self love, only then will you start to recognise what real love outside yourself looks like.

You will begin to recognise where other people aren’t being loving toward themselves, and choosing themselves and that the manifestation of their lack of self love gives away their poor relationship with themselves and their self-sabotaging behaviour. You will begin to learn that if the other person/people don’t love themselves, no amount of jumping through hoops to improve the interpersonal dynamic from your side is going to make any difference or will ever be good enough if they don’t also love themselves.

Self love assignment: What is the one thing that you think you could give yourself as an act of self care today? Alone time? A healthy meal? Exercise? Standing up for yourself? For me today it was writing this blog, so that I could feel I was doing my best for the manifestation of a better future, filled with purpose, for myself.

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