Testimonials: What The Souls Are Saying

August 2, 2018admin

Linda, 34, Cape Town

“I met Nicholette in 2016, at a very low point in my life. I’d moved cities, with two very young children, with little support base and almost no friends. We gelled instantly and I was amazed by her personal confidence and development, the likes of which I’ve hardly seen in anyone else. She helped me grow myself into a stronger, more confident person while at the same time nurtured my inner child. She always understood the problems I had and never judged or spoke condescendingly towards me, and gave me relevant insight on how to move through a difficult emotion or state of being. We have both been on a very similar path since we met and we constantly confer with each other on how we can better our selves and the world around us.”

Angela, 29, San Diego

“I’ve known Nicholette since 2015 now, and since the beginning it was clear that she had so much to share with this world. Nicholette has seen me through highs and lows and through it all has held a space of deep, unwavering love and safety. Her thoughts and insights encourage inquiry and exploration. There is no topic too big for her — she shows up for it all and is always open to understanding. I once read somewhere that in order to be successful in life and relationships we should ‘first seek to understand, then to be understood’ – this is Nicholette. I put my full faith behind this incredible being, knowing full well that all she does is with love and deep compassion.”

Candice, 39, Cape Town
“I found Nicholette to be a great listener, very understanding, and recommended tools related to my situation. She asked very thought provoking questions to help me deal and heal with my situation. I can honestly say that I feel a sense of relief after we had our session. I am very thankful for your knowledge Nicholette, your insight is refreshing and I know you will help many more people along the way.”

Daniel, 31, Cape Town
“I met Nicholette during a really dark patch. My marriage had failed, my wife had moved out and begun a relationship with someone else. Despite me asking her to come home for many months, it seemed divorce was on the cards. I’m so thankful for Nicholette being there during this time. Through her, I realised my self worth and that I deserve better.  I also learnt to establish healthy boundaries and ask for what I need. Once this shift took place internally in myself, it miraculously turned the dynamic of my marriage around. Suddenly my wife wanted me back, and requested that I give our marriage another chance. Today we are back together, and our relationship is much healthier than before. I recommend Nicholette for anyone needing to learn to take their power back in situations and discover their self worth.. She is open-minded, understanding, and can pick up subtle information that is not obvious when it comes to interpersonal energetic dynamics.”

Cindy Petrie, 40, Cape Town

“When I met Nicholette for the first time, I knew there was something different and special about her. She had the sort of intuition and understanding that only comes from real life experiences. I can speak openly about any topics and I always feel uplifted and positive going forward in my struggles with difficult people. She is one of the most positive people I have ever met and I am grateful that I have.”

Beatrice, Transformational Coach, 34, London, United Kingdom
“Nicholette appeared in my life in at exactly the right moment and I connected instantly with her blog – so much so that I wanted to take it one step further and work with her. She is a beautiful, conscious soul who has profound knowledge and wisdom to share, she is extremely intuitive and is not afraid to challenge you when you need it, hold space at other times, and put up a big fat mirror in front of you to show you everything within yourself without judgement, awareness and compassion. Nicholette has made a big difference to my growth and I am ever so grateful for her support.”

Ann Du Toit, Pretoria, South Africa
“I had the privilege of spending a week with Nicholette and it felt like meeting a member of my Soul Family. We had hours of deep conversations that have given me powerful insight into my own life. Nicholette’s guidance has been absolutely profound. Thank you for shining your bright light!”

Lauren Melnick, @thewanderlustmovement Travel Blogger, South Africa
“I met Nicholette in 2019 after she stumbled upon my IG post about me discovering manifestation. A week later, we met for coffee, poke bowls and G&Ts in Cape Town. We had an amazing high vibe chat over two hours, and it was great to connect with someone so entrenched in their manifestation journey. She gave me a lot of food for thought, advice and shared her story with me. By the end of it, we both realised that we probably manifested each other! Nicholette wanted to learn SEO (which is something I’m super passionate about), and she had an opening for a content writer just when I had recently ended a contract with a client.”

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