The Tricks to Conscious Creation (Manifestation Series)

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Learn How To Manifest
Keen to learn the exact steps for successful manifestation every time? Continuing on from my science posts, where I reported to you that quantum-physics has scientifically proven we create our realities using our observation and attention (and also by learning to cultivate and harness our emotions to influence the energy field in and around all things of this world) in this post, I will break down what our ‘observation’ is. We also look at why our observation, or attention, makes such a difference when it comes to the manifestation of our world around us.

What is our observation? And why is it important for manifestation?

Well, we have eyes, nose, skin, mouth and ears… but without our ‘consciousness’, there is no receiving ‘observer’ to translate and choose how we experience the sensory inputs such as enticing smells, comforting tactile textures, decadent tastes, music that sings to our heart, or breathtaking scenery we are encountering in this world.

For manifestation, the energy of consciousness is required to observe the energy of creation, and without one or the other, each would not be. They are two halves of a whole and completely necessary, and dependent on each other for this game of life. Down to the smallest particles in atoms, and up to the largest of galaxies and solar systems in the universe, as well as the infinite potential of creative expressions that make their way into reality through us.

Consciousness, and Creation. We’ll dive a whole lot deeper into both energies in later posts so you can learn how to work with them and develop them to up your manifestation game.

The observer within us is our Consciousness. Scientists admit to the existence of consciousness, but are still having a tough time figuring out where it comes from and where exactly in the body consciousness is positioned. Philosophers and mystics seem to have a more definitive perspective on the subject, however. We’ll leave that extremely vast topic for a later post too.

Regardless of where consciousness comes from and where in the body it resides, without Consciousness, our eyes may view aspects of the world and life, but they won’t recognise what we see as beautiful or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant. They’re just things passing by without meaning. It’s our consciousness that assigns meaning and value.

Our mouths can chew food, but without that awareness, there is no receiving faculty to say “Oh, this is delicious, or nutritious”. Our ears would allow sound waves into the canals, but without consciousness, we wouldn’t translate music as joyful and uplifting, or conversations to be deep and impactful.

Creation would not be acknowledged and validated to the vast extent it is without Consciousness to engage with Creation for the full exotic array of experiences available for manifestation in this life. Pleasant and unpleasant.

And likewise with our sense of emotions. We could interact with other beings, but our consciousness recognises them in a way that elicits and allows us to feel love, and compassion, for example. Our consciousness and awareness is part of the human experience and is so important when it comes to manifestation.

In a sense, our consciousness is the processor aspect of the hardware that is our human ‘beings’ if we were to look at ourselves as organic computers. And our bodies, with their sensory faculties of smell, sight, touch, hearing, taste, and emotional feeling, are the intake channels. From there we decide if we like what we experience or not so we can learn and adjust accordingly for a number of reasons.

In myself, at least, I have notice I adjust and take action toward the manifestation of inner peace as my default state, as that feels most harmonious. It’s taken some time, but what’s consistently necessary to continue the manifestation of inner peace is self care and self love every darn day.

The Science Of Manifestation
Back to science for a brief moment before translating manifestation into every day occurrences for even the most regular people: Quantum physics studies matter and energy on an atomic and subatomic level. Scientists have concluded that not only do atoms not have a physical structure, and that at a base level atoms are tiny energetic vortices vibrating and spinning at unique frequencies and densities, and are connected to everything else in life… But also that it’s the act of observation that affects them (read about the Double Slit Experiment here). The more attention we give to something, the more we discover, and the greater the effect on what we’re giving our attention to.

In the context of manifestation: With wave/particle duality elementary physical entities such as electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, and molecules exist in states which evolve like waves when they are observed, and run static particle patterns when not observed. This means that only when consciousness (awareness) is directed at the entities, is there a change in the state of being.

In the same way, with life and manifestation: where attention goes, energy flows. What we give our attention to is where the creative manifestation energy flows. This next part is important: This means that what we focus on is where creation energy goes to.

Where you direct your Consciousness is where Creation can arise.

What Do You Want?
More importantly: This means, when it comes to manifestation, we need to focus on what we want, and not what we don’t want. We need to think about what we want, and not about what we don’t want.

Ever wonder why people who live in fear always have things happen to them that make them right about needing to be scared all the time? Their emotional state of fear, together with directing their attention onto potentials that entice fear, means the manifestation that arises from those two combined energies is going to be more fear.

This brings me to my next two points regarding the manifestation process:
1) Like attracts like, and
2) Our emotions are crucial elements for manifestation. Emotion (or E-Motion) is energy in motion. Since like attracts like, living in a space of fear is going to attract more things to be fearful of. Just like happy people seem to have all the luck. It’s a thing.

If you want to shift your life to a better space, you need to pay more attention to what thoughts you’re choosing. All thoughts are a choice. You can choose higher quality thoughts. It does get easier to stop thoughts that aren’t useful or constructive for the manifestation of the life you desire the more you do it. At first it’s going to take some mindfulness to track where you’re choosing negative thoughts or visualising the worst case scenario non-stop.

There’s a reason people tell others to think positive. Not only is it draining to listen to someone being negative all the time, but thought actually becomes something.

What Is The Quality Of Your Thoughts?
For manifestation, getting a good idea on whether your primary instinctual thought responses promote putting yourself down or thinking worst case outcomes each time you are presented with an opportunity, versus having confidence in your abilities and capacities, and building yourself up and going for gold, is the first step. From there you can begin implementing choices and action toward fresher manifestation.

Think about it: Everything that ever was, is and will be, started off as a thought in someone’s brain first. From there, they held a vision in their mind’s eye about what it would be like to actually experience the thing, which in turn solicited an emotional response from the human, who then moved towards their inspired thought with some action, yet more energy. That’s the basis of manifestation, with a few fine tuning tweaks here and there.

These are the seven core steps for successful manifestation of anything in life:
1) Hold conscious thoughts on what you desire to bring into manifestation,
2) Visualise what you desire to experience in your mind’s eye because:
3) It solicits an emotional frequency output (remember like attracts like).
4) From there, take action towards what you desire to bring into manifestation,
5) Have absolute faith that it’s yours already. You have to behave in a way of it being a done deal. You have to just know, without a doubt, it’s on its way. Present tense. Not future.
6) Here’s where it gets exciting: To bring it in, you need to let go of any attachment to whether you get it or not.  Seems counter intuitive, I know, but you can’t want it too much. The emotional energy output from ‘wanting’ something too much becomes desperation, which has a slow vibrational frequency, and that is going to attract more desperation (more like attracts like with emotions). Letting go, relaxing, and trusting is aligning to bring in your manifestation.
7) Lastly. be open to receiving it.

Also: You don’t need to worry about HOW you’re going to get it, just that it’s already yours, so let Creation do its thing to bring it to you. Your job is to align with your manifestations.

Regarding the timeline it takes for what you want to come in, there is no guarantee I can provide for how long something takes to manifest into your reality, but rest assured, if you have followed the above method: it WILL come sooner or later. We ALWAYS get what we want.

Sometimes there are other energies at play. We aren’t always high energy. Sometimes our biorhythms are in an ebb rather than a flow.

Energetic Tides
Sometimes the tide is out for a period of time, especially over winter. Summer seems to me to be when my manifestations happen at lightning speed. Last winter I worked on manifesting multiple things and they all came in and landed in my reality in the same week once the first week of Spring arrived after not being anywhere the whole winter! Winter is a time for going within and aligning for manifestation emotionally and then spring and summer are when the outward experiences of the manifestations can be enjoyed. This seems to be a regular and consistent cycle for me.

Point is: You’re going to have to learn to go with the flow and not fight the tides or energetic currents to stay aligned.

I go into each of the above seven steps to successful manifestation individually over the next chunk of posts to give you everything you need to know to start landing your manifestations and aligning more with the life you want.

Let me know if you need assistance creating and maintaining positive thoughts too. I have simple and effective tools for daily use so positivity becomes your default.

Manifestation Story
I once manifested a pair of sunglasses in five minutes. I was driving home with my boss at the time, and the sun was shining head on in my eyes. I said to her “I need new sunglasses!”, and then totally forgot about it the next second. I dropped her off at home and drove around the corner to my apartment, walked through the door and to my bedroom, where there was a pair of Porsche sunglasses on my bed! I asked the guy who was my flatmate at the time what they were doing on my bed. He said: “I was cleaning out my car, and these European kiteboarders had left them in my car, I’ve tried getting hold of them to no avail, so I thought I’d see if you want them before I threw them away.”

YES PLEASE!! This kind of thing happens to me all the time! More importantly: it happens to me all the time because I believe it happens all the time. Remember, quantum physics has shown that we’re connected to everything energetically, and that the outside world is a reflection of our inner state. This includes whatever we believe. If we believe something to be true, the energy field is going to reflect that back to you as the manifestation of your life.

If you’d like to research more on manifestation, check out my posts on how science has proved our emotions affect our reality, and exactly how connected we are to the world around us, according to science.

Disclaimer: This is how you manifest everything you want in life, except relationships. I will cover manifestation of relationships in a separate post relating to masculine and feminine energy, and the universal law of correspondence a little later.

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