The Thing About Thoughts (Manifestation Series)

August 29, 2018admin
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First up on the list of ‘focused energies’ involved in the manifestation creation process is ‘thought’, and how to harness it and direct it intentionally to bring in what you want.

Let me be abundantly clear: Each and every human being has the ability to create physical change in their life. It’s not a gift bestowed upon life’s select favourites. Life has no favourites. Life is truly what we make of it, and everything that comes into our reality is an external reflection of what is going on internally within us. Everything. As gnarly and nasty as it gets. Somewhere inside us we are at war within ourselves over something we’ve interpreted as a ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ experience. When we’ve judged an external event as good or bad, we create a belief system around it, and our beliefs are thoughts, which is what creates the world around us. We need to create new beliefs to replace the negative self-limiting kind.

We improve our external world by adjusting the beliefs we buy into and subscribe to internally, and beginning to be accountable for our thoughts. There is no space for victim mentality when you’re creating the life you want. Victim mentality keeps you in victim-hood. If you enjoy playing victim and living in misery, that’s another story, but don’t expect a crowd of supporters while you choose to live in misery.

Sure, you may have had some horrid things happen in your life to date, as have I when I was not conscious of my power to create my reality (including being hijacked with a gun to my head and being diagnosed with Cancer), and it doesn’t negate HOW you experienced them or deem them invalid… it’s just a case of not knowing any wiser. But after today, having read the full post, you’ll have been given the information and whether you use it or not also becomes your own responsibility, along with what ever happens externally in your life from here out.

Up until the moment we are given the information that makes us aware that we have the power to change our existence, we are at the mercy of the rampant loose canon that is our thoughts and beliefs. They fly recklessly and chaotically and includes the way we speak to ourselves inside our minds. Start to take notice how often you think you are not good enough or stupid, ugly, unworthy, not enough. Our thoughts are what we believe. Reality then creates a ‘feedback loop’ to show us what we believe with not getting the things we want because we believe we’re not worthy deep down. Break the beliefs. You can read my post on Self Love being where your journey to a better life begins, for an idea on how to believe you’re worthy of the best life has to offer.

Becoming mindful of our thoughts and mindfully choosing our thoughts, because all thoughts are a choice, is akin to an archer holding a bow and arrow, aiming at a target. The bow, when stretched and pulled back, is ‘in tension’ (intention) and the arrow is the thought that is propelled along its trajectory path to establish contact with the target (what we want).

Loose canon: no intention, no target.
Archer: focused, intention-ed, on point.

It’s easy to see which one will have an outcome that will be more enjoyable.

Remember, we need to choose thoughts based on what we want, not what we don’t want. Life’s feedback loops always reflect the thoughts running through our minds, and it doesn’t process “don’t”. So don’t come with “I don’t want to be hungry” or “I don’t want to be broke AF”.

For manifestation, when you say “I don’t”, the ‘don’t’ gets erased and is processed as “I want to be hungry”, and the feedback loop is created to reflect hunger in your reality. You’re still focused on hunger there, which is what you don’t want. What works effectively is thoughts that begin with “I am”. So, in the context of not wanting to feel hungry, the more effective thought to use to overwrite a belief is “I am well fed and well nourished,” for example. If you use “I want” then the feedback loop is constantly going to be reflecting that you still want it. “I am” and “I have” are present tense solutions for this.

The trick to improving any situation is to find something positive about it, something you do like about it, and focus on that. Instead of thinking about how much you hate your job, focus on what you like about it. Focusing on the positive aspects needs to become your default, so that it gets to the point where you don’t really notice or are not affected by what you don’t like about it. You don’t focus on the bad stuff, meaning you don’t look at it for too long where it gets to where it starts scratching at your mind. Don’t give it the power to affect you that much. Kind of like this fly that’s buzzing around me right now and has the potential to succeed at irritating my brain. I am consciously choosing to not let it bug me before I end up losing my focus on this post.

As a rule, what you resist, persists. So in my case, with potentially wanting to push back and fight the fly in my space, if I choose not to let it bug me, and focus on enjoying writing this post, the feedback loop will either have the fly leaving the room or sitting on a wall quietly out of my way.

When you can get to the point where your thought momentum is not a runaway train of negativity amplified by the slower vibrational emotions, you can begin to consciously and intentionally direct your experience.

It’s easier to change the direction of a train when it’s not at full speed. It’s going to be really difficult to stop a runaway train once it’s going full blast, and if you’re at the point where your emotions and your beliefs have gathered intense momentum, most of the time the only thing you can do to stop the runaway train is to let it crash and burn. Then you can always start again from a new attraction point with fresh thoughts that are consciously chosen. The ‘feedback loop’ with this train crash can manifest as losing your job, a break up in a relationship, or something else that could be deemed as your world coming tumbling down around you.

From there you will need to consciously let go of your desired outcome, release all the disappointment of not getting what you wanted without judging yourself as a failure, and give yourself time to get to a space where you are in a happier, clearer place, and where thinking about the thing doesn’t activate or trigger you in any way.

This will often require you to put the thing you want down for a while and pick something else up. 

Move on from it and agree to come back to it at a later stage when you’re putting out good vibes. Do something that will solicit higher vibrational emotional frequencies and thoughts. In essence: Do something fun that makes you feel joy. Anything that distracts you from the ‘lowness’ and uplifts you. It could be two minutes, two hours, two weeks, two months or two years to get you back into a more ‘attractive’ space, but whatever it is you want, you can let that train crash and start again from a new, more positive attraction point with much more conscious application of your thoughts.

Remember: thoughts are the arrows that hit the targets. Spend time considering what you want from your day, your relationship, your job, your life. Decide what you want with clear intent. You can never get too clear on what you want.

Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and thinking about the things you want becomes a habit.

It’s of high importance that you figure out what you want. So many people know what they don’t want, but they’re not clear with themselves about what they DO want. For me, I write down what I want and then expand on what it feels like, the qualities I want the experience to have, what it looks like, and I don’t spare any detail doing this. We can never be too clear on what we want. For example, if you’re wanting to manifest your perfect relationship, make a note that you want it to be delicious and nutritious, fun, intimate, juicy, funny, that it’s easy and deeply connected. If those are the things you want.

Getting clear on what you want is the most important thing to figure out. From there you need to know that you’re worthy and capable of receiving it. This is another area a lot of people get stuck. Work on self worth and knowing what you want.

If you need help getting clear with what you want, your intention, or establishing a default conscious choice making, let’s work together. I have some great tools to get you going!

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