Manifestation Guide: Put Your Vision In Your Vortex

September 12, 2018admin
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It’s time to talk about the role of ‘vision‘ in the manifestation process, and introduce you to the concept of your creation vortex for manifestation purposes.

We’ve discussed ‘thought‘ and ‘emotion‘ as focused energies involved in the manifestation process, I’ve explained the importance of choosing quality thoughts which are being directed at your target with precision for manifestation, and also let you know of the importance of performing energy management through your emotions to keep you in a receptive mode for higher vibrational manifestation to come in and land.

Become A Visionary
When it comes to manifestation, having a vision of the experience you desire is an essential part of the manifestation process.

So what is vision? Well, put simply, it’s the action of perceiving the world around us with our ocular intake channels (our eyes). With regards to the manifestation process, ‘vision’ relates to holding an image of what it is that you desire to come into your reality that has not made itself physically known yet, in your mind’s eye. It’s seeing an image in your mind about what the thing/experience looks like. Many people think in words, while many others think in pictures. You want to work on thinking in pictures for manifestation.

If you have to close your eyes and think about something you want (NOT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT), what does it look like? Bring it closer to you in your mind’s eye. Inspect it properly. See every detail. The colours, the textures. Touch it. What sensations come up? Smooth? Rough? Smell it. Is it sweet? Savoury? Salty? Most importantly, emotionally, how does it feel when you think about already having the thing? Does it excite you? Does your heart feel warm with happiness, love, and appreciation? GREAT! You’re on the right track learning to turn your thoughts into visualisations.

Daydream Believer

For manifestation, developing the ability to ‘day dream’ is going to help you bring in what you want. So many people look at the things going on in their life that they don’t enjoy and don’t think to start looking at a vision of what they would enjoy. This comes down to getting clear on what you want again. Getting clear on what you want is such an important part of bringing the manifestation of the life you want into being.

When we visualise having or doing what we desire, not only does it elicit emotion, which is the magnet that attracts in more of what you’re feeling, but your body fires off the exact same responses it would when actually holding what you desire in your hands or experiencing an outcome. Visualising you already experiencing what you desire is going to send out signals via our electromagnetic frequencies that tell the feedback loop the manifestation is in the present moment, and it’s going to speed up how quickly your manifestation comes for landing in your reality.

Tests have actually been done on Olympic athletes who were wired up to machines that measured and monitored muscles and brain responses. The athletes were asked to visually run through their races and participate in their competitions in their mind, visualising being in the moment with their participation and presence.

Unsurprisingly, the computers recorded the exact same muscle responses that fire and work during the actual race, where they are physically pushing their body to their limits. Including the brain activity that signalled the euphoria of winning if that’s what they visualised!

Like Attracts Like
So if what’s going on in our mind’s eye actually solicits the same responses from the body that it would if we were actually physically participating in the enjoyment of it, it’s going to solicit the same emotional frequencies that it would if we were actually experiencing our desires. As mentioned before, emotions are frequency waves that amplify and magnetise more of what you are feeling.

We’ve covered the first three manifestation energies, and how they each affect each other: Thought, turned into vision, solicits emotion. Different emotions live at different frequency levels. The frequency level we feel from determines the frequenct of experiences the feedback loop of reality reflects to us, because like attracts like.

If you want to understand manifestation a bit better, you can think of the human being as a kind of organic processor, with our consciousness interpreting its experiences and exploring itself through our experiences. We interpret the stimulus we encounter and create feedback for ourselves to record on the experience.

From there, we decide what the next experience is we want to explore ourselves through and create new experiences through thought, vision, and emotion, which first get stored in our personal energetic creation vortex (or energy field). In our individual energy fields, or vortexes, the experiences are pulled into physical manifestation through vibrational emotional alignment. Once we’ve matched the frequency our desired experience vibrates at, it flows through and gets projected through the quantum field and detected by our eyes (which pick up more signals that get interpreted by the brain) as the feedback loop we call ‘reality’.

Let’s Be Real
You can’t bullshit the quantum field into bringing your manifestation in before you’ve properly matched alignment either. This is why its so important to do the inner work, releasing traumas, releasing self-limiting behavior patterns, and stepping into the version of yourself that authentically aligns with the experience.

I feel I am amazing at manifestation. I have manifested everything I’ve ever desired. With the exception of one thing. This one thing is so deep in my heart and I want it so much, but there are still aspects of myself that are not aligned with that experience coming in. It requires more personal evolution on my part. More healing. More releasing pain. More letting go of wanting it at all. More shifting through my fears that are stopping me from receiving my ultimate manifestation. I have not fully stepped into the version of myself that has the capacity to receive that manifestation yet. I am not yet aligned with my heart’s deepest desire. There are still self worth issues I need to work through so that I believe I’m worthy of receiving my manifestation. These are all part and parcel of what alignment looks like with that which you reach higher for.

The block between you and your manifestation, when you think about it or visualise it, reveals itself with thoughts and emotions that give you clues to where and what your resistance is to allowing your desired manifestation in, and it also tells you how much resistance you have to allowing yourself to receive your manifestation with the amount of emotional charge that comes up for you. Remove the resistance you have within you, and you align with your manifestation. This will look and sound like unworthy thoughts about your receiving it, or some form of fear or anxiety.

What You Seek Is Seeking You
Make no mistake, your manifestation is your already. It’s sitting safely in your vortex, waiting for you to open up to the channel it can come in through. It’s up to us to remove the inner blocks to what we want. When we do, the quantum field will reflect your desired experience to you.

We first see it and feel it inside us, and then we see it and feel it outside of us. There have been many great ‘imaginators’, inventors, thinkers, and creators throughout history who have all pointed to our power to create our reality, and they all started with a vision.

  • Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 
  • Then there’s Albert Einstein, who said the following: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” 
  • And: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” 
  • Nikola Tesla expressed: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Some of the most creative and intelligent people in the history of humanity have worked with these concepts and proved them valid.

Here are three ways you can work with visualisation for manifestation purposes: 

  1. Sit and close your eyes and really imagine yourself with your desire in your hands. I think of it as spending time inside your manifestation vortex. Take all of your senses with you while you visit your manifestation vortex. If its a new car, smell that ‘new car’ smell. If it’s a loving partner, feel the warmth of love in your heart as you decide precisely what your ideal relationship looks and feels like, having finally worked through your own inner resistance to commitment and emotional intimacy. If it’s a holiday to a tropical island, feel the warmth of the sun kissing your skin while the cool breeze blows and the oceans laps gently on the shore. Smell the flowers and the sunscreen, and FEEL the expansiveness that comes when your imagination is fully engaged. You can do this daily for just a minute… see if you can get into the habit of starting your day like this as you wake up in the morning.
  2. Another option, which I also do as an annual personal project, is to create a vision board. I get a stack of old magazines and I flick through cutting out words and images that align with what manifestations I desire in my life. My current vision board is filled with images of kitesurfing at tropical locations surrounded by amazing people, the healthiest foods and most fun experiences.
  3. ‘Window shop’ online for what you want. Find the exact model and colour you want. Decide where exactly in your house it’s going to sit. Make space for it visually. Create the pictures. Explore the visual aspects. I currently have an inflatable stand up paddle board in my manifestation vortex. I’ve paid for it and everything. It’s just a matter of time before it arrives. It will arrive when I’m aligned. It’s really already mine. At the moment my resistance is the cold weather and icy water temperatures, so it’s better if it arrives closer to summer. Then I’ll have released resistance to SUPing right now. I’ll anticipate SUPing and be ready for it. I can just see it.

Visit Your Vortex
The idea with the visualisation practices is that you step into your manifestation and creation vortex emotionally, thoughtfully and vibrationally, conjure up what you want to experience, and then you let go, step back out of the vortex and carry on with your day and life.

The letting go part of the manifestation process will be covered in one of the upcoming posts, but basically, letting your idea go detaches you from the outcome, which does not keep you in a state of wanting it or needing it. The following posts will talk about letting go and believing that you will get it. It doesn’t matter what you have faith in, whether it’s God/Universe/Life, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Just that you have faith. It’s the action of faith that seals the deal.

Fresh Attraction Points Daily
So start your day by visiting your manifestation vortex as you wake up, since you’re at a fresh new attraction point with each new day and have a daydream about your desire. Or sit and consciously put together your vision board, and then go off and experience your life, getting on with everything you need to accomplish in the here and now. I put my vision manifestation board at the back of my cupboard when I’m done with it. Even though it’s not in sight, it’s still energetically in your vortex. You could throw it away when you’re finished as an ultimate act of ‘letting go’, but I like to find them years down the line and marvel at just how much has actually manifested into my reality! It’s often phenomenal to experience.

Watch this video of John Assaraf giving a tour of the house he manifested using a vision board he made. He stuck a pic of a house he found in a magazine that he thought could be deemed a ‘dream house’. A number of years later, after a few years of moving around a lot, he and his family moved into a house he bought, and as they were unpacking boxes, his son found his vision board. When Assaraf saw the vision board from a few years ago he got extremely emotional because unbeknown to him, they were now living in the exact house that he had cut out and stuck on his vision board all those years before!

I urge you to begin working with the information I have given you. Go back through the posts on manifestation thus far, grab a pen and paper, and consciously write down what you want to attract into your life. Next, begin to visit your desire in your mind/manifestation vortex. Have a full on daydream about it, and then, allow yourself to feel how good it would feel to get the thing.

Remember, if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place emotionally at the moment, find things in life that you do appreciate. If cuddling your pet makes you feel love, cuddle your pet while you’re visualising! Do something that makes you feel good just before you visualise!

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