The Human Template

September 27, 2018admin
Photo By Monique Grobler

From my perspective, there is a template to life that every human being on this planet needs to endure and transcend. Regardless of what cultural background you are from, regardless of your colour, creed, or religion: every one of us arrives on this planet to overcome challenges. A sort of obstacle course of emotions if you would prefer to look at it that way.

We arrive on this planet in perfection, some with physical challenges and harsh environments, but when we arrive here at birth, we are all whole beings – pure and untainted.

As we grow and get further into this human experience, our first experiences of suffering begin when what we want or need is denied to us in some way or another. Be it love, material items, respect, or other human rights, we absorb the experiences that are not in alignment with what feels harmonious as pain and suffering.

Not one human has escaped this template of being born whole and pure, and needing to face pain and adversity in one way or another. You could have all your wants and needs met throughout life, and still, people die, relationships come to an end, and we feel pain.

I have come to the realisation that the goal of life is to transcend the suffering and get back to being whole and pure again, despite all the pain.

Unfortunately, as humans, we are also faced with other challenges in life, ensuring we have food and shelter, most of which demands hard currency in exchange. For most humans, this means needing to work in exchange for the money to pay for life.

For most humans having to work to provide themselves with basic survival needs means working 40-45 hour work weeks, five to six days per week, performing tasks that not everyone finds rewarding or stimulating.

Add to the mix kids, pets, spouses, running a household efficiently, and you can quite easily see how life can get a little overwhelming, and people battle to cope, nevermind the different personalities and compatibility issues throughout the relationships we have in our life.

The options we’ve been shown as solutions to our overwhelm are as follows:
Doctors and ‘qualified professionals’ are very quick to diagnose depression and disorders and prescribe medication.
Others, depending on the kind of people we were surrounded by while growing up, inherit substance abuse as an escape.
None of these offer a solution to the core issues however, and only act as a band-aid for our pain.

What I am wanting to show you addresses the core problem so that you don’t need to medicate or escape your life.

I want to show you that you have everything you need inside you to navigate your life healthily.

I want to teach you to rely on yourself for all you need to help yourself through any situation using the tools that have been so helpful to me along my journey, so that eventually you won’t even need my guidance because you are fully self soothing and directing.

Click here to schedule a session with me online to explore your personal evolution or get personal guidance.⁠

I can assist you in learning to:⁠
*Raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, or manifest your desires.⁠
*Transform and become a conscious creator and choice maker.⁠
*Shift through your self-limiting beliefs and step into a fuller, more vibrant version of yourself, and live your happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, best life.⁠

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