Action: An Essential Ingredient for Manifestation

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Here’s Why Taking Action Is Necessary For Manifestation:
Thus far, in my manifestation series of posts, we’ve already discussed holding a vision of what you want, consciously choosing thoughts that are directed toward what you want, and aligning your emotions with what you want. Now let’s discuss ‘action’ as the next of the focused energies involved in the manifestation process.

‘Action’ as an energy for manifestation means we take our attention, and we push towards it using our physical faculties. If you’re hungry, what ‘action’ do you take for the manifestation of food after feeling into what you are in the mood to eat?

You get up, and you take action. Either, the food’s manifestation will come about through you preparing and cooking yourself a meal, or you’re going to make a call and order some take out or delivery food. Regardless of whether you’ve done it yourself or not, the manifestation of the food happens because you take action to towards it.

The Science
Like Rumi said: “What you seek is seeking you too”. For manifestation, let’s remember the science we’ve learned about how what we want is also wanting us. Science has established that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that like attracts like. Science has also concluded that we are all connected via an energy field that also acts as a reflection of our inner selves.

According to experiments carried out, with the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, the amount of actual matter in the entire universe, when condensed together, would only be the size of a pea. Everything else is energy. We’ve also learned that once matter is connected, it’s always connected. Even if it’s been separated through time and space for a millennia after the Big Bang.

And exactly like the twin photon experiment (where scientists took a photon and split it in two, and observed both pieces of the photon which were now two individual photons — 14 miles apart — responding and mirroring each other even when only the one received stimulus) we also move with the energy particles we only think are split from us. Rather, they mirror us. We have an effect on the energy around us.

How It Applies To You For Manifestation
Which means, for manifestation, when we take action and move towards our manifestation, our manifestation also moves towards us. It too is seeking the path to you as you move towards it.

So, if you’re busy with the manifestation of a new job, apply yourself the best you can and prepare your best resume, and get your CV out there for a job you want — not just any job. Remember, we’re also learning to live with intention and be conscious creators. Wellbeing levels are not going to change if you just accept anything.

Also, on some level of your consciousness, if you know you’re not going to enjoy that work, and a part of you is screaming “That’s going to SUCK!” at the back of your mind, chances are you wouldn’t be successful at the manifestation of something you know you don’t want to do because energetically, there is resistance to it, which will repel it.

Or, the manifestation of the job will land, and you’ll have manifested a job that sucks. Remember to watch your thoughts and be clear about what you want. Living with integrity toward ourselves and being honest with ourselves about what we want is a huge manifestation power tool!

Regardless of what you want in life, whether it’s a basic need such as food or shelter, or a seemingly frivolous experience of enjoyment: See it happening in your mind’s eye, think the thoughts towards it, feel what it would be like to already have the thing, and then take action toward the manifestation.

Energetic Interest
I like to search Gumtree or post in the neighbourhood FB page saying I’m looking for something specific. I take the first steps to my desire and do what I can to get it. Taking action is energetically putting it out there, and telling life you’re interested in experiencing something. We have to put ourselves out there if we hope for any manifestation to come in. Taking action towards what you want is telling life you’re a closer vibrational match to it, and so it becomes more within your reach vibrationally.


Working with the manifestation of relationships is a different kettle of fish. Same energetic principals, but the energies of the masculine and feminine are brought into play, and they both have different energetic properties. Masculine is the electric charge, and feminine is the magnetic receiver. But more about this in a later post.

Call It In
For manifestation, putting it out there energetically that you intend to have something and backing it with your action is an official declaration to life that calls in your intention to experience the thing. “Ask, and you shall receive” is an actual thing!

From there, life finds the path of least resistance to get your manifestation to you. Whether it’s through acquiring the cash to buy the thing, or it coming your way in a completely unexpected way. Life takes care of the ‘how’ mystery. This is something we do not need to worry about at all.

Path Of Least Resistance

Always remember, manifest what you desire, not what you need to get it. It’s the quantum field’s job to reflect our manifestation to us through the channel which holds the least resistance. For example, if you want a new car or a holiday, you could browse online, or enter competitions where you could win a new car or holiday. I know someone who would enter every competition she came across, and she would often win because she held the belief that she is lucky. But she wouldn’t have won any of them if she didn’t take action toward them. Action is an essential ingredient in manifestation.

Not so long ago, I manifested a car wash in a matter of a minute. I sat outside my work on a quick break and noticed how dirty my car was, and then thought to myself, “My car needs a wash… I need cash for it.” Thinking I would need to wait until payday to accomplish my intention.

Literally five seconds later the man who owns the establishment across from where I work (where I parked the whole week… coincidentally they had also been painting, and some paint had splashed on my car) walked by me and out of nowhere I said “Hey dude, look at all this paint on my car… I thought you said you were going to tell them to be careful?” He came and looked at my car, and said: “Come inside with me quickly. I’ll give you cash for a car wash.”

And just like that, I went and got my car washed!

Energetic Currents And Tides

Taking action towards your manifestation is as easy as declaring out lout to a ‘platform’ where others can see it/hear it. It’s met the intake channel of another of life’s observers, which is connected to yours, and then it arrives in remarkable ways. I don’t know why I’m still surprised when things manifest so suddenly in such unexpected ways. I suppose I’m marveling at how reliable and incredible it has become more than surprised that it happens.

Other times, I have been working on manifesting something the entire year and saw no sign of it and then gave up. I changed my mind about what I wanted and started manifesting something else, only to have all the things I took action towards the whole year manifest at the same time, literally in the same week, giving me choices to make about what I wanted to experience.

I find manifestations still flow in over winter, but as soon as spring arrives, manifestations begin gushing in. Energetically, we plant seeds by aligning within and taking action to create, and spring and summer are when we get to harvest our abundance.

Forces Of Nature
This ‘taking action’ towards what your manifestation is also referred to as ‘masculine’ manifestation energy, whereby aligning yourself vibrationally with your frequency and emotions can be termed ‘feminine’ manifestation energy. But that is a whole other blog for a whole other day.
The crux of the info though: We all need both masculine and feminine energy for manifestation, regardless of whether we’re masculine or feminine in our predominant energy or physical body. Vibrational alignment + outward energetic action = Conscious Creation!

Different ways to take action toward manifestation include searching online for where you can get it, asking people you know if they know anywhere you can source what you want, saving money to purchase what you want, reading up on how to do it yourself. These are initial action steps.

I have found these to be effective once given the energy and attention toward what I want, and then aligning with it by letting go, and trusting that it will come to me through the path of least resistance. If I’m meant to buy it, I will have the money. Otherwise, it will get to me some way or another. The stories I can tell about how things manifested into my reality are vast and many.

Coming Up

In the next posts, I will talk about ‘letting go’ and ‘faith’ as two of the end steps in the manifestation process, but I hope you got a good idea here of why it’s essential to take action toward what you want. Be clear on what you want, apply yourself, and do your best when taking action. Give it your best shot, and then align even more by having faith it’s already yours and letting go of wanting it at all, which I’ll explain more in detail soon!

Happy Manifesting Fellow Travellers xx

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