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November 11, 2018admin
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Regarding The How-To Of Manifestation:
We’ve covered the importance of directing your thoughts toward what you want. We’ve delved into the roles vision and emotions play in bringing in what you want, and how crucial it is to take action toward what you want. Now let’s talk about why faith is one of the pivotal focused energies regarding your ability to get what you want.

I read a meme the other day that said “You don’t need to believe in magic. You are magic. You need to believe in yourself.”

Really, that’s all everything in your life boils down to: your belief in yourself, that you have what it takes to get to where you want to be. It’s not that other people are more capable or more talented. They believe in themselves and trust that they can accomplish whatever it is they are setting out to do. Furthermore, they believe they are worthy of receiving better for themselves. And so they do. And so do you.

It doesn’t matter what or who you believe in, whether you’re religious or not. It’s the act of believing, or faith, that draws your desire in with certainty.

So What’s Faith?
Well, it’s knowing without any doubt. It’s knowing it and being it with zero percent doubt in your mind.

Vibrationally speaking: faith is alignment. There’s no contradiction in your vibration with faith. You just know it, you just feel it, and you just are it. Since faith is an act (it really is an activity you choose to take part in) it’s also a form of energy that is invested, and as mentioned before: what you’re choosing to focus on is where the creative energy flows. It doesn’t matter what you’re believing in, you just need to believe. It could be a god or yourself… it’s just believing that makes the magic happen.

When you have faith, you’re in your vortex. You’re aligned and are relaxed because what you want is already yours. When you have faith, you’re allowing something to come in. You believe it to be true, and so it becomes. Faith and allowing are the same thing.

Whether You Believe It Is Or It Isn’t, You Are Not Wrong
Remember, life creates a feedback loop to show us what we believe. What we have faith in, is what we believe. Faith is being in alignment with the vibrational frequency you are calling in, not the current physical reality you are perceiving.

Your current reality is the reflection of what you have believed to date. Create new beliefs and create a new reality. Create new faiths and align with a new reality.

Where Some Get Stuck
The problem most people have with manifesting is that they only believe something when they see it, versus seeing it when they believe it. The trick is believing it and feeling it before you see it. Buy into the belief of the vibrational state and then it will manifest into your reality. Reach for the feeling that it’s already yours, and then trust that it’s just a matter of time before it comes in to land at the perfect moment.

After you get the hang of the manifestation process, consciously cultivating and nurturing faith isn’t even necessary anymore. You;ll get to the point where you just know, and being relaxed, knowing it’s already yours is your default point of attraction.

Just Take The Next Step
From there, the next step in the manifestation process is ‘letting go’. I’m talking about it a bit here because some people can go on for years holding faith that something will happen, but it doesn’t come in for landing in your reality. The holding on is keeping it away. Letting go of whether it happens or not further aligns you and clears the path for what you want to come in. Holding on tightly holds a vibration of desperation and lack, which is resistance, and blocks the path for it to come in.

You have the faith that it has already come to be, and that it’s just a matter of timing, and then you let it go and relax knowing that it’s already yours. But also get to a place of peace that you’re perfectly harmonious and balanced without it ever even being around. You’re not bothered by it whether it is there, or whether it isn’t there. It will then be able to flow in quicker than holding on for years and years wondering where it is and why it hasn’t arrived. This is how you align.

What’s Alignment?
Have you ever wondered why, after holding hope for so long and finally giving up because it hasn’t arrived and walking away from it, it then suddenly arrives? This is the reason! You’re not giving up per say… more like entering a state of alignment through surrendering, and moving forward just knowing it will arrive when the moment is right, and also at the same time, being okay with it not arriving at all.

Back To Faith
Faith is important, but faith isn’t meant to be a contractive experience where you’re holding on tightly to your belief. That’s contradictory really. When you believe in something there is no need to hold onto it so tightly because you just know and can let it be. There’s a sense of relaxed, trusting freedom with the healthier version of faith, and yes, everything and everyone in life has a shadow and a light aspect to it. You want to play with the version that brings the most relaxed feeling to it. It opens the flow. 

When you plant a seed in the earth, you have faith that it will grow. You let things work behind the scenes and trust that the process will reveal itself above ground once the germination process has completed. You don’t dig it up everyday to see what’s happening. You let it go and trust the process. It’s the same thing with your manifestations.

Faith and letting go, go hand in hand in the manifestation process. It sounds completely counter intuitive, believing with your entire being but not holding onto it… but that’s how it works.

Another good example is ordering your food at a restaurant. You give the waitron your order and then you sit back and enjoy some conversation or keep yourself busy knowing it’s on its way.

Know your manifestation is on its way, and believe you are capable of manifesting it, and that you are worthy of receiving it. Remember, once you’ve done everything you can with the steps I’ve given you, put it down and pick up something else that brings you joy.

Getting good at ‘waiting’ and keeping yourself occupied with something uplifting is actually the process of mastering alignment.

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