Eight Ways To Get Yourself Ready to Receive Your Manifestation

December 16, 2018admin

Get Yourself Ready To Receive Your Manifestation

LEARN TO RECEIVE: Another important aspect in the manifestation process is ensuring you’re to open to receiving. Time and time again I have noticed myself and others saying no to help and opportunities that are being offered.

You’d be surprised at just how many people genuinely have trouble allowing themselves to receive anything.
First, we’re going to look at what not being open to receiving looks like, and then we’re going to explore receiving as a creation skill. In addition, we’ll take a look at the role giving plays alongside receiving when it comes to the manifestation process. By the end of this post, you’ll know why it’s important that you learn to receive and give.

Three Ways We Tell Life We Aren’t Open To Receiving:

  1. Pride gets in the way when others offer us help. Somewhere along our journey through life, we adopted the belief that we should do everything ourselves and not need other people. This is bullshit and accepting and even asking for help displays a lot of strength.
  2. We can feel scared to experience new things and say ‘no’ whenever we are invited out to a new place. Saying ‘no’ when invitations come along tells life we are not open to receiving.
  3. Even if it’s something you can do on your own and you don’t need the help, saying yes to someone assisting you puts out to life that you are open to getting new things in.

Eight Ways Being Open To Receive Is Crucial For Manifestation:

1. Be Open To Small Things

If you’re wanting to manifest money, being open to allowing even minuscule amounts in tells life you’re open to receiving. Sometimes I’ll find a 10c coin on the floor and instead of leaving it laying on the ground, I’ll pick it up and say “YES! I’m in the vicinity of my manifestation.”
Even though it’s a small amount, the energy I’m putting out when it crosses my path is that I’m open to receiving, and even excited.
Remember that what we feel is what we’re going to manifest more of. If we feel great about receiving even the tiniest bit, then bigger quantities have the signal to start flowing in.
If we’re not open to receiving the small things in life, how are we going to be open to receiving big stuff?
Practice receiving small things and watch the big things gather momentum and flow in.

2. Be Happy For Others Is Receiving

If you’re wanting to manifest love, and you’re out and about and you see loved up couples, instead of thinking it’s nauseating or feeling jealous, celebrate that you’re in the vicinity of your manifestation since this is how it’s starting to show up in your reality already.
Consider that this is the first sign of love making its way into your life. When you’re happy for others having and experiencing the thing, it tells life you are open to it too.
Celebrate the love you see others enjoying and enjoy it for them. If you can’t receive the sight of others in love, how are you going to receive it when it wants to come into your life?
Practice being happy about being around love and see it as a small success in beginning to manifest receiving love into your life.

3. Saying Yes Opens More Channels For You To Receive Through

If you’re wanting to manifest more fun and joy in your life, say ‘yes’ when you get invitations to join others. What could come in through you saying ‘yes’ could bring in infinite possibilities and potential outcomes. It opens a path for you to receive.
I have experienced miracles and huge shifts when I chose to start saying ‘yes’ to life. I met new people, learnt new things about myself, joy flowed in every time. There’s a certain element of magic and profoundness in just saying ‘yes’ when something flows your way.
Because you’ve opened the channel for the goodness you deserve, more begins to flow in and it becomes a steady stream.

4. Giving Begins The Receiving

To balance the new energy flowing into your life, it’s equally important to give. When we give, we tell life what we are ready to receive because we are enabling someone else to receive. We initiate the receiving process by giving and letting someone else receive. When we give, we also make new space in our lives for new experiences to come in.
There needs to be a balanced flow in and out, which becomes a clear channel for energy to flow through us into the world. Giving too much and not receiving drains us while taking too much and not giving is going to clog the flow.
Our energy field will get too full and then eventually the ‘in’ flow will stop because there’s no space for it to go.
Practice letting life over flow through you. Practice letting your abundance be others’ abundance.

5. Ways For Us To Begin The Flow Of Giving And Receiving

  • A great way for us to begin to receive is to go through our homes, closets, and other belongings and give the stuff we don’t use or doesn’t serve us anymore to others who it may serve.
  • It doesn’t matter who you give to. Whether it’s to one of your friends or an organisation that helps those less fortunate.
  • Giving not only makes space in our lives for more, but the act of giving to others starts the energy flow for us to receive.

The quantum field doesn’t like empty spaces, so when you get rid of something old, the natural law of life is to bring you something new to replace it.  There can’t be any voids in the quantum field.

6. There’s Enough Abundance For Everyone To Receive

I have clothes in my cupboard from friends who weren’t wearing them, that I wear often and love! I wasn’t using my massage bed anymore and met someone who very much wanted one to do reiki with. I offered it to him while I was on a purging spree last winter, and the person was thrilled and open to receiving a massage bed. He’s now doing mobile sessions and his energy work is amazing! The massage bed would have just laid around collecting dust and clogging my own energy pathways had I not let it go.

7. There Are Different Ways To Give

It doesn’t have to be one or the other or resource specific. Sometimes I drive around with a big bag of oranges in my car and give vagrants at traffic lights oranges so they can have some Vitamin C in their bodies. They’re generally happy to receive anything. You could give of your:
  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Skillsets
  4. Care
  5. Attention
  6. Food to someone hungry
  7. Old clothes
  8. Old blankets to homeless people in winter
Giving to someone you’ll never see again, even though you won’t get anything in return from them is the purest form of giving. Try giving something to someone and not telling anyone about it. Be generous because it makes you feel good, not because you want to look good to other people.

7. We Can’t Help Others Without Helping Ourselves

What we put out is what we’re going to get in. So giving out goodwill is going to attract and magnetise goodwill back to you because you’re vibrating on the same frequency as it, but you have to be open to receiving it when it comes in.
Next time someone offers you something and you say no, ask yourself why you said no. Were you scared? Why were you scared? Did you believe you weren’t worthy of someone doing something for you? Did you believe you had to do it yourself? Where do those beliefs come from?
Are those beliefs true? Or can you “un” believe them and choose to rather believe that you are free to allow others to help you or do things for you. Allow yourself to receive.

8. Letting Go Of The Old Brings In The New

Likewise, when you think about giving something you no longer use away. Does it easy for you to let go of the thing? If not, why not? Was it sentimental?
If it’s sentimental, is holding onto something from the past blocking you from receiving something new in the future if your life or house is too full for anything more to come in?
Although you may not have the physical thing with you anymore, it’s never going to erase actually having experienced it. Sometimes we need to let go of stuff to make space for new stuff. A conscious decluttering.

What We’ve Learnt About Receiving:

  1. When we give, we open ourselves to receiving.
  2. When we say yes to offers coming in, regardless of whether we need them or not, we open ourselves to receiving.
  3. If we aren’t open to receiving when we don’t need the things, it’s not going to open us up to what we need and want flowing in when we do need them.
  4. Giving and receiving go hand in hand.
  5. When we give to others, it feels good. If we give to others for no other reason than that it feels good to give, and we do it regularly enough, we’re going to feel good regularly, and that puts us in alignment with what we want. As a conscious practive, this opens us up to receive because feeling good raises our vibration. When we raise our vibration, we become ready to receive.

Self-Enquiry Time

How skilled are you at giving, and how skilled are you at receiving? I call it a skill because not everyone knows how to do giving or receiving. There are obstacles and beliefs blocking them from accomplishing receiving and giving.

Ask yourself how can you increase your giving and receiving skills, yet also keep them balanced so that you’re giving as well as receiving?

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