Breaking Down Abundance

December 22, 2018admin

With all this talk about manifestation, creating the life you want, and living in abundance, I thought I’d break down what it means to actually live in abundance.

Some would think it’s having loads of money. While that is one form of abundance, it’s not the only form. To me, living in abundance is being able to do what you want and need to do when you want and need to do it.

When you find yourself in alignment with life and living in the flow of life, abundance flows in through many avenues. Having the means to go to the store to buy the food you require to feed yourself provides a sense of security and stability, which can give you peace of mind versus living in survival mode all the time wondering where your next meal is going to come from.

Yet, while living in flow and living in alignment, even if you don’t have the money to buy food yourself, it always works out and somehow, someway, you eat. I’ve had my fair share of nights starving. I’m speaking from experience when I speak about being out of alignment and out of flow with life. There was a time all I ate for months was oranges, sweet potato and spinach because I couldn’t afford anything else.

Looking back, the process life had me in was a contractive state so I would let go of behaviour and parts of myself that weren’t serving me anymore, and I really didn’t want to learn the lessons, so life had to squeeze real tight to get me to where I needed to be on time.

There were times I had to fight for my family to help me with food because I couldn’t find work. There were times I had to get extremely creative about where I would be sleeping the next month because I didn’t have a job to pay for rent. I could say I was out of alignment, but I see how the process I was in forced me to get creative about problem solving and being in survival mode for food and shelter.

From there, surprising myself about how I managed to feed myself and get a bed to sleep in at night in an ethical, honest way, made me feel good about myself. Although the process took 2 years, I finally started believing in myself which in turn helped my self worth.

As my self worth raised, and I learned what I deserved from life and how I deserved to be treated in life, abundance began to flow in. While the manifestation of my self worth and value wasn’t quite showing in the form of money just yet, the pathway to food and harmonious shelter began to open up for me and I could feel expansion taking place after such a long period of contraction. And it wouldn’t be through me asking people for things. I was just in flow, and aligned.

Back then I hustled… nowadays I know… I align. People either needed a house-sitter while they were going away, or other people moved and offered me all their frozen foods, which was gorgeous soups from an upmarket supermarket during winter… I got a job aupairing 2 toddlers, and the family invited me to live with them on an amazing golf estate filled with wildlife. They even helped me pay off some debt I had gotten myself into.

What I was fighting with people for before just began to flow in effortlessly once I began working on my self worth and value. Another thing I found with abundance is that when we’re working to help others, abundance amps up and flows in even more. Like I mentioned before in the posts about giving starting the flow, helping others feels good, and when we feel good our vibration raises and we align more.

I can’t tell you how much more abundance has been flowing in since I began this blog/channel. And do you know why? Because we can’t help others without helping ourselves. Energetically, what we put out is what we get back. When I see comments from people who express how my words and sharing my life experience has helped them, it uplifts me and makes me feel good, and in doing so, my frequency rises.

These days I have a happy place to call home, a fulltime job I love, and I’m also working with purpose with this blog, on mission. I’m working hard and my time for outward distractions is limited (for now), but I’m now also learning the value of where I place my energy, attention, and time. When I’m focussed on myself and working on myself and creating a better life for myself, guess what: because that’s where my energy is going, that’s where life is providing for me: to me.

Work on your belief in yourself and your capacity to do your best for yourself because that’s what you deserve, and watch life start reflecting this by bringing you the best.

And then, say yes. When we say no to things being offered to us, it’s because there’s a part of us that doesn’t believe we deserve it.

Today at my day job, my employer offered me a pair of sandals. I politely accepted, and then a little while later, she asked me if I wanted another pair. My thought: Well, I don’t need another pair, but sure, why not?!

I then got home from work and my housemate’s mom was visiting and she insisted I join them for dinner. When I mentioned I would need to go to the store to buy some stuff to contribute I was politely informed they had already bought enough for me.

Lately I feel like life is challenging me on just how much abundance I am open to receiving. And while my cupboards are filling up again with loads of cool stuff, my abundance overflows and becomes others’ abundance. I do my best to make a habit of paying my blessings forward at the right moment.

Another reason to practice being happy for those already living in abundance. Those who understand what it means to live in flow know it’s a process of receiving and giving that keeps the channels open.

I feel like i’m not going to put a limit on how much abundance I allow into my life. And yes, it feels really good to be aligned and in flow in this way.

Let me know if you’re wanting some direction or guidance on increasing your self worth and self value to allow for alignment with more abundance from life.

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