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January 26, 2019admin

I recently read an article on inspiration as interpreted by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it really put some puzzle pieces together for me. I publish blogs weekly related to an area of life that can’t be ‘done’, but rather ‘flowed with’. My content involves subjects of life that are more subtle and abstract in nature. I have set intention to write weekly articles, and although I can be called a ‘writer’, the information I publish in service of helping others live their best life comes through me, not from me. I have gotten to know what the pull of inspiration feels like and when I need to grab my computer as soon as I get the signals that what wants to be published this week is ready to flow through me, to you.

This week, I have really required some trust because I usually have the blogs written a week or two in advance. Whenever I feel inspiration’s nudge and ‘hear’ the words, I begin writing, I listen. But for two weeks now I haven’t seen or felt the signs of what is to be channelled through me for you. I have a structure to my publishing schedule and I would wake up each morning wondering when inspiration would arrive because I was facing an empty scheduling week looming closer and closer each day in the structural world. It just didn’t show up and I admit to a certain level of stressing that I had to ‘do’ a blog post before Sunday so I could find corresponding images and schedule it in time to have new gifts and pearls of wisdom to present you with for the week.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s take on inspiration is that the ideas we get are disembodied, energetic life-forms, completely separate from us, but capable of interacting with us. Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness and a will to arise and be made manifest into our physical reality. She went on to explain that the only way they can be made manifest is through collaboration with a human partner. It’s only through a human’s energetic input that the ideas we ‘receive’ can be invited out of the ether and into the realm of ‘reality’. Essentially, ideas spend infinity dancing around us, seeking available and willing human partners.

Furthermore, when an idea thinks it’s found a potential person to birth it into reality, the idea pays the human a visit and tries to get your attention through synchronicity and repeated thoughts about it. At this juncture, I would like to say that I felt this week’s post would be on inspiration as I was just not connecting with any, yet I sat and wondered where it was. It took a moment of checking in with myself on Saturday morning about living deliberately and working on my blog vs feeling peer pressure to go to a party and participate in instant gratification activities, that I decided to write about living deliberately. And then the nudge and knowing arrived! I acknowledged the inspiration and idea and said “okay!”and grabbed my laptop, which is how my ‘process’ works. The funny thing is, is that it was the inspiration for the blog on inspiration that finally made a last minute entry into my orbit and made itself available to be grabbed by the tail and pulled into reality.

What Elizabeth Gilbert explains about inspiration further solidifies what my experience was this week, and I am telling you my story so you can watch out for this in your life and learn how to work with inspirations too. She says most people won’t notice when inspirations pay them a visit and try catch their attention because they’re so caught up in their dramas, anxieties, distractions, insecurities, and duties that they miss the signals because they aren’t receptive to inspirations.

Are you too busy watching TV to pick up on the inspirations trying to come in? Are you too busy getting sucked into other people’s drama to pick up on the idea trying to wave you down? Are you too distracted by your ego’s desire for attention and outside validation to recognise something more valuable will add to your own self worth if you follow inspirations prompts and live your life marching to the beat of your own drum connecting and following your ideas as they arrive? Inspiration doesn’t stick around for very long before it flits off to find a more receptive channel to enter this life.

It may stick around for a few minutes, or it may really see potential in you and keep coming back for a while to remind you about it. Sooner or later, if the inspiration sees you’re oblivious to its existence, it will look elsewhere for realisation.

I find for myself (and this is something you could watch for too), the inspirations arrive when I am in a quiet and still space. When my mind is not swirling with a million things I’m trying to remember to do. The inspirations arrive when I am a peaceful and content human being, on my own, in my own space, feeling reflective and open to receiving the enchanted aspirations. At that point, it’s time to make a decision about whether or not I will choose to work with it, and if so, I then either feel compelled to at least write the inspirations down or follow up with some energetic action towards them to manifest them. Sometimes the inspirations visit me in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I have acknowledged and said “okay!” and grabbed my laptop at 3am many times because I’ve learnt this will be my only chance to grab it and make it mine. If I choose not to collaborate with it, it will travel into reality and be someone else’s. I need to take action immediately.

Elizabeth Gilbert then explains that we are not always dishonourable if we choose not to work with the inspirations. It’s one thing to get complacent and lazy with life and the inspirations that flow your way, but quite another to deliberately consider whether it’s the right moment, or if you don’t have the capacity to take on another project. At that point I still recommend you writing the inspirations name down, because by writing it down, you have taken the first step in manifesting it into reality.  You’ve opened the door for it at a later point. It’s also quite alright to say hi to the idea, acknowledge it’s awesomeness, but then decide you’re not the right person for the job. At this time, you may think of someone you know who may be a better fit, and see if they are open to the inspiration working with them. We can be helpful toward the inspirations too, afterall, all they want is to be made manifest in this world too.

It’s okay to say no, you’re not going to be punished… in fact… nothing at all will happen if you say no. Most people say no for most of their lives… day after day, saying no.

How about once in a while you say yes and dance with the enchantment of inspiration.

I’m excited to see how my adventure with inspirations go and who I become through collaborating with them now that I know their nature and intention.
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