Learn to Warp Time (It’s really easy actually!)

February 15, 2019admin

It’s been one of those weeks again where inspiration has left its presence unattended with regards to something to post this week, and where my mind has tried to take control and ‘do’ something about the massive gap looming in my scheduling posts. Although I have no product to offer you, I have still made a conscious choice to be committed and devoted to paying the wisdom and information forward that I have learnt, and I haven’t missed a post in the 6 months I’ve been doing this channel. It’s important to me that I live meaningfully and with purpose. Otherwise, why else am I here?

Amongst all the doing in the physical world, I couldn’t foresee ‘time’ to work on my blog past Thursday evening. From Friday morning onward, I had a jampacked calendar, and my last scheduled post was for Sunday morning, with nothing to post for Sunday night, and no ‘time’ to ‘do’ it either.
I reminded myself to trust that inspiration always arrives on time and that what I needed would come to me when it’s ready. “It’s handy to have something as a backup plan, just in case,” I told myself. I didn’t see a way that it was going to happen. Especially considering how full my weekend was with commitments and other social opportunities I felt needed to happen. 

One of the ‘needed to happen’ activities included going to support a guest who is a DJ staying at my house play at a nightclub on Saturday night, and his spot was from midnight to 2:30am. Also involved in my Saturday plans was horse trail riding in the morning with a friend who is moving to another country soon and beach time with another friend who is visiting from another country and heading home soon. 

Last but not least, there were two intense hours of rollerskating up and down the finish line portion of a race to motivate and give the runners approaching the finish line a last boost of encouragement. A local radio station set up a ‘vibe’ station and recruited Cape Town’s rollergirls to pump the runners up at the last moment. We skated for longer than they ran. In 80s hair and make-up. In the summer heat. We had a blast but it was exhausting, and then I still ‘had to’ go dancing until at least 2:30am after that.

To my mind, Sunday was going to be a write-off and I was going to spend it in bed resting and recovering until 2pm when I would get ready for a tantra session with the beloved dakini I am working with at 4pm.

Well, Saturday happened and energetically I was shattered. I almost fell asleep at the night club, but luckily my guest turned out to be an amazing DJ and I got my third ‘second wind’ for the day and ended up dancing until his set finished. I got home at 3am and was so looking forward to sleeping late on Sunday morning.

And then, at 9:15am my phone alarm went off as a reminder that my tantra session was at 10:30am, and not 4pm like I had thought all week. I only looked at it five minutes after it went off though. SHIT! FUCK! It takes me an hour to get there. I smell like a nightclub and still have my panda eyes on from not taking my make up off, and I’m covered in sweat from all the rollerskating and dancing! I was a mess. I needed to shower too on top of my potential tardiness!

The feat seemed impossible to pull off, and then I remembered a new manifestation trick I recently learned! The feminine aspect within all of us (men and women) has the ability to bend space and time through our energy. When we’re feeling rushed and in a hurry, our energy contracts and everything in the outside reality will reflect the contraction and you’ll just be later. Either there’ll be traffic, or some other issue will keep you from getting there on time. 

The more stressed you get, the longer it’s going to take. If we just stop, recenter, slow down, and relax… time opens up for us. So there I was, showering and getting ready and steadying my energy for time to expand for me. I left my house at quarter to 10 and began to make my way to the other side of Cape Town, crossing through town, and around 50km of ground. 

Remembering to steady my energy and relax, what unfolded in front of me was highly improbable and I ended up laughing and clapping every time I got to a traffic light because the entire way, all but one traffic light was green for me. THE ENTIRE WAY from Blouberg, through CBD and town, all the way to Hout Bay. Only one red traffic lightzAnyone who knows Cape Town knows the likelihood of that happening is slim to nothing. I arrived at my appointment at 10:28 with the gate open for me and no resistance or energetic blockages along the way. It was AMAZING.

Because I consciously shifted my energy and relaxed, a clear flowing channel opened up and I was able to get to where I needed to be perfectly on time.

At work, when I work to deadlines, nothing comes and it’s like I can hardly function. Then I take all the pressure off and just agree to do my best and focus on doing the job right, even if it will be late. As soon as I relax, the work pours out of me and I make the deadline by a mile, with the best work I could do. That’s what happens when you develop your chill. Your life is going to flow.

Have you ever noticed why, when you’re pressed for time or pushing to get things done on the computer in a hurry that the computer starts hanging or ‘not responding’? Have you paid attention to when you push energetically for something to finish that more resistance builds and only when you let go and relax, does it come back and do itself?? It’s YOUR energy. You can alter the flow and success of what’s in front of you by adjusting your frequency in any given minute. You do this with a conscious choice and consistent checking in and recalibration about whether your thoughts, beliefs and actions are supporting or counteracting your desired outcome.

Also, hello inspiration for this week’s post! What was stuck before without an idea of what was going to get posted is just pouring out as I write these words. Also, now I get to recuperate from my crazy busy weekend in bed for the rest of the day. I’m exactly where I want to be and happy as a pig in poop. Everything is always working out for me.

Start playing around with relaxing your energy and see what happens. I’m not saying don’t use your energy to physically move toward the success of the thing you want, but just relax while you’re doing it. When you go shopping for groceries, relax as you’re getting ready to leave the house, stay relaxed while you’re driving over there. Maintain your chill as you select your items. Chances are, there will continue to be an open, streamlined channel when you get to the checkout point too.

There are lots of ways we can begin to practice manipulating space and time using our energy and conscious choice.
If you’re not sure how to adjust your energy to allow a clear channel for time and space to open up, let me know. I have some great techniques to teach you.
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  • Bethelight

    February 22, 2019 at 4:41 am

    I love this !!! And I’m definitely going to do this the next time in a crunch. Love you posts ! Thank you for sharing!

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