Want To Wake The World? Then Wake Yourself

March 4, 2019admin

Today, I am writing about how to handle situations you may find yourself in where you cross paths with humans still running unconscious behaviour patterns that affect you negatively, and how to manage and navigate the situation.

Typically, most ‘still asleep’ humans aren’t all bad. They’re just a little stuck and have not had their own attention brought onto themselves and their behaviour. Others, well, they choose to be dicks. They have had their unconscious unhealthy patterns pointed out to them and just plain old refuse to look at themselves or do any work to be a better human being. Life is all about the outside world to them.

Meanwhile, you’ve ‘woken up’ and have been embarking on your never-ending journey to expand your consciousness on the inside. You’ve noticed a marked difference in the way things were done before you woke up, to how things ‘could be’ done with a higher level of awareness now that you’re paying some attention to life.

Words that seemed mundane while you were ‘asleep’ took on new words. Energy. Love. Integrity. Heck, before I was fully ‘awake’ (funny assumption that I even am fully awake), I didn’t even know what the word ‘consciousness’ meant. I just thought it was the opposite of actually not being in a coma, or physically in sleep mode with your body. I can’t remember the exact moment I ‘woke up’ either. I just remember being lost and running wildly unconscious behaviour patterns, and then BOOM, suddenly there was awareness of…. everything. Specifically my feelings and my thoughts.

I think it’s not so much a case of I was asleep and then I woke up, as much as it may be a case of I forgot everything when I arrived here in this life and then society lambasted me with its absurdity. And then, with a sneaking suspicion that something didn’t feel quite right, I proceeded to march to the beat of my own drum, one foot in front of the other, which led me down a path of self-discovery and inner exploration. The journey looks different for everyone, and the scenery to wake you up changes at different points throughout your trip. For me, I’ve always felt a bit odd and left out… a sense of not belonging was apparent from the day I was born. I had no cousins the same age as me to play with as a child, while my brothers and sister did. I was left with nothing but my imagination to entertain me, and when I did find friends, their parents would always remark how weird I was for not colouring the sky blue in pictures, when their children knew plain well, the sky is blue, and so that was the colour that had to be used come colouring in time for sky parts.

After school I travelled, and travelled, and travelled some more. That lifted a few layers of the veil for me. And so did sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Specifically sex. Which is how I found my way to tantra, where I met myself with love and respect for the time. From there, I healed aspects of myself and forgave myself for all the shame I had felt when I realised out of everyone I’d ever met, I’d misused and abused myself the most. Lots of veils lifting there. There was also being dirt poor and not being able to find a job or a place to live for what seemed like an entire lifetime. More layers of illusion shed. And then, there was love. From out of nowhere like a hurricane. It burst into and out of my life faster than I could put up a guard to protect myself. More recently, I have spent two years trying to come to terms that energetic relationships even exist, never mind the depths of pain and despair of having manifested a version of myself that is my exact mirror in counterpart form. That mindfuck was the catalyst for accelerated expansion of my consciousness. Which I am eternally appreciative for.

My point is: as you can tell, this is a lifetime of a journey I’ve been on with a changing scenery all to get me to wake up. At any point, I could have chosen otherwise. I could have chosen to stay unconscious in certain patterns that were uncomfortable to look at. I can’t blame people for wanting to take the easy route and rather take the ‘blue pill’ and stay asleep. It’s hard work this ascension journey. Especially seeing as though we’re living amongst people who have different levels of awareness and consciousness, all who have free will.

I’m not sure why I made a beeline for the path I did. A part of me thinks I didn’t have a choice and that this was where I was meant to be all along and life was going to do whatever it took, come hell or high water, to get me to evolve and grow. I was a wild child and life had to drag me kicking and screaming into consciousness and self love…  the lessons seemed non-negotiable and life did what it had to to get me to learn the lessons. So it’s difficult for me to fathom that life won’t do the same and get people to where they need to be too… but apparently some people just stay asleep and unconscious.

Not everyone will wake up in life. Some people are very comfortably asleep. Some people are perfectly happy living without intention or purpose, not questioning their very existence. They’re still running around blaming and shaming other people for their problems and engaging in avoidant behaviour.

A part of me thinks it’s because they don’t know any better. Some people have the capacity to figure things out for themselves. To look further than their noses and investigate underlying currents and situations. Other people just know what the world has shown them: We don’t talk about uncomfortable stuff. We lie rather than say what we’re really thinking, even though the truth is usually perfectly acceptable most of the time. We avoid putting our cards on the table for everyone to see, because maybe this person is not trustworthy. We play small so other people can feel big. We don’t speak our truth because it may offend someone’s ego.

When I have an encounter with an asleep human, I like to go through a process of elimination. First, I consider that perhaps this person doesn’t know how their behaviour is affecting anyone else negatively, and if it begins to affect me in a way that doesn’t feel healthy, then I speak only for myself. I respectfully bring the matter to their attention and let them know there may be a better or healthier way to navigate the situation. From there, the person can choose whether or not personal development and growth is anywhere on their priority list and evolve as humans. I like finding humans who take note and make adjustments. They’re keepers.

Should the person choose to continue unawares and ignorant, this is when we get to make the choice about what we’re willing to participate in. Is it beyond our capacity to cope in a healthy way with the situation? Are you being taken advantage of and walked all over without regard for your wellbeing? Are you being straight out abused? Mentally, emotionally, or physically? Are you going to accept that for yourself and your life?

All these encounters with unconscious, unhealthy, asleep humans are all opportunities for us to choose to hold ourselves in higher regard, and love ourselves more. The lesson is for us to continuously reach higher and higher for ourselves. It’s when we declare to ourselves that we want better than this for ourselves that energetically, we pull ourselves up in vibration a little higher each time. From there the experiences reflect healthier environments with healthier people. It’s always remarkable to notice that when I’ve shifted a self worth and self value block within myself, that the outside world improves the reflection back to me on the outside.

We don’t have to launch a full scale war with unconscious others. We can quietly, peacefully, and respectfully express what we require from a situation, from our hearts, not our manipulative egos and be prepared to walk away if the circumstance is not going to improve. In any situation where we feel trapped by the unconscious behaviour of others, we can choose to disengage, choose ourselves, and move on so life can show us a healthier circumstance. Just be sure you’re not avoiding your own unconscious behaviour and then manifesting repeat scenarios with different people playing out the same issues until you learn your lesson. Once you learn your lesson, life levels you up.

It’s always about your journey to yourself, not about changing the outside world. We’d be banging our head against a wall for years and nothing could change. But as soon as you’ve let go of the resistance within yourself that you deserve better, that’s when the outside world changes.

Is there anywhere in your life that you could do with some consciousness illuminating and breaking old way templates of doing things? How do you think you could handle the situation better for yourself? How can you choose to empower yourself with respect and honour to all people involved, not just yourself?

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