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March 16, 2019admin

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding about what kind of person you need to be when you’re on a path of exploration with life and yourself. I’ve heard this common misconception projected toward me from a number of people when they say things like; “You don’t look spiritual“, or “You’re not like the others”, or “You don’t dress like a spiritual person”.

What does ‘spiritual‘ look like?
First of all, I am not ‘spiritual‘. Rather: I am a spirit. And so are you, and every other being on this planet. We occupy a body for the duration of this lifetime. We are here to have a human experience, equipped with all the emotions and hormonal responses that having a human body brings with it. Still, I am not spiritual. I am merely tuned in to the spark of life that is the energetic force for this fleshy vessel I journey this realm in. Some would call it the soul. I am consciousness, and have awareness of what is happening internally in response to how life is flowing and unfolding around me. Still, this doesn’t make me a spiritual person.

The usual answer I get in return when I ask what a spiritual person looks or dresses like is something along the lines of: “I don’t know, I guess, a hippy with dreadlocks or long flowy clothes. You’re not that at all and the words that come out of you are a surprise because you look like a normal person.”

I actually got told that once by someone who did consider themselves spiritual. And yes, she did wear long flowy clothes and walk around barefoot on her farm all the time. She was spectacular in her authenticity.

But that’s not my flavour. And it doesn’t have to be yours.

Only Be You
We don’t have to become something we’re not to evolve, grow, and expand our consciousness. Every person on this planet is unique and offers the world a medicine equally as unique. Every being has a sort of ‘signature’ frequency’ they live from. There are many different flavours and essences to the signature characters and personalities, and just because your being has a desire to learn itself more, explore itself more, break the boundaries of its mind more, or free yourself from or to do something through self-development work with mindfulness and awareness, doesn’t mean you need to become a ‘temple goddess‘ or a ‘hippy‘.

Not that there’s anything wrong with temple goddesses or hippies… they also have their unique medicine for the world and the world needs them. Just like it needs you. The world needs you to be unapologetically you. The world needs you to be exactly who you are, exactly the way you like to be, doing the things you love doing, and wearing the things you love to wear.

Do you know why?

Because if the only example we had to look to of people who mindfully expand their consciousness, or evolve their being, was the gurus on the mountain top, or the all-seeing oracles, or the temple goddesses, the journey would seem completely impossible and inaccessible to so many people. On some level we know, if we had to ‘become’ that, it wouldn’t feel authentic to our individual beings.

We can be the shining examples of consciousness and soulful evolution from exactly where we are. A tree doesn’t start off as a sprout and then run around trying to figure out what it needs to look like or what it needs to become. It stands firm with its exact characteristics of who it is and merely becomes more of that. If you look at a dissected cross-section of a tree, there are circles within the tree trunk that show what the tree started out as, and over time, layer by layer, it just became more of itself.

This is your job too… just become more of who you are and don’t try to become anything you’re not, with the thought that that is what it means to be on a path that is in flow with life, mindfulness, the evolution of your consciousness, growth, and awareness, just because a bunch of other people are all wearing the same things and doing the same things.

My Unique Frequency
For me, I love board sports and having blonde hair and colourful clothes. I love baking and crocheting. I love going for walks on the mountain. I love going out dancing until 4am and getting a little tipsy every now and then. I love spending time on my own, but I also love spending time with the right kinds of people. I love rollerskating and learning to kiteboard. And yes, doing my morning mindfulness practice does include affirmations, appreciation, and setting intention for the day ahead.

I am by no means a yogi, but I understand the value that breathwork and moving my body in a conscious way adds to my life. I understand the necessity for meditation, and fasting, and the modality of healing I have chosen to assist me on my path is tantra… which by the way, doesn’t show you your greatest pleasure, but rather your greatest pain.

I’m not all love and light. I live in a high-vibrational space and live in absolute abundance as a result, but I am comfortable with the darkness and shadow aspects of myself too. This human journey is not all love and light, and it would be deceiving of me to portray that it is.

I think that’s another thing that throws people way off. Humans have emotions and the ‘love and light brigade’ can be somewhat ignorant that it’s impossible for someone to be happy all the time. If you meet someone that preaches love and light all the way, there’s a high chance they’re stuck in some avoidant behaviour and refusing to look at their shadow. Life has rhythms to it. We go through cycles of expansion and contraction, inward and outward, like the tides of the ocean.

We’re Here To Make It Accessible To Everyone
My point is: we’re here to make the evolution of our being and expansion of our consciousness accessible to all humans. So from my position, it would be to shine a light to the humans who enjoy the same activities I do. The humans I’ll find at the places I go to. Who have similar ways of life to me.
There will be people who will be able to relate to me, my life experiences, my life choices, and my tastes and preferences.
Of course, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate when there are differences that provide some perspective.

I take a look at many of the ‘earth kids‘, and I think “Wow, it’s really amazing that they’re so connected to nature and the earth, and I see how I also have a relationship with the elements of the earth, but the personal expression of how it flows into my reality looks very different to theirs.”

My personal expression of my creative identity sees me going to the hairdresser monthly to have my roots touched up, and doing a gel manicure with nail art. But also running around in boardies and a bikini, or strapping on my rollerskates, or pulling on a wetsuit and going to fly a badass kite. My medicine will reach the other kiters, skaters, and boardriders who have a will inclined toward evolution.

There was a period of time where I did think I had to look like the others if I was on that path, but that’s just more of the same conditioning that saw me seeking validation and approval from outside to be accepted by the community around me. I wanted to feel part of a tribe but never actually felt a sense of belonging.

These days, I am me as completely as I can be right now, and couldn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of me other than myself. I know there’s more of myself I have to become, but I’m not going to run around looking for the next thing I need to become or the next layer I have to add to myself.

Just ‘Be’ You
It’s like when we’re in the womb… we don’t fret about what colour eyes we need to develop or where we’re going to find ten fingers and ten toes… we just ‘be’ and everything we need comes to us when we reach the capacity to move to the next stage of development.

It’s the same outside of the womb, as an adult. Our next portion of the pathway we’re on will be revealed to us as we progress. Just keep checking in with yourself if you’re in full alignment with who you are, and being true to yourself along the way. That’s the only way we’re going to become our full expression of ourselves in life. Put one foot in front of the other and take one step at a time directly towards yourself.

Let me know if you’re wanting some direction or guidance on figuring out who you are again after being stuck living the life society wanted you to live for so long.

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