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April 14, 2019admin
I thought to share with you what my morning mindfulness and manifestation practices are so that if you’re looking for a solution for anxiety and a rollercoaster ride every day of your life, you have been pointed in the right direction to help yourself.

One of the things I noticed about going on holiday to Zanzibar, in my experience, was that it was more difficult to keep at my morning practice each day. Either because travel disruptions, or lack of privacy, I was not doing my morning practice regularly while away recently.

After a week of not doing my morning practice, I could feel fear trying to sneak its way in, and also I noticed that things did not unfold the way I wanted them to.

After just two weeks of not living intentionally and deliberately, I felt the effects of not directing how I want to experience my day and life. While you can certainly go with the flow and be spontaneous in some circumstances, in general, choosing what you want for yourself and being deliberate in your choices are much more conducive to inner peace than just accepting the things that happen to you as a result.

At home, when I’m in my regular routine, I can feel as soon as I leave the house if I haven’t done my morning practice that I feel a little anxious, and nervous about what my experience for the day will be. By now, I have learned: Do the morning practice, or else I can never anticipate just how far off the floor my day and emotional state can fall.

Most days, when I do my morning practice, my day is much smoother, my mind is relaxed and at peace, and I feel strong, steady and stable in my body and my life.

From my experience, and as I’ve mentioned before, being a conscious choice maker and creator of your life is paramount to manifesting the life you dream of. Without directing your thoughts intentionally to what you want (and not what you don’t want) you become a victim of things that manifest unexpectedly and unpleasantly… you’re far more likely to feel like you’re at the mercy of a loose cannon in your life than having set intentions and decisions for your life that you will manifest when you’re being mindful of your thoughts and choosing the experiences you want to unfold.

Morning practice
My morning practice includes doing some morning yoga (this has been a recent and new addition to my practice) and then the next portion is a mindfulness practice with three phases. Affirmations reinforced by tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT) is the starter, followed by an appreciation practice, and then setting intention for the day. From there, I do a short grounding exercise to establish my presence in the present moment. After all that, I feel steady as a rock. I have been doing the affirmations, gratitude, and intention practice solidly for around five years now and it’s so necessary, but it hasn’t always been to the extent it is now. As new priorities have come up for me, I’ve added to my list that which I want to experience and work on or move through.

To introduce each element to you, I will break them down:
1) Affirmations are key phrases that usually begin with “I am”. Remember, your thoughts are crucial elements of the manifestation process, and because thoughts become beliefs, you want to instill healthy beliefs. Repetition of the affirmations on a long enough basis eventually becomes a belief and we manifest what we believe, so you’re basically programming yourself and conditioning yourself.

Some of the earliest affirmations I used when I started my morning practice are still included in my practice today and I still feel they are important, even now. They include:
* I am positive and optimistic.
* I am a conscious creator.
* I am a conscious choice maker.
* I am in charge of my life.
* I create a life I love to look at.
* I am safe.
* I am protected.
* I am supported.
* I am provided for.
* Everything I need and want is brought to me. All details take care of themselves.
* My mind is relaxed and at peace.
* My body is perfectly safe to be perfectly healthy.
* I release all restrictions and live my happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, best life.
* I release all fears and trust the process of life.
* I know that life is for me.
* Everything is always working out for me.
* The universe has my back.
* I love and approve of myself.
* My channels to joy, abundance and love are wide open.
* I am safe to receive joy, abundance and love.
* I receive joy, abundance and love easily frequently and regularly.

Remember, when manifesting, you always want to use present tense. If you use future tense, you’re going to manifest that what you want to experience is always still in the future. We want to build beliefs that what we want is already ours. This is why “I am” is effective.

To reinforce the affirmations, when I began, I read them out loud so I could hear them and see them. Then I added tapping/EFT to the equation so I could feel it too. Reading them, hearing them, speaking them, and feeling them was constructive in solidifying healthier beliefs and mindset much quicker than not doing any of those things.

Emotional Freedom Technique
2) Tapping: When I was first introduced to tapping, I was 23, and I will admit, I didn’t do it. I thought it was silly and weird. But I was still lazy and living unconsciously back in 2003, which is why life was int he state it was in when tapping found me. It was only in 2014 that I really started to put it to use as an effective and reliable tool… when I became serious about taking control of my reality and being accountable and responsible for the life I am living.

Together, tapping and affirmations can assist you in rewiring your own thoughts. But it’s up to you to do the work. You don’t have to start out with all the affirmations I listed above… I’m just not willing to compromise my total well being and so the whole list, plus more gets done in a set of four repetitions. It’s like gym for your mind. But you can start off with five affirmations per day and I’m sure you’ll start feeling better in one week. Using the two of them as part of a regular morning practice will improve the quality of every area of life if you’re willing to put the time in each day. You can do them laying in bed in the morning so you don’t even have to do much to get it done. You just need the willingness and enthusiasm to change your life.

Normally, with tapping, practitioners will have their clients talk about the negative things they’re experiencing in life and tap certain points on the body to release the emotion and give their clients emotional freedom from the past traumas or negative beliefs they’ve held. You can head over to YouTube and search for The Tapping Solution to find out more about how it works. For me, anything we believe will work, will work, so I just chose four locations that I wanted to tap at, and I do the tapping while I’m saying the affirmations I want to install. I was shown the first three locations by a practitioner, but I decided to add in my heart chakra when living from a heart-centred space became a priority for me. Because my intention was that these locations and how I’m using the tapping would work for me, guess what: They work for me. I start off tapping my heart chakra with the fingers on both hands while speaking my list of affirmations. Once I finish the list of affirmations, I move on to the next tapping location: my wrists. I hold both my wrists in front of me and I then tap them together while speaking the list of affirmations. From there I repeat the affirmations tapping with two fingers underneath my eyes, and then the last round of affirmations gets tapped in next to my eyes, just below the temples.

The tapping releases calming signals to the brain, which in turn calms your body. When you consciously calm your body, your energy can expand from it’s previous contracted state. Contracted energy manifests more contracted, stressed experiences while relaxing and opening up your energy body, and relaxing will manifest more experiences to keep you in that state. Being a conscious navigator of your energy body can mean the difference between a good day and a really messy day.

This isn’t woo-woo stuff. Scientific studies have been performed to validate the efficiency of tapping on stress hormones in the body before and after tapping, as a therapy.

3) From there, I move to appreciation and gratitude. By the time I start going in for the great effects of gratitude, I am already feeling much stronger and steadier. The appreciation then calls in a high vibration emotion which will prep me for the portion of my morning practice that I will set intention on how I choose to manifest my day. You can start off feeling appreciative for the smallest, seemingly insignificant things… the trick is to really feel the appreciation emotion. I consciously acknowledge appreciation for my body, my awareness, my ability to create my reality and make healthy, loving choices for myself. I give appreciation for my family and the remarkable friends I have in my life. My home, the resources I have at my disposal, my basic needs being met, as well as my wants and desires… I give thanks for the toys I have and my experiences… I am not shy about how much I choose to feel appreciation for. Feel appreciation for it all… Past, present, and future. The more you feel appreciative for, the higher you raise your vibration each time.

Once I’ve literally said “thank you” and felt love in my heart for basically everything under the sun in my life, I then begin my manifestation intentions for the day. It sounds like this:

“Today, I really, really, really, really choose to manifest that:
* I do my best.
* I am excellent at everything I do.
* I choose to make healthy, loving choices for myself.
* I choose to enjoy my day at work.
* I choose to be productive, self-starting and self-motivating.
* I choose to be focused, grounded and present in each moment.
* I choose to……

However, you want each experience in your day to go, be conscious and clear about what you want from them.

It won’t be long before you notice your life start to turn around. And you may get complacent and take advantage of the clear and steady state you’re in, and maybe get lazy about doing your practice… after a few days you’ll begin to wonder why your reality started crashing and you’ll remember: you haven’t done your morning practice. It soon becomes a non-negotiable aspect of your life, and you have no one to thank but yourself when you start sailing through life.

Homework: Choose just five of the affirmations I listed above if you aren’t able to think of your own, combine the tapping, gratitude and intention practices, and repeat it for a week and see how you feel after that. Equally as important: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE FOR THE BETTER!

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