Conscious Brand: Wear Poly, Swimsuits from Fishing Nets

April 20, 2019admin

First up, I love the idea of upcycling and repurposing. Half my living space is furnished with gorgeous items other people have tossed out. To me, there is no ‘throwing away’ on this planet. Our trash can only be relocated or transformed into something more useful. Just because you can’t see it anymore doesn’t mean it’s disappeared off the planet. I am making it my mission to find brands that share the same values and who contribute to enhancing life and the state of the planet. I would love to raise awareness that we have other choices to invest in where we can have a clear conscience as consumers and still get great product value. I’m scouring the globe for conscious brands to showcase to you.  

In the case of Cape Town swimwear brand, Poly, product creators Loren and Tracey, have taken to fabric made from recycled fishing nets sprawled across the bottom of the ocean floor, and transformed them into premium quality reversible swimsuits that have a clear conscience. And they’ve done an amazing job. The prints are cool, the colors are vibrant and bold, the fabric is strong and comfy, and everything they’ve used has a higher purpose. I also really like that nothing is without purpose on their garments. Even the product bag can be doubled up and used for a laundry bag.


For Every Woman
What makes me like Poly even more, is that they are completely body positive. Patrol their social media feeds to get a vibe for their ethos, and you’ll quickly notice the female models used when shooting media to promote the brand features women of all shapes, sizes and colours, and every one of the women look amazing in the flattering cuts and designs of the various swimsuit options. From itty bitty string bikinis to full piece cozzies and sassy high-waisted bottoms, every woman is bound to find at least one style she not only feels comfortable in, but also completely gorgeous and feminine.

I took to the beaches of Zanzibar in my ‘Sexier Riri‘ full piece, and ‘Peachy Frida‘ high-waist bottoms with ‘Racey Frida‘ top, and for the first time in a long time, I lived in my cozzies everyday of my two-week holiday and felt confident enough to walk around without covering up over the swimsuit.

Another fun element of the brand is how they’ve chosen strong famous women’s names to represent the different styles. I find Poly to be a completely empowering brand for women and the environment.

International Shipping
The brand ships internationally too, so if you’re in Africa, Europe, UK, or USA, you can wear Poly this summer where you are!

Contact Details
For more information or to see Poly’s first collection, check out their website: or find them on instagram or facebook @wearpoly.

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