Conscious Brand: Jasper Oils, A Self Love Treat For Your Body Temple

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Photos By: Monique Grobler.
While a large portion of my written content revolves around self-care tools, tips you can use to expand your consciousness, and how you can improve your mindfulness and emotional intelligence to manifest what you want in life, it’s also important to make time to honor our body temple as part of our self-love practice.
Bringing our attention and nurturing to our beloved body, the vehicle that houses and carries our soul in this life, is equally as important. Self-love practices not only involve treating ourselves with honor, love and respect, and feeding our beings with nutritious clean food, but can also include taking the time to apply care and appreciation this fleshy structure that enables us to do so much in this world by treating it to something nutritious and delicious on the outside too.
Vibey Body Oils
Imagine my delight when I found body oils that have quantum physics as part of their creation toolkit! I just had to share Jasper Oils’ Mindfully Made Body Oils with you after adding their fragrance library to my self-love repertoire. What better than using natural goodness from the earth that has been given clear intention!?
I love using the natural plant world as medicines and remedies, and Jasper’s oils are the perfect treat. They’ve combined modern sophistication with the practical wisdom and purpose of apothecary traditions, along with some newer scientific confirmations (specifically quantum physics) regarding the power of intent and consciousness on the world around us. If you need any research, check out this video on Masaru Emoto’s work with consciousness and water.
Jasper’s Fragrance Library is a delightfully packaged collection of sample-sized body oils which can be used for massage, as bath oils, and as perfume.
First of all, they all smell incredible and even just exploring the aromas will lift your spirits if you’re not feeling yourself. Secondly, each oil has been infused with the consciousness and energies of love, kindness, and compassion, and hold their own intentions. The creators at Jasper use their extensive knowledge of Reiki, Colour Therapy, Crystal energies, and Kinesiology to focus intention to ensure the oils hold the vibration of the state of being they intend. And thirdly: They’re designed to assist with physical and emotional ailments, so bringing them into your space of self-nurturing and care is a great gesture toward yourself, or as a gift for someone close.
Included in the beautiful collection is:
#1: Love (Pale Coral. Pink with sparkles). The highest intention for this oil is to create love: if we start with loving ourselves, we create a space for love to flow through and to us and around the planet. Love yourself so that we can all benefit from that loving light! It will also reduce scars both emotional and physical so the blocks are removed that stop us from allowing love in. Key notes are rose and grapefruit which enhance passion, vitality and confidence.
My personal experience with #1 is that I found myself in heart space and felt open to feeling my emotions a short time after using this oil as a perfume.
#2: Abundance (Rose Gold). The energy of this oil is abundance. It helps replace any feelings of lack with awareness of the joyful fullness of life. It will encourage a feeling of creativity, luxury, and revelry. The key notes are ylang-ylang, vanilla, and patchouli for awakening, joy, and sensuality.
My personal experience with this #2: Who doesn’t love ylang ylang in an oil? Pour it all over me and rub me down, now! It’s an indulgent scent that just keeps giving. Truly a vibration of abundance in this oil.
#3: Gratitude (Sable). The highest intention for this oil is for the user to be in gratitude for all of life’s blessings. Giving thanks makes you happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, improves health, and it reduces stress — it’s an antidote to fear. The key notes are sandalwood and vanilla for warmth, harmony and wisdom.
My personal experience with #3: I found there really was a sense of emotional warmth absorbed with this oil, akin to the sense of warmth feeling appreciation.
#4: Bliss (Solid Gold). To be in bliss is to be in complete happiness. This oil will encourage a feeling of utter contentment. It will create a space of bliss and help to find the energy to follow your bliss. It allows you to bask in joy. Key notes are honeysuckle and nectarine.
My personal experience with #4: I actually caught myself giggling with delight at how happy I was as I thought about how powerful the energy of gratitude is, shortly after sampling this oil on my skin. Gratitude and bliss together are a powerhouse of good vibrations.
#5: Hope (Pale Olive). The highest intention for this oil is to create hope for the future, for new beginnings and fresh new starts. It creates an expectation of positive outcomes and optimism in all areas. Key notes are basil and lemongrass which enhance purpose and enthusiasm.
My personal experience with #5: By the time I got to testing the hope oil, I was inundated with optimism and yummy vibes. Was it the oil? Was it my openness to receiving the oil? Some would say it’s both. How open to receiving are you?
#6: Grace (Soft Mint Green). Grace’s highest intention is to create a state of grace for the user — to reconnect with the delicious Divine in you. It enables you to live life with elegance and generosity of spirit. Key notes are jasmine and mint for optimism, inspiration, and harmony.
My personal experience with #6: Jasmine is one of my favourite scents, and mint is always stimulating to my being. This oil is beautiful to start the day off with during my morning practice.
#7: Serenity (Light Blue). This is a go-to first aid bottle to calm nerves, create peace and cultivate serenity. It cools in the heat and in the heat of the moment. It also really helps with any irritations — including insect bites, and petty arguments. Key notes are peppermint and chamomile for calming and creating awareness and clarity.
My personal experience with #7: My bottle of serenity oil is almost finished. It was the only remedy for really irritating and itchy mosquito bites and was also a great soother for sore and tender muscles. This is an essential self-care tool.
#8: Inner Strength (Clear). This oil helps you to regain confidence in your amazingness. It awakens the inner strength needed to create your own dream life. It helps heal issues around addictions. Key notes are black pepper and lime for fearlessness, warmth, and motivation.
My personal experience with #8: I felt my decisions with much more reinforcement and there was a sense of added sureness with my movements. Everything I chose to do, even the smallest things, felt done with intention and purpose.
Besides love, compassion and kindness, the other ingredients used to create the ultra harmonic blends include coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and argan oil. Frankincense has also been selected for its ability to heal physical and emotional scars, promote relaxation, mitigate depression, and boost the other oils. Cedarwood oxygenates cells and assists in deprogramming old patterns, and geranium is valuable for supporting cell growth and anti-ageing.
Contact and Shipping
Jasper’s oils go much deeper than just surface level, and if you’re interested in gifting this gorgeous oil library to yourself or another, find the South African brand @jasperoil on Instagram and @jasperoils on facebook. Contact Jasper Oils for a list on their international distributors if you’re in USA, UK, or Europe.

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