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Manifestation: The Science Of How Our Emotions Control The World Around Us (And Us!)

June 1, 2019admin
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Following on from my most recent post regarding manifestation and some not so new conclusive scientific evidence of an energetic field around us that connects us all, in this post I reveal more scientific information that shows us just how much influence us humans have on the world around us.

My inspiration for this post came when I discovered ‘Missing Links‘, a show on, which is a platform hosting over 8000 series and films on consciousness and all the other fascinating stuff. The show’s host, Gregg Braden, has spent most of his life bridging the gap between science, spirituality, and the world around us in the most approachable manner. I just had to share with you some of what he shared as it neatly ties together everything about manifestation I’ve learned over the years. He really grounded the information and took manifestation from the hippy-ville, where it gets a bad rap, to feet firmly planted on the ground by some of the best scientists in the world.

Missing Links
In episode six of season one, Gregg Braden introduced viewers to three experiments that had been published in peer reviewed science journals. These experiments confirm just how much influence our emotions have over us, our lives, and the world we live in (which is important information when it comes to our manifestation skills), and how it’s possible for us to begin nurturing and cultivating the inner technology available to us for manifestation. Together, the three conclusions make it hard to argue against the manifestation abilities each one of us have for creation purposes.

The first experiment took place in 1992 and was published in the Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, which is an international peer reviewed journal. The experiment was two fold. The first portion of the experiment was to observe what would happen to photons present in a glass vessel if all the air had been vacuumed out. Photons are the basic units of all light and are present everywhere in the world around us, including us. Photons make up what our world is made of, along with atoms, protons, and neutrons. Including us.

So they vacuumed the air out and observed what state the photons would be in once there was no air to keep them afloat. Since a vacuum implies the vessel would be empty of all air, the questions then were: Would the photons be laying in a pile on the surface of the vessel? Would the photons cling to the walls of the vessel? Would the photons still float?

Observation showed the photons were completely random, which they kind of expected, but just wanted to be sure of.

The next part of the experiment introduced human DNA into the vessel with the photons. The scientists did this because they wanted to see if human DNA had any effect on the photons, the stuff our world is made of. The photons went from being completely random, as they were when they were first observed, to ordered and structured in the precise geometry of the human DNA.


The human DNA had a direct effect on the stuff our world is made of. It became clear then that we are connected to the world around us. The scientists concluded in the Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute that “We are forced to accept the possibility [not “it looks like” or “it appears”… but “we are forced”] that some new field of energy is being excited by the DNA.”

The field is not ‘new’, however. It’s always been there. We have only just reached the appropriate technological advancement with our equipment to be able to perceive the presence of the field.

Science now confirms human DNA influences the stuff our world is made of through the photons communicating directly through the field. THIS IS HUGE, and so crucial for validating our ability for manifestation. This second experiment further confirms our capacity for manifestation.

Pristine Experiments
This second experiment was published in The Journal Of Scientific Exploration in 1994, and again involved human DNA. The DNA scientists used was from the umbilical cords of newborn humans because newborn DNA is still considered pristine and has not been corroded over time as happens during our maturation through life.

The newborn DNA was isolated in a vessel protected by more vessels around it to ensure it wasn’t tainted by external factors, and then placed in proximity of the electromagnetic field of a human heart. The presence of the electromagnetic fields around our hearts has already been confirmed through many other experiments using conventional equipment, and extends at least five to eight feet outside our physical bodies.

The question scientists were asking in that experiment was: Through the electromagnetic field around our hearts, is human DNA influenced by the emotions of another person? And can our emotions actually influence the DNA in our bodies?

GOOD QUESTIONS RIGHT?? It’s about time someone got to the bottom of that question. Oh, wait… they did… in 1994! I was still in school in 1994. Why weren’t we taught that in school?

Driving Our DNA
So, human DNA, when it’s in our cells, is coiled in a specific way. What scientists have found is that in the presence of slower frequency emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, and frustration (so called “negative” emotions), the DNA tightens and contracts into a bit of a knot. They also discovered that when the DNA contracts, the DNA does not function to its full capacity. So now science confirms negative emotions prevent our DNA from working properly, which is super significant for our immune systems, hormones, and health in general. Our DNA can’t do what it’s designed to do when negative emotions are present.

This is how the manifestation of disease comes about. Disease is a state of ‘dis-ease’ associated to our emotional body. The emotions, which are energy in motion, get stuck in our body and then when they build up enough energetic momentum and are not dealt with, it then starts to manifest physical symptoms through the body to let us know something is off balance.

When higher frequency (positive) emotions were felt in the heart, scientists observed that the human DNA relaxed, loosened, and expanded, and were able to function to their fullest and highest potential. So emotions such as love, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion were observed to relax the DNA so much that the DNA began to unwind itself to the point where the DNA began to reproduce itself and produce a new strand of vitalised and healed DNA.

Scientists were not expecting the results to that extent, and the outcome showed them that human emotion can change the way our DNA functions. In Volume 8, Number 3 of the 1994 Journal Of Scientific Exploration, pages 438-439 state: “Human emotion produces effects which defy conventional laws of physics.”

The results tell us that should we choose to embrace this information, the power that is available to us when we tap into our fullest potential, we are not bound by the conventional laws of physics, at least as we have known these laws in the past. By the sounds of things the laws of physics are heading for a change.

Science now knows that it’s a fact that we have the ability to choose to feel a certain way and create certain emotions in our bodies, and literally change the DNA within us and even the stuff that makes up the world around us.

Great news for our manifestation aspirations!

So what have we learnt so far here?
1) Human emotion changes the state of human DNA.
2) DNA influences photons, the stuff our world is made of.

Gregg Braden then took out the middle piece of that information (DNA) and reflected simply “Human emotion changes the stuff our world is made of.”

Manifestation Technology

This makes our emotions a kind of technology available for us to learn how to use in our lives. Hello manifestation 101!

Another experiment Gregg Braden thought to bring into the picture to add to the awesome sauce I could add to my article on manifestation was carried out for the first time in 1909! Back then, Newtonian Physics was all the rage and that whole crew hopped on the thought train that physics was mechanistic and everything was separate and bumping up against each other when it came to electrons, atoms, and neutrons.

The New Physics that were being developed in the late 1800s and early 1900s was beginning to show something else was happening on the level of really small and really big things such as particles and galaxies. This is how Quantum Physics started becoming a thing.

This next experiment is famous and is known as ‘The Double Slit Experiment’. Interestingly enough, the results of The Double Slit Experiment is dependent on whether or not someone is watching the experiment. The conclusion is really powerful when it comes to manifestation!

A beam of photons (light… that stuff our world is made of) was fired from a device at a barrier that had two slits in right next to each other. What scientists expected to see was that once the light hit the barrier, the light would go both the slits and they’d be able to see the patterns it was creating in a very expected way on the other side.

No way!

What they found, however, was that when the light hit the barrier and went through the two slits (while people were watching) the photon particles behaved like waves. And when nobody was watching the light beams, the photon particles were just random. The photon particles expressed themselves completely differently when they were being observed! This experiment has also being repeated several times in more recent scientific groups with the same outcome! Headlines published in more recent times have read “Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality” (Nature, Scientific Journal, Feb 26 1998, Volume 391).

To add to the lessons we’ve learnt from this information that applies directly to our manifestation abilities: Humans have the ability to create the emotions that influences our DNA and the world around us, as well as that the stuff our world is made of behaves differently when it’s being observed.

In the context of manifestation, with this information, there is so much more that is understandable now that we have reached a place in our species’ evolution of being technologically ready to perceive what we didn’t know was there, but has been there all along. Take for example prayer, and remote healing. If our emotions are able to affect our DNA, and we’re connected to the quantum field and the stuff that makes up our world, and we direct our focus on a part of the world we’re connected to, this is how prayer and distance healing works. Our manifestation ability is our innate inner technology.

Their experiment also showed them that the greater the attention given to the photons, the greater the effect of the photon’s behavioral pattern change.

Ancient Knowledge
For manifestation, this tells us that what where our attention goes, is where the energy flows. Add into that the emotions that influence the stuff our bodies and world is made of, and hey, you have yourself a recipe for success at whatever you put your mind to!

Buddhism also states “Reality only exists where the mind creates focus” (Heart Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism)

Even Buddhism is into manifestation if we look at that statement

Where we create a path of convergence of thought, feeling, and focus, that is us observing the world around us and that experience. (This is manifestation in a nutshell!)

Einstein Didn’t Get It
Apparently this is the part of the big picture that drove Albert Einstein crazy because he was never able to solve it. He began early in the 20th Century with his theories of relativity and then spent his life looking for a unified theory that included and incorporated all the facets of nature, physics, and maths into one coherent picture of us, our universe, and our relationship to everything.

Einstein had the whole world supporting him in his quest too, but where he got stuck was not liking the idea that everything is connected. He didn’t like the idea that we could have an impact energetically on something on the other side of the world. He called his experiences like this “spooky action at a distance“… the old genius, as epic as he was, was creeped out by the idea!

Einstein’s friend John Wheeler, who only transitioned from this life in 2008, was much more aligned with the mechanics of manifestation. He believe we were connected and said “The old world ‘observer’ [in the context of life happening to and around us] simply has to be crossed off the books. There are no observers. We must put in the new word, ‘participators’. No observers. Only participators.”

What he said to us through that statement is perfect for manifestation. It means that no matter how far we look and no matter how close we zoom in on the smallest particles, or the furthest reaches of space, we will never find the end or the beginning, because the mere activity of looking and observing with curiosity and the expectation of finding something, is the very act of creation that brings in the manifestation of something for us to see there. As long as we’re looking, there will always be something for us to see. 

This is manifestation. Giving form to formless.

Check out my other posts where I discuss each element essential in the creation process of manifestation, and comment below and let me know what you think of this information.

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