Manifestation: Three Mirrors To Use For Shifting Through Life

June 16, 2019admin
Photo By: Monique Grobler.

We learned some great manifestation lessons in my most recent posts. We established, by looking at modern scientific experiments, that the world is made up of photons of light that reflect and are steered by our emotional state of being.

Our emotions steer ‘reality’ via the electromagnetic qualities of our DNA and heart frequencies, which then influence the world around us. Negative emotions = contracted, low performing DNA, while positive emotions = DNA that is relaxed and thrives.

We also discovered we are connected to the field of energy photons make up, that is present in and around all ‘matters of being’ in this world. Quantum physics has observed this energetic field to have a holographic nature, and has taught us that the outside world is a reflection of our inner state, which the holograph projects as our daily life.


For manifestation, adding this information to our creation toolkit is essential. If the world around us is a reflection, or a mirror of our inner state, we can begin to recognise the different ways the mirror reflects back to us, and figure out what it’s trying to show us. When we use this law of reflection as a map of ourselves, we can begin to work with shifting through the reflections that mirror to us where we may be stuck, and start freeing ourselves at each opportunity.

That’s all any situation ever is… an opportunity for us to learn and choose who we would like to be in response to all given situations. When we make the changes and shift through the aspects of ourselves reflecting that there is a blockage somewhere, the holographic energetic field begins to project a different manifestation. Ultimately, you are your own remote control able to change the channel you’re watching through making adjustments within yourself.

Shift Must Happen
When we look at it in terms of manifestation, each time we heal and shift the blocks within, and integrate what we’ve learned, we level up our electromagnetic frequency which then pulls in and reflects a healthier picture in our lives, because like attracts like.

So how can we begin to recognise when the holographic mirror is showing us where to go so we can alter the manifestation of our lives? Well, there are three ways we already know of that the mirror can reflect to you. It’s up to you to begin paying attention to when and through what channel the reflection is ‘speaking’ to you. It speaks in feelings mostly, which to some is a far more subtle style of communication than the verbal vocabulary we have been conditioned to use in this life. At any moment that we’re feeling, the field is speaking.

The ways the mirror speak to us are as follows:
1. The first way shows us what we are in the moment. Since we’re connected to everyone and everything, what is happening in the world outside us is a reflection (and more often than not metaphorically) of our inside state. This can come through as manifestation in anything from our cars, houses, and pets,to our finances and friends.

The first instance of this coming up as a manifestation in my life was when I got to my car one day and noticed pink fluid on the floor underneath my car. By the end of that day, I had such a severe bladder infection that the liquid I was passing when I went to the toilet was pink because it had blood in it. Once the bladder infection passed, my car no longer leaked pink fluid either. Another time, one of my headlights (the car’s eyes) wasn’t working at the same time I had something going on with the exact corresponding eye in my body.

There are manifestations showing you what to look at all the time in the seemingly random and mundane events that unfold in our lives.

Another example of where what shows up in the outside world as a manifestation of our inner state is with our finances. Money is another form of energy, which has been assigned value, and if we’re constantly depleted of money, we are leaking energy somewhere. To people, activities that don’t serve us, not standing up for ourselves, not loving ourselves.

As Within, So Without
Our inner self worth reflects outside of us with material abundance too. Inner abundant relationship = outer abundant manifestation. Find where you’re leaking energy, and put a stopper on it. In your home, check if you have any taps leaking. Tiny drips from a tap all day amount to a large amount of resources going down the drain.

I heard one instance of this sort of metaphorical manifestation being quite relentless. The woman told a story of one night at her home, where she was sitting with her boyfriend of many years. First they heard a loud bang in the bathroom, and when they went to see what was up, they discovered a pipe had burst. On their way to their car to go to the hardware store, they got to the garage and noticed their geyser had exploded, and once in the car their radiator then overheated and popped, gushing more water all over the place. What a manifestation!

When asked about what was happening in their life that could explain bursts and explosions and pressure issues, she admitted their relationship was not moving forward, and they were also not able to end it, which was building up an enormous amount of pressure between them.

The reflection in the world outside of them was relentless in the manifestation of pressure pipes blowing until they got the message. This is how the outside world shows us where we need to make shifts: it keeps repeating the signs and symptoms of the underlying issue until the message cannot be ignored anymore.

And if you don’t see it and listen, the manifestation just gets more and more intense until the shift happens through force. Shift must happen. You can do it the easy way by listening when the subtle reflections start showing up, or the hard way, when the shift must be forced. Sometimes the manifestation shows up as you losing your job, or a break up, or some kind of unexpected unfortunate event.

I have noticed a few times the forced shift that seems out of your control actually turns out to be a blessing in disguise because if you were truly happy where you were, or if the situation was really for your highest good, you’d still be there. The manifestation of a forced shift is your subconscious way of evicting you from the situation because it was time to go and you weren’t making the jump yourself because somehow, you got  stuck.

Unstuck Yourself
Being stuck can look like choosing things that are not aligned with your soul’s desire for authentic satisfaction. So, numbing emotions with alcohol, sex, drugs…. distractions of any kind that keep you from doing a deep stock take of your life and making the changes necessary to progress your evolution… being overly focused on material possessions for happiness… not doing self development work.

I got stuck a few times on my journey, and I have noticed, what soul wants, soul gets. It’s up to us whether we get there voluntarily, or get dragged kicking and screaming because we don’t want to give up behaviour and break patterns that are not serving us anymore.

2. The second way shows us what we judge in the moment.
Sometimes the mirror keeps bringing you a recurring manifestation of people with the same qualities, and you look at yourself and have a hard time figuring out how the aspects you’re noticing outside is a reflection of inside. And the manifestation keeps coming. Different faces, same qualities, and still you can’t figure it out.

The shift here is to do with your judgement of their state of being and their choices for their life. I have been manifesting people with substance addiction in my life. My mother, lovers, general people I meet. I had taken a good, long look at myself to see where I could be running addiction patterns. I mean, I drink G&T occasionally… but it’s hardly hedonism. I was stumped. Until I realised the lesson was my judgement of their addiction.

The manifestation kept repeating to show me where I was judging others. It became a lesson of compassion when I flipped from the low frequency of judgement, to a higher frequency feeling of compassion. I still have forgiveness work to do in this area, specifically to do with my mother. And it’s not that I have to forgive her for being an addict. It’s that I need to forgive her for not being the manifestation of the version of her I wanted her to be

She gets to live her life however she wants to and although it hurts to watch and be near, I don’t have to judge her.

How The Map For Inside Works
The moment you are repelled by someone else’s character traits or perceived flaws, this is the mirror showing you a manifestation of where you are holding judgement. Of course, this does not mean you have to let the person continue to do the thing that does not respect or regard you and how you deserve to be treated. We are absolutely allowed to be discerning about what and who we involve ourselves with and what we participate in. 

It just means, you don’t judge them for their choices for their lives, and maybe make an exit from the scene because you’re deciding to take yourself where the manifestation reflects that you’re valued and respected. More obviously, the manifestation is only going to reflect that you’re valued and respected when you are valuing and respecting yourself above all. 

As within, so without. Like attracts like.

Sometimes the mirror smiles at us and shows us things we like about ourselves through traits we admire in other people too…

3. The third way shows us what we have lost, given away, or had taken away from us by those who had power over us.
The manifestation of this reflection shows up as strong, magnetic attraction with outside people. Often when this manifestation comes about there is deep yearning for a person

This reflection is mirroring to you qualities in that person you love and aspire to have in yourself too. Truth is, we did have them, but somehow, some way, we lost them, gave them away, or had them taken away by those who had power over us at some point. A lot of this latter part could have happened during childhood, when those who were meant to care for us didn’t do the best job, and wounding set in.

Reclaim Yourself
The reason we yearn for the manifestation of this reflection (that person) is because we are actually yearning for those parts of ourselves we recognise in them, and we attach the sense to them because they’re the package the reflection showed up in. The shift with this reflection requires us to reclaim those lost aspects of ourselves.

Once we have reclaimed them and healed them, the attraction for the outside manifestation can often dissipate because we feel a deepened sense of wholeness within ourselves again. At this point, you can choose to continue in relationship with the person, or you can choose to go find more aspects of yourself to reclaim. Your map to yourself will once again be the manifestation of the qualities you aspire for within yourself, through outside people. 

You Are Who You Are Looking For
You are yearning for yourself, and what is happening through you and the other person is actually a channel you’ve manifested in the holographic field that reflects ourselves back to us in each moment.

Use it or lose it, but if we’re not going to do the work to shift our internal state, we can’t complain about the outward manifestations looping over and over and over on the show of our lives because we’re either choosing not to look, or not to listen.

Either way, shift must happen.

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