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Let People Vibrate Out Of Your Reality

August 14, 2019admin
I have noticed, that as I level up in vibration in a way that is obvious to me, and I watch the feedback loop reflect my inner changes, people I know who are not on the same frequency as me just aren’t in my life anymore.

Some of them I just forget exist and it doesn’t occur to me they’re out of my reality. Others, I’ll send a message to say “hi” and see how they are, and I won’t get a response. On a human level, it’s quite douchy, but if we zoom out and see how tiny we are in the big picture, with different frequency realities in play, they just simply are vibrating at a rate that has a gap too wide to even make connection with where we are.

Other times, I see how I have been minding my own business and a person I was on perfectly good terms with, pops up onto my phone or into my reality and without anything really going tremendously bad, they get offended and block me (usually after they’ve tried to manipulate me emotionally and I call them out for putting themselves in a victim role, and in turn, me in a perpetrator role, which I won’t absorb).
raise your vibration

In those moments, I think “WTF? I was just minding my own business with my focus fully on my life, and this human decided to pop up and become their own drama, and then block me?! What just happened?”

It’s the holographic quantum field/universe’s way of letting me know, the frequency range between me and this person is too far away from each other and there’s a total lack of alignment for our current realities to meet, and it’s now official, that human is no longer a part of my reality.

If you’ve experienced this: Let them go. The universe/quantum field doesn’t like voids. Where something was before, there must be something to replace it. What will replace it will be something that is a closer frequency match to you.

I know it’s tough when it is people who at one point meant a lot to you, but trust me, letting go and not holding on is in your best interest. The same energy, with healthier qualities and a higher frequency will take its place once you let go of the old.

In this way, you can practice conscious purging. Letting go of the old energy stuff to make way for higher-frequency fun, family, and friends.

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