Manifestation: A Dance Between Our Inner Masculine and Feminine

Diving a bit deeper into manifestation this season, I begin our journey introducing the two creative energies available in each one of us. We look at the individual energies, their characteristics, and how the two coming together, well balanced and matured, can result in our outer world reflecting and manifesting the harmony and abundance of our inner relationship between the two aspects of ourselves.

While exploring tantra, I came to learn about them through the labels of ‘masculine‘ and ‘feminine‘. While masculine energy represents consciousness (awareness), feminine energy represents ‘creation’.
While I am calling these two energies masculine energy and feminine energy, you could also have heard of them being referred to as yin and yang, creative and logic, left and right brain, and many other labels used to describe the same concept.
The one energy is awareness, action and logic based, while the other is creative and emotion based. As with quantum physics, where observation is the key to wave particles to respond in creative manner: Creation wouldn’t exist without Consciousness to witness and observe it. Both are needed for manifestation. Just as with masculine and feminine, left and right brain, and yin and yang.

This is by no means declaring one more superior than the other and it is not a gender debate. We’re simply inspecting the nature of the equally important energies. Because I was taught using the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ labels, that is what I will use here as that is where my highest understanding on the subject of manifestation stands.

Both masculine and feminine energy are within each one of us. Usually there is one more predominant energy, but ideally, first prize is to work to balance them both and work with the mature aspects accordingly.

My Manifestation Journey

My personal journey with my inner masculine energy and feminine energy for manifestation purposes is still one of progress, as it is for everyone.
We never stop discovering and learning. Though today I can look back at the path I’ve walked and see clearly the processes that were unfolding to develop and heal each one, and how it then manifested outside of myself in my reality to reflect my inner shifts.
I share my perspective with you to aid in your own recognition and journey toward your most healthy self.

Much like the reproductive creation process between a male and female body to create a child, so too do the energies work for manifestation. The masculine penetrates with action and forward motion, while the feminine opens and receives.

While I am in a female body, the large majority of my younger years were spent in what you could call masculine dysfunction.
Masculine energy is action based and knows how to get things done in the world. It’s logical for the most part. Masculine energy surges forth with action and penetrates the world to create.
Mature and healed masculine energy moves with purpose and swift effectiveness, not using itself without a good reason or uncalculated movement.
Unhealed and immature, it runs wild without any oversight to what it’s doing and kind of resembles a chicken running around without a head. Go, go, go, do, do, do.

For What?

This was how I spent my 20s and early 30s. No overview of what I was doing, and no regard for the consequences. Mostly, I was self destructive. As a result I was not a good bet for business or relationship.
I didn’t care much about anything other than myself and just chased cheap thrills. I was here, there, and everywhere. Bouncing from one shallow adventure to the next. And it was so incredibly fun and exciting.
Until my inner feminine energy woke up and showed me what enrichment and fulfillment looked like.

It was only in 2014, when I moved to Cape Town that somehow, suddenly, without being aware of it, I switched and my feminine energy came forward. I have a sense of it being not being able to find work, not having money, and experiencing an extremely cold winter, that sent me into a depression that was the catalyst and doorway for my feminine energy to come through for the first time, albeit immaturely and in full dysfunction.

There’s a reason it’s been called a man’s world, and there’s a reason for the term ‘woman’s intuition’.

The Masculine

Masculine energy governs structure, and most of the physical world we see around us is masculine in its nature. The masculine energy actioned it into being. The buildings, schooling system, technology, science, time…. it was masculine energy that figured out how everything works, and it’s done a good job in some areas, and not so good with the lack of regard for our planet and its people in other areas. There’s been a lot of war and destruction in the quest to build the empires and conquer the dreams.

We and those who came before us have been born and raised in a world built from immature masculine energy. The ultimate perpetrator.

This is not to say those who did the doing were only in male bodies either. There were and are female bodies stuck in their immature masculine energy too. Like me, up until my inner feminine woke up.

The Feminine

Feminine energy, much like the female body that is the incubator for souls to manifest physically into this world through her, energetically, she is connected to all of existence and all of life.
Everything around and in between. The feminine energy sees and is everything. She too, is life and death. She too, is creation and destruction. Matured and healed, she is the encompassing womb that loves and nurtures us and the beings and planet around her.
She cares and considers all, but not to her own detriment. Because she knows the value each element of life brings, and she knows the success of the gifts of life are dependent on the contribution and collaboration of all in the environment.
She feels, laughs, cries, flows, receives, and sees everything all at once. Feminine energy is able to peer down unseen passages that whisper messages from across the fabric of space and time.

The feminine is the heart, while the masculine is the head.

Right brain and left brain, if you wish.

Both are needed. In Balance.

While masculine energy is logic, it does have some emotion, but it’s nothing compared to the ocean of emotion that the feminine energy is. And while feminine energy contains some logic, it’s no match for the logic of the masculine.

Feminine energy without its masculine counterpart to balance out the emotion would probably implode the universe, while masculine energy without the feminine energy would probably explode the universe. Of course, this statement is merely my opinion.

Unbalanced and immature feminine energy is manipulative, and is the ultimate victim. It’s super ultra extra emotion. Tantrums and drama to the max. And it’s all everyone else’s fault.
“Look what you made me do! You did this to me!”
We can see how the immature masculine as the perpetrator and the immature feminine as the victim make a well-matched pair, as can be seen in many relationship dynamics all over.
As previously mentioned, first prize is to mature both aspects and bring them together to work together with each other’s strengths.

While these immature masculine and feminine characteristics are familiar to me along my journey, I like to think most of it was played out in my 20s. I still catch glimpses every now and then, very subtly, and admittedly, I am much more comfortable in my masculine energy.
I enjoy being busy and doing things. I feel quite uncomfortable in the emotional abyss of the feminine who requires a lot of stillness and silence to thrive.


When my shift into my feminine came, there were definitely some wild emotions flying around, but I was more in a state of feminine dysfunction. If masculine dysfunction looks like non-stop doing without purpose or regard, what does feminine dysfunction look like?
Well… mostly, it’s laying around in bed all day eating chocolate and not doing anything with life, because what’s the point? We’re just going to die anyway!

This is where I found myself. Severe apathy for absolutely everything, a lack of willingness to put energy into anything, I just wanted to connect to the cosmos and live as a magical being of light without money near a beach until I transcended this life and returned home to the stars.
My head was in the clouds for around two years while my feminine drove my life alone as my inner masculine settled into severe laziness. Afterall, she had taken over, with her grand cosmic connection to all of life, leaving my masculine feeling completely useless and not needed.

Realizing you deserve better.

My turning point to begin to find balance between the two came when I failed to find work (not that I was looking very hard or applying myself… my understanding of manifestation back then would now be termed ‘wishful thinking’ by me now), and was faced with leaving Cape Town to go back and live at my parents’ house in Johannesburg again.
I cried my heart out because I just didn’t want to leave Cape Town. And then, my inner masculine finally showed up again.
When my inner feminine absolutely refused to live under those conditions for a moment longer, and had decided what she wanted, he came forward and actually took some physical action toward the manifestation of a job.
My inner masculine sat and updated my CV, sent it out to agencies, set up profiles on employment websites, and really did his best. And I got a job. I was to aupair for a woman who is now one of my best friends, and help her with her children.

It was a start. And since then, at each point where my inner feminine recognises that I deserve more, and has taught me to regard, and love myself, and believe in myself and what I’m worth, the more ‘he’ shows up to get it for me in the outside world.

Manifestation is a wonderful dance between the two… My inner feminine feeling into what I need and want in my life based on me now constantly reaching higher for myself, and my inner masculine then stepping up to go get it.
He penetrates, and she receives his gifts and devotion with open arms and open heart, in appreciation.

Developing And Maturing

Learning to develop our inner masculine and inner feminine benefits our external relationships as we make the shifts to mature internally too. It’s quite powerful to witness the way it works.
If we’re having an ‘issue’ with a male in the outside reflection, whatever they’re ‘doing’ is what you are directed to shift internally.
If there’s a resistance or conflict with a female in our outside world, it’s a signal of what development could be made with our inner feminine.

As with all of the other manifestation principals I have shared with you, like attracts like, so what you see on the outside is a reflection of the inside.

This puts the power back in our hands, along with some responsibility for what we have pulled into our experience.
With enough work on ourselves, and making enough shifts internally, we can manifest the nutritious and delicious connections we seek from life on the outside, that are just a reflection of our inner state.

Manifestation: Like Attracts Like

We attract that which is on the same frequency as us.
Understand that, and implement enough change within yourself to be your best and do your best for yourself, and your outside world will transform and show you your own self worth and value with the same worth and value externally.
Invest in yourself and building the inner relationship with the two aspects of yourself.

Tools I have used to harness each energy when I need to call upon them vary. As far as body movement goes, anything fast paced filled with repetitive drills summons the masculine energy.
Think crossfit, or for me, it was roller derby. The feminine energy loves flow and grace, so yoga and conscious dance brings her out.

Creative activities that work for the masculine is building and putting things together. Figuring out how things work, fiddling with more technical things.
For my inner feminine, it’s sewing and baking and crocheting. For others it could look like painting or drawing, or something else.

Aligning With Your Manifestation

To align for manifestation with your inner masculine, it’s necessary to take action toward it while at the same time, the inner feminine aligns emotionally and vibrationally.
We use both energies to seal the deal with what we’re wanting to bring into our life. Add to the mix some cultivation of your mind with intentional thought, making self love and care your top priority, and the healthy ability to let go as well as be open to receiving, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula to manifest everything you’ve ever wanted.
Relationships, jobs, material items, health… all of it.
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