7 Reasons From The Vibe And Shine On Why Tigerlilly Dancewear Deserves Your Attention (From One Conscious Shopper To Another!)

CONSCIOUS BRAND REVIEW: TIGERLILLY. Conscious consumerism becomes a thing when you begin making the shift towards cleaner and higher vibrational living. Sourcing businesses that align with your newly awakened value system to ensure you’re playing your part in making the world a better place, while also doing your best for yourself becomes a priority. At least for me it did.

There’s so much to take into account when considering whether a business really deserves to have your support. Most of all, ensuring their products and attitude match the high frequency you’re striving for is paramount. We want a clear conscience and to feel good that where our money and energy is going is worth the investment.

Also, we don’t have to totally give up having a creative identity of our choosing while we’re traversing the ascension highways. We’re allowed to look and feel comfortable while doing it. Count me out for harem pants… they may be comfy for yoga and stretching, but they’re not super practical when it comes to roller skating. You’re more likely to find me hanging out in striking colourful leggings and athleisure wear on any given day.

Enter local South African athleisure boutique, Tigerlilly Dancewear. Upon discovering Tigerlilly, I felt it necessary to let you know about the Knysna-based business, its incredible boss babe owner, Brigitte Hersch, and the amazeballs athleisure wear with a conscience kept in stock.

You’re bound to love Tigerlilly if you’re:

  • A female living a healthy heart-centered, active lifestyle;
  • Looking for conscious brands to shop for self-care products, yoga gear, sassy athleisure wear, and dance wear;
  • Into using natural cruelty-free products on your body;
  • Looking to replace your plastic toothbrushes and straws with bamboo ones;
  • Inspired to support local quality brands;
  • Totally obsessed with high-quality athleisure wear!


For me, what I spend my money on needs to support my core values of consideration, authenticity, transparency, and good will to the world in general.

Tigerlilly Athleisure

Here are 7 reasons why I think Tigerlilly and its athlesure / lifestlye gear should become a regular go-to for any conscious woman looking to level up in vibration with the products they purchase:

1. Tigerlilly Has The Planet’s Best Interest At Heart.

The business’s Boss Babe, Brigitte, has ensured she has connected with local brands who promote earth-, animal-, and people-friendly living. Tigerlilly hosts several South African brands in its plush Knysna boutique, and Brigitte has ensured to partner with brands using ethical materials and ingredients. I’m sure by now you must have heard of SPIRITGIRL‘s eco-friendly leggings made from recycled plastic trawled from the ocean. Discern to shop this range and you’ll be indirectly donating to the I AM WATER foundation and earning yourself good karma along the way.

Shop the Tigerlilly range of leggings and athleisure here.

2. It’s A Heart-Centred Business.

It’s clear upon speaking to Brigitte what kind of human she is and what her values are. Honesty, integrity, and kindness support the framework of her business too, and with other conscious brands such as Vivolicious, who donate proceeds of their athleisure sales to the Flower Valley Conservation Trust for fynbos conservation, it only amplifies the good vibes.

Shop the Tigerlilly range of athleisure sports bras here.

3. Tigerlilly Has Your Best Interests At Heart.

Brigitte prides herself on the fact that she is discerning enough to only go into business with brands who have the highest integrity, as well as comfort, quality, style, and business ethics. This means Tigerlilly has your back in ensuring you’re getting only the best fabrics, performance, and longevity that make up your active athleisure gear.

Shop the Tigerlilly range of yoga athleisure gear here.

4. They Care.

Brigitte knows her customers are conscious of their impact on the environment and their own bodies. Tigerlilly babes care about both. Brigitte has a strong circle of women working with her to support local industry to bring you the cleanest options to add to your lifestyle. From bamboo toothbrushes and glass straws, to sassy athleisure pants made from recycled PET fabric, you can shop consciously knowing your choices are making a difference.

Shop the Tigerlilly lifestyle athleisure range here.

5. The Body Products Are All Natural.

You’ll be impressed with what you find in the lifestyle range Brigitte’s business hosts. Think Earth Warrior products, with adult and child bamboo toothbrushes, all natural plant-based shampoo and conditioning bars, and a face care selection with an ingredient list featuring charcoal, Vitamin C, and Frankinsense. My skin can’t help but feel fresh and revived just thinking about them!

Shop Tigerlilly’s ballet and dance range here.

Tigerlilly Athleisure

6. Tigerlilly Has Authentic People At Its Heart.

What I love most about Tigerlilly is that is has authentic humans steering the ship. When Brigitte is not being a successful entrepreneur and bringing us the best athleisure wear on the market, she’s eating clean and training mean with her husband Jeremy and their two young children. Inspiration for the business’s name came when Brigitte watched with awe as her daughter Lilly, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, took on her challenges with determination and a positive mindset. Regardless of her baby girl’s physical challenges, nothing could stop Lilly when she wanted to achieve something. It’s the same determination Brigitte has adapted to her business.

Shop the Tigerlilly Men’s athleisure here.

7. You Can Shop Athleisure Wear On Tigerlilly’s Website And Get Gifted 20% Off Your Purchase!

The athleisure collection available to choose from on Tigerlilly’s website is honestly the most gorgeous and caring collection I’ve seen in South Africa. Shop beautiful leggings, awesomely supportive sports bras, yoga mats and accessories, dance wear, lifestyle towels, and even pick up a pair of athleisure shorts for the man in your life. Be it your dad, your brother, your bestie, or your partner. Use VIBEUP20 at the online checkout to redeem your 20% gift voucher.

The Athleisure Boutique

If you’re in the Knysna area, stop in at Knysna Mall to peruse Brigitte’s boutique and stock up on your own gorgeous athleisure collection and become a Tigerlilly babe to feel good about. Call them on 071 450 6800 to find out more info if you need, or feel free to email hq@tigerlillydancewear.co.za if you have any queries about the Tigerlilly athleisure sizing etc.

I hope you love Tigerlilly as much as I do!

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