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Daily Thoughts: It’s Been A Wildly Emotional Week (Time To Re-Center In Self Care)

September 1, 2019admin

SELF CARE: Always Bring It Back There. This week, life has me on the rollercoaster of emotions and I’m needing to re-center in self care. I thought I’d share my experience so that:
a) you know ‘not coping’ can happen to anyone;
b) you’ll know you’re not alone if you’re not coping emotionally at the moment too; and
c) hopefully you will be reminded to re-center in self-care for yourself too.

What My Emotions Have Manifested In My Current Reality:

  • I’m intensely uncomfortable with severe anxiety and I feel like crying at the drop of a hat ALL THE TIME.
  • I’m waking up crying from distressing dreams and feel despair at any given moment.
  • Aggressive situations have been manifesting in my reality: I was threatened and almost physically attacked by a low-vibrational human and at the same time I also ended up being restrained from physically defending myself from him. Lot’s of anger and frustration in that manifestation!
  • In addition, there is a mysterious water leak at home that has me not being able to live with taps flowing freely with water to the house. This is where the frustration has been stemming from.
  • I’ve not been doing well with performance at work since sorting out the water leak is urgent and I’ve been spending hours doing that. This is where my anxiety is coming from. I’m dropping the ball with work to sort out house.
  • As a result, I have been comfort eating, indulging in food that has not had the greatest effect on my beloved body, and distracting myself from my feelings by watching movies each night until I fall asleep.

It’s all become overwhelming and I finally cracked and broke down.

Clearly my frequency has fallen and reality is reflecting it back to me with what has been manifesting in the feedback loop.

But How Did I Get There?

It’s a slippery slope down the vibration ranks, but this is the jist of it.

  1. A spate of intensely stressful situations have played out for me over the past two months and I’ve been so busy trying to keep it together and stay centered through the wild and chaotic energies so I can pull off my busy schedule.
  2. I placed my responsibilities above my own self care, therefore abandoning myself.
  3. I just kept at it, moving forward doing all the things that needed to get done. I continued wearing my stress and letting it pile up because I didn’t want to drop the ball on my life. I figured I just needed to do my best to stay balanced through it all and eventually, things would harmonise again. The ways I fool myself! I know the outside is a reflection of the inside. Hello, sneaky water leak noone has been able to locate the source of as yet…. water symbolises emotions, and mine are currently getting lost at the same rate our water is disappearing from the house too! I bet you, I’ll sort my inner state out this week, and the leak will be resolved shortly after.
  4. I didn’t give myself time to release the traumas and stressful stuff as they came up because I had so much to do.
  5. I didn’t look at what was coming up for me after my adrenals had put me in fight or flight mode.

And How Am I Handling It?

  • To begin with: by withdrawing and retreating into my home for intensive self care.
  • By being gentle with myself.
  • Allowing myself to lay in bed and be severely uncomfortable in my feelings, while at the same time, nourishing myself with clean and healthy food and exercise.
  • Doing what I can to raise my vibration, so that reality can begin to project a more positive reflection back to me.
  • By laying down healthier boundaries with myself about when I take care of house stuff so work doesn’t suffer, and by also asking for help when I feel I am stretched past  my personal capacity to do things on my own. I’m not actually in trouble with anyone. Not even myself. But my being knows there’s an imbalance, and my inner child is crying because she needs some guidance from inner parents.
  • My self parenting strategy: Eat some vegetables, feel and be in my emotions without judging them, love myself even though I am an anxious wreck this week, and believe in my capacity for life to reflect wonderfully harmoniously when I am in harmony with myself again!

In Closing:
Now you know. Life has a way of sneaking up on anyone. Just because I, or you, are not coping emotionally at any point, it doesn’t mean we’re failing or are broken. It means there’s an opportunity for us to look and see where we need to love ourselves more and provide self care. Re-prioritise. Re-center.

self care
Get back up the next day and do better.
We deserve to feel balanced, and staying on top of things as they come up and honouring them in the moments they need us will ensure we’re not left feeling overburdened and overwhelmed.
If we don’t call time outs and re-center, life is just going to get more and more intense because we’re telling it we can take it. Only when we say ‘ENOUGH!’ and TAKE what we need, does life give us the break.
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