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Vibrational Living: How Life Changes As You Raise Your Frequency

September 22, 2019admin

At some point, after you’ve been working to raise your frequency long enough, it’s going to elevate to the point where you vibrate right out of your previous environment. As your consciousness expands, you’ll reach new understandings about the way you live your life, what you put in and on your body, and the people you choose to keep company with.

Eventually, if you carry on with your journey to raise your frequency that long, it’s going to feel like you’ve entered another dimension, and in a way, you will have. You’re still in the same place, but because you consciously raise your frequency, the denser/slower/lower vibrational frequency realities begin to fade away while the higher frequency reality you tune into becomes more and more established and apparent.

In the spiritual community, this process is referred to as ‘ascension’ through different dimensions from 3D, to 4D, 5D, 6D, and beyond. I’ll explain:

I’ve mentioned before how people who no longer match your frequency will vibrate out of your existence, but I haven’t really given you a clue as to where YOU go when you raise your frequency.

Raise Your Frequency For Earth

Did you know our beloved planet has a frequency too? The planet’s frequency raises too. As you raise your frequency, you also help raise Earth’s frequency. As you raise your frequency, you elevate into higher vibrational environments. The higher you vibrate, the more you’ll notice how life and various aspects to do with living change.

Low Frequency History

Consider the planet’s history and journey through the stone age, middle age, and the like. It was pretty brutal living back then. Full on survival and those who lived back then weren’t privy to inner technologies to raise their frequency. Slowly but surely, our consciousness expanded and has become what it has today. We’re hardly the most advanced we’ll be. At least, not if you’re on a personal crusade to raise your frequency.

Basically, low frequency life is going to look like limited range of consciousness, loads of wars, brutality, unconscious (neanderthalic) type behaviour. Higher frequencies are going to see more compassion, love, understanding, non-judgement, understanding of the connection of everything, and that what happens from within us can have an effect on someone or something across the planet.

Raise Your Frequency For A High Frequency Future

This is where the idea of dimensions living at the same time all on top of each other comes into play. The lower frequency environment and aspects are still there, just, you begin vibrating at a rate that is much faster/higher than that spectrum range and so the frequency of the old can’t connect with the new high vibrational frequency.

When you raise your frequency, you ascend higher, into environments that also vibrate higher. The old energy stays where it is as you raise your frequency but the outer reflection changes to reflect changes that are in alignment with the new frequency.

This is why it’s so important to make shifts in your life that reflect the new frequency you want to align with. When you make those shifts, towards cleaner food, better wellbeing, increased mental and emotional health, you’re moving yourself toward higher frequency living, and your environment is going to start feeling different as a result.

Raise Your Frequency To Get Out Of Third Dimensional Living

So what does life feel like when you raise your vibration? Well, I can tell you around 10 years ago I lived contracted in fear and there was crime everywhere. I felt so anxious all the time and I couldn’t really rest properly. I was on antidepressants until 2014. My behaviour toward myself wasn’t that great either. I was doing a bunch of drugs and getting fall down drunk a few nights a week and doing really irresponsible things like drinking and driving.

Life was dense, thick with toxicity, and intense. There was no concept of accountability. It was victimhood, manipulation, and looking outside yourself for validation and approval. Attention seeking. Blaming.

These are all traits that inhabit frequencies of the third dimension.

Shifts Happen When You Raise Your Frequency

And then a shift happened. Miracle of all miracles. I can’t remember it being a conscious choice to begin raising my frequency. I was still super concerned with being all about the party and the good time. I was playing with manifestation lightly. Mostly using my action to push to make things happen in life. At some point, life decided for me it was time to get me to where it needed me and because I wasn’t going willingly, some tough love had to be exercised.

Life got really hard and while on the outside my previous reality crumbled away, on the inside, there was a bunch of confusion and pain as to why it was all happening without any support from anyone around me. On a higher level, I was getting squeezed to let go of behaviour that wasn’t serving me.

Because life squeezed me so tight, I couldn’t do anything other that lay in bed and cry for months. And somehow hustle for food and shelter (more survival energy). After long enough of only being able to afford basic fruit and vegetables, and not eating for prolonged periods, I guess my body went through a bit of a detox which helped eliminate toxins.

Ways You Raise Your Frequency

Getting rid of toxins in your body helps raise your frequency. Eating fruit and veg raises your frequency. Laying in bed and crying to get rid of trapped emotions after a lifetime of avoiding looking at them will raise your frequency. It seemed like hell, but after two years of the process running its course, my frequency raised enough and the world I lived in now seemed different. Often, this process of coming undone and ‘waking up’ to expanded reality is called “The Dark Night of The Soul”.

The process to raise your frequency will look different to everyone. It all depends on how much resistance you have to letting go of old energy that holds slower/lower vibrations. If you go willingly and voluntarily it’s probably going to flow in more harmoniously. Like I said though, for me, my resistance was severe and life had to drag me kicking and screaming into my ascension process.

It seems, with the planet’s frequency raising, that the process wants to speed up and is manifesting situations for people to fast track the ascension to higher frequencies. What has previously taken people a lifetime to learn and understand little by little is being crammed into really short spaces of time.

My most recent accelerated ascension through the twin flame template catapulted me into a 5D frequency in a dramatic quantum surge in just 2 years. Some people don’t learn that much in an entire lifetime. I’m not alone either. Accelerated ascension is happening more and more frequently. Like life or the planet is in a rush to get a certain number of souls beyond a certain point by a certain time.  Makes you wonder what the hurry is.

Raise Your Frequency Through The Fourth Dimension

When I arrived at the first stop along my ascension highway, I found myself surrounded by people who were giving and supportive and an environment that offered an abundance of nature. Cleaner food options were suddenly available in all the stores, and higher-frequency living became a flow more than a push. I learned to read the energetic tides and discovered there was a time for going within and a time for exploring outside. There was a rhythm and I began to pulse with it rather than push to make things happen.

And then the Twin Flame thing happened. My initiation into 5D. More pain and confusion on the inside while the outside played out to get me to learn the necessary lessons and make even more shifts.

This time, my lessons to raise my vibration involved focusing on myself, choosing myself, self love and self care, and going even deeper within to expand my consciousness away from judgement and duality consciousness even more.

When You Raise Your Frequency: Life in 5D

As I levelled up once again, I noticed a sense of timelessness and effortlessness. A surrender to letting life do itself through me as an expression of itself rather than me trying to become something and cling to false security of identity.

I mean, I have a job and a home, and everything I want and need and more… but it feels like I’m just in the now. I’ve noticed when I’ve looked for reassurance from outside of job and home security, it’s nowhere to be found. Instead, making peace with being fully where I am right now, without a certain timeline of how long something will last is what I’m working with. And as I breathe, so too does life breathe with me. When I contract, life contracts. When I expand, life expands. Life has become a fully responsive organism I interact and participate with, rather than be the innocent bystander and victim of.

When I look, I find. When I ask, I receive. I open and it flows through abundantly in ways I couldn’t imagine were possible. I watch as the whole of life rearranges itself and bows to my requests. I surrender and trust. 5D frequency living is freedom giving and feels more infinite. Manifestations are almost instant. Life has become a beautiful dance. What life brings, I allow because I’ve learned to trust it wants me to grow and thrive, and knows exactly what I need to get me to let go of resistance to my level ups.

When life asks, I listen. I would like to think I now choose the easy way over the hard way. Life points the way and I take the direction. Knowing I’m supported and looked after and that everything is always working out for me. Everything has been working out ‘best case scenario’.

Life Is For Us, Not Against Us

The world I live in feels nothing like the world I was born in. The world I was born in felt reactive rather than responsive. It was a power game where it was survival of the fittest, and no one shared abundance. It was each to their own and people were selfish with information that could give someone else success.

The world I live in now is open source. People understand there is enough abundance to go around. The place I live now understands there is no need to compete, but rather places importance in helping people build themselves up rather than breaking someone down to feel big inside themselves.

Everything that happens in this world is here to teach me about myself and learn new things about myself. Everything that happens is part of the plan for me to unfold into more of me. A fractal miracle. Life has become a journey home to myself with outside of me as the interactive road map.

raise your frequency

From 5D to 6D

I caught a glimpse of the next stop on my journey up the frequency ranks and it was AMAZING! SO connected. The plants, the people, the animals. Hearts open and healthiness in everyone I met. Openness. Spaciousness. Receptivity. Magnetism.

What the manifestation will look like for me to learn the lessons to get there, I won’t know until it arrives. I’m holding hopes for a much more harmonious ascension process there.

After spending a weekend there recently to get a taste of it, I feel renewed inspiration to fine tune my vibration even more and move into the shifts life is showing me to move towards.

If you’d like guidance raising your vibration or making sense of the outside and inside changes as you’re going through your ascension processes, book a session with me.


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