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9 Reasons To Attend The Next Omni Yoga Retreat

September 24, 2019admin

Well… I may have thought I was attending just another yoga retreat, but what I got from Omni Yoga‘s two day event in Greyton, Cape Town, was so much more. The way the retreat manifested into my life on its own made me wander what marvelous medicine life was brewing up for me. To tell you the truth, five minutes before Chad (Omni Yoga founder) phoned me, I was laying in bed balling my eyes out over the greatest tragedy to ever hit my life. I have been battling to move on from it for almost three years now. In those dark moments where I sobbed more tears, I asked life out loud to please send me help because I felt stuck in my pain.

Literally five minutes later, my phone rang and it was a number I didn’t know. Usually I don’t answer numbers I don’t know, but in this instance an internal nudge prompted me to take the call. “Hello,” I said, in my most neutral cry face voice ever. “HI! This is Chad from Omni Media! I found your number online and wanted to invite you to come to our yoga retreat in Greyton next weekend (14-15 September). You’ll get a massage and you can do yoga and qi gong… food is all prepared by our chef too. You wont have to spend a cent.”

Ask And You Shall Receive

How could I possibly say no to that when my current reality was a blubbering mess? Just goes to show: Ask life for what you need and be open to receiving when assistance flows your way. Life always answers my call for help almost instantaneously. It’s become a thing for me.

Anyway, just WOW! Thanks Life, for arranging a yoga retreat in Greyton for me to make me feel better. I couldn’t think of anything better to lift my spirits.

Well, it wasn’t just the yoga and qi gong and massage that lifted my spirits. Everything about Omni Yoga’s Greyton yoga retreat was so incredibly high vibrational, I found myself assesing whether I had popped through to fifth dimensional living for the weekend. Literally, everything flowed and connected, and led to more beautiful moments to treasure.

Omni Yoga Retreat

While the whole weekend yoga retreat in Greyton was unforgettable, here are my top 9 reasons you should make sure you attend Omni Yoga’s next yoga retreat in Greyton.

1. The Shuttle Bus

Omni Yoga organises a shuttle bus to collect those attending the yoga retreat in Greyton. There are two pick-up points. The first was a 6am collection in Muizenberg, and the second was a 7am scoop up from Canal Walk. I hopped on at Canal Walk, settled into the back of the bus (yup, I was that kid in high school) and happily anticipated staring out the window for the two-hour journey to Greyton Eco Lodge, where the yoga retreat was being hosted.

So great! I love road tripping, but driving is not so great when there are sights to see. You have to be extra careful when driving in Cape Town. Beautiful scenery and beautiful people really know how to distract you from keeping your eyes on the road. So being a passenger en route to the yoga retreat was great.

2. You Get To Meet Vibey People

By the time we arrived at Greyton EcoLodge, we were already a posse, only the best kind ever! The first person I met was to be the qi gong instructor on the yoga retreat. The next people I met were two young women who work as vets in Southern Suburbs.

I have always commended people who work with sick animals. Our pets bring us such love and joy, and when they get sick or pass on, it’s an extremely painful experience. And these two young women endured that every day. I honestly think vets are some of the strongest and most selfless, and courageous people on the planet.

Anyway, we all chatted about energy, manifestation, and quantum physics the whole time we were on the shuttle bus, which was right up my alley, and it was such a breath of fresh air to meet people who are so high vibrational too. I have made a point not to separate myself from the general population as I raise my frequency. I want to lead by example and show them potential. Regardless, there are not a lot of woke people in my day-to-day environments, so when I meet people who I can dork out on quantum physics with, I’m pumped!

3. Greyton Is Incredible

Greyton is a little dorpie two hours outside of Cape Town with a few shops on the main road, and quaint houses boasting the most incredible gardens and plant life. Cherry blossoms were in bloom, giant proteas were abound. I had fun taking photos of the spectacular array of flowers.

If you head to Greyton Nature Reserve from the EcoLodge, you’ll pass through the entrance gates and find yourself in natural splendor, with a handful of walking trails to enjoy and explore. We walked up the hill on one occassion, into the gorge to do qi gong at the waterfall at sunset, and found our way back to Greyton EcoLodge down a different trail the next morning.

4. Greyton EcoLodge Makes The Retreat

If you’re holding a large group event, like the Omni Yoga Retreat weekend, Greyton EcoLodge is the spot you want to be at. It’s set up in an old school and is perfect for communal hosting. You can choose from female only dorm rooms, male only dorm rooms, mixed dorm rooms, and private rooms. The showers and facilities are all clean and hygenic, and the kitchen and ‘mess hall’ are stocked with everything you might need to feed an army of earth warriors.

Aside from the accomodation inside the main building, there’s also the option of booking the eco cabin outside. My favourite thing about the eco cabin is that it’s micro. Small with a big garden.

There are chickens and horses walking around, beautiful birds, and a lot of the trinkets and decor has been made using recycled plastic bottle lids and so on.

Omni Yoga Retreat

5. The Food

Omni Yoga makes sure you’re well fed on their yoga retreat. Chef Nettie takes care of all catering and cooked up vegetarian storms the whole weekend. Fruit baskets line the breakfast table, while muesli and yoghurt make for a good start to your day. A beautiful selection of salads with chickpeas and bulgar wheat filled our bellies on the Saturday, and an EPIC vegetarian potjie had us all going back for more for dinner in the evening. Sunday’s lunch was unforgettable with veggie burgers made with Dr Falafel’s veggie patties. The relish Chef Nettie cooked up was next level!

Also, Zooka Health was a sponsor for the event, meaning there was good-for-your-gut kombucha available on tap for the yoga retreat attendees to enjoy whenever they wanted! Have you tried Zooka’s Kombucha? Kombucha, being a fermented beverage, tends to make me a little drunk. I’m not going to lie. But it doesn’t leave a hangover the next day which is always great!

Omni Yoga Retreat

6. The Massages

Everybody gets one! A room was set up dedicated to giving attendees of the retreat a massage each, and each person could decide which time slot they wanted. I got my massage on Saturday evening as I didn’t see much room for a massage happening on Sunday.

7. The Activities

Think of an itinerary with the likes of meditations, yogalates, flow yoga, qi gong, hikes, and cacao ceremonies on at any given time. While you’re welcome to join in on any of the activities, you’re also not obliged to, incase you find yourself wanting some chill time from all the body movement.

Omni Yoga Retreat

8. The People

I know I’ve mentioned you get to meet vibey people, but I feel I really need to mention the quality of people you find on the Omni Yoga retreat. It was the most pleasant experience ever. Everyone was super peaceful, super open-minded, non-judgemental, chilled out, and conscious for the most part. While some are just beginning their journey with their spirituality and mindfulness practice, there are those who have decades worth of experience behind them and are available to speak to for tips and advice to expand your own practices.

9.The Ride Back To Cape Town

Obviously everyone is friends by the time the Omni yoga retreat comes to an end and everyone exchanges numbers and gathers together for a group photo before climbing on the shuttle bus back to Cape Town.

Chad and his team did an amazing job putting their retreat together, and Chad has some of the best vibes I’ve ever picked up on. Anything organised by Chad is bound to be filled with value and enrichment for your soul.

And So It Is

There you have it. Nine very good reasons why you should make sure you’re on Omni Yoga’s next retreat. It’s an experience you’ll carry with you in memories for you to access back in reality of what a high frequency weekend feels like and what to keep striving for in your own life.

I keep going back to memories of swinging on the chain swing like I used to when I was a child, not having anything to do or anywhere to be or anything to worry about. Each moment felt timeless and perfect.

If you’re in the Cape Town Area and would like me to review your conscious event or establishment, click here to say hello and let me know what you had in mind.

Photo Contributions by: David Mashil, Omni Media

Omni Yoga Retreat
To attend the next Omni Yoga Retreat, contact Chad at Omni Media. Email:

Comments (2)

  • Chad

    September 24, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    It was a great pleasure having you on the retreat. Thank you for the amazing review and all that you are. In the little time I spent with you, we connected really well. Always good looking up and seeing the friendly legend NICKY STOKES 🙂❤️🙏🌹🙌🏻💯🔥👏🏽

    1. admin

      September 26, 2019 at 3:34 pm

      Aaaaaw, Thanks Chad! You’re totally welcome, and you’re a totally legit human being people can look to as a guiding light to lead them 🙂

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