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About Your Personal Evolution: Why You Want To Evolve

October 8, 2019admin

Why do I think you might want to choose personal evolution? Well, because you have two options. Evolve or Die. Those are your choices when life circumstance threatens your survival. It’s not survival of the fittest anymore. It’s survival of the most adaptable. If you have formidable odds stacked against you, you only have two choices: evolve or die.

When I was jobless and homeless in 2015, that was my cue to sink or swim. Life dropped me in the deep end, and because it was a roof over my head and food in my stomach that I wasn’t getting, I was either going to succumb to being defeated into my demise, or I had to adapt and evolve.

I could have died. In fact, I threatened life with my death twice in 2015 because it was too hard for too long. When life gets really dark, it becomes easy to make choices that offer instant gratification to get a meal or a bed or to numb or stop the pain. Easy being lying, stealing, conning, cheating, drinking and drugging myself to escape pain or cope, in this context. It’s a downward spiral.

For some reason, my being opted to evolve instead. It chose to rise above the gigantic defeat staring me in the face, and decide I was not going to go down like that, and instead found another way.

I’ve seen the same process in drug addicts… like Russell Brand for instance. He was hooked on heroine, and his being also chose to evolve, and now he’s using the pain behind him as his power to help other people.

When it seems like the house has the cards stacked against you, that’s life’s signal to you to dig deep and win.

If you’re in a dark place, are you making choices that signal you’re evolving and rising above what’s trying to get you down?

For me, unlearning instant gratification and learning to live intentionally was my salvation. Going within and making deliberate choices that were going to be the best for me in the long term in how I would feel about myself, that’s how I evolved.

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personal evolution

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