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End Of Year Ritual: A Conscious Practise Of Review & Intention

December 27, 2019admin

Here’s a conscious practise for you to implement at the end of each year and see how it works for you. You can use this conscious practise and relate it to any part of your life: health, work, relationships, personal development… anything really.

If this does become an annual conscious practise you do for yourself each year, you can even flick back in the same notebook and read where you were at the same time the previous year. It’s often really rewarding to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve evolved and grown as a human in one year. I don’t feel like I’m the same person I was this time last year. I can clearly see the change in myself.

This conscious practise feels almost automatic for me these days. I feel I can’t go past the last day of the year without hashing it out on my keyboard or in whatever book I’m using for journalling at the time. It’s like a natural rhythm that comes into being for me, pulling at my mind to go into introspection before the year is out and get it all out with some clear intention for myself.

Here’s 7 Reasons For You To Give It A Try, At Least:

  1. Reviewing the cycle you’ve just completed gives you an overview of how far you’ve come, what you felt good about, and what you feel you’d like to shift.
  2. From there you can begin to note down what you would like to experience from your incoming cycle.
  3. It’s a great conscious practise that gets more stuck energy out, since you’ll likely feel and release emotions as you get the words out. Allow yourself to cry if that what wants to happen. Allow yourself to be angry and press really hard as you scratch the words down on the page if you had a year that felt completely shitty at many points.
  4. Taking time and space before the year ends to do this conscious practise also helps you get clear on what it is you want to align with and experience in future present moments.
  5. Reviewing and setting intention is much more constructive as a conscious practise than setting New Year’s resolutions. I mean, sure, we can make a list of things we want to do. But to review what felt good and what felt like it can move into healthier energy if it didn’t feel so good actually gets us to start thinking about where we do want to go. And when it comes to manifesting a life we love, we can never get too clear on what we want. When it comes to manifesting, getting clear about what and how you want to experience life is super important.
  6. This review and intention conscious practise is also a great opportunity to allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable with yourself. Check in with yourself about how you really feel with the year closing, and as you look at what’s coming your way with the approaching new year. Are you relieved the year is over? Do you dread going back to what you’ve been doing over the past year?? If you dread going back, is staying there serving you, or are you just stuck or a little too comfortable in your comfort zone?
    Trust me, I know all too well what it feels like to know deep down that you’re not happy with where you are but you’re scared to make a change. I know the feeling of being so bored with life that apathy has sucked all your creativity out and you can’t seem to find ideas to come up with something fresh to do for yourself.
  7. This conscious practise is meant to at least assist you in figuring out how to care for yourself a little more while you work out how you’re going to manage the other bigger things.
Conscious Practise

Here’s How You Can Do Your Own Review And Intention Ritual/Practise:

  • As the year winds down to a close, find some quiet space and time, grab a notebook and pen, or your laptop… and take stock of your life for the past year.
  • If you’re into lighting candles and setting a beautiful, comfortable environment to do it in, go ahead, but you don’t actually need anything other than your hands, and a medium to write/type your words on.
  • Write down everything that comes up for you about what happened this year. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Get it all out.
  • When it’s all out, sit back for a while and touch base with what you would like to change and how you would like to feel, and what you actually want to be doing to help yourself. For me, everything I have done in 2019 has culminated in me wanting to focus on my physical health and wellbeing more than ever before.

This year, I used this conscious practise to set the intention of what I would like to experience for myself regarding my physical wellbeing becoming my top priority for 2020.

My main reminder is to move with love for myself because I deserve to be the healthiest I’ve ever been, and not from fear that I’m going to get worse if I don’t do my best, as I’ve seen has been happening quite frequently for me.

My main intention is to tap into the energy of having all these healthful changes becoming something I love to do for myself, and not an overwhelming responsibility that feels so big that it stresses me out because of how tightly I’m holding onto the reality I perceive to be true. I can shift this! I know I can. I just need to figure out a new way of doing things so it can be an expansive experience and not a contractive one.

As with any other conscious practise, please do it with love for yourself too. We don’t need our inner voice to speak to ourselves as though we were naughty children getting things wrong the whole year. We’re all just winging it through life and hopefully learning some stuff while we do it. It’s a beautiful opportunity to practise some compassionate and mature self parenting as we decide what we think will be healthy for us.

Enquiry Time: Is this conscious practise an opportunity to explore healthy choices for yourself, or are you writing a bucket list of peak experiences and achievements that are going to make you look good to other people? It’s okay if you do want to achieve material things and enjoy new experiences but make sure you’re doing them because it’s truly what your being wants to experience. What I’m wanting to share with you is a conscious practise involving self care for your inner self that sees you doing caring and loving acts of service for yourself. From the inner parent to the inner child.

You can work hard to make money for all your toys and travels… but is it to the detriment of the inner child who needs some rest and playtime? Are you working so hard that your physical health is beginning to suffer?

Are you people pleasing to the point of not knowing who you are or what you want for yourself in life anymore? That is what I want you to achieve from making review and intention a conscious practise in your life. You can do it monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or just as the year passes to the next. I usually do my review and intention practise in the closing days of each year, and in the days before my birthday.

If you’d like some help figuring out how to review and then set intention for yourself at any point of the year, let me know. I’d be more than happy to work with you to help you out.

Click here to schedule a consciousness mentoring session with me online to explore your personal evolution or get conscious guidance.⁠

I can assist you in learning to raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, or manifest your desires; transform and become a conscious creator and choice maker; shift through your self-limiting beliefs and step into a fuller, more vibrant version of yourself, and live your happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, most authentic best life.⁠

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