tips to manifest abundance

8 Top Tips To Manifest Abundance

April 19, 2020admin

tips to manifest abundance

In this post, I share with you my formula to manifest abundance in hopes that it can help you. My methods of opening up to energetic abundance are available to every human, not just “the lucky ones”.

If you’re wondering how to manifest abundance now, there’s one piece of advice I feel is important insight to share about the changes we’re all facing: The new world (life beyond Covid-19) will be focused on helping each other, and those who move towards working opportunities designed to be of service to our fellow humans, animals, and the environment, and what is needed in this time, will be the ones aligned to manifest abundance.

This shift we’re all facing together, as a collective, is a forced shift.  So many people have lost jobs and had to close their companies because of the impact the Covid-19 virus has had, and we have no way of telling when this will all end. And now, while we’re all staying home, we need to come up with a new plan for our future.

The forced shift happened because so many of us were in experiences that were not serving us anymore and we were not making the changes voluntarily. Life had to bring an experience to us all that would ensure we left where we were behind. Our new experiences will need to be relevant to our changed circumstances.

I thought I would do my part to be helpful by letting you know how you can ensure you’re maximising alignment with abundance in the new world as well as taking the first steps in transitioning to heart-centered living.

Lets explore. Here are my 8 best tips to manifest abundance.

  1. Help The Others

    I have found the best way to manifest abundance is through being of service to others. Look at those who are still able to work, and still aligned to manifest abundance now… it’s the health care workers, the farmers, the food delivery services, the doctors and health care workers.

    All these people still manifest abundance now because what they do is in service to other humans. What they bring to the world is invaluable and if it weren’t for them, we would not survive.

    Despite possible exposure, they’re still doing their thing because it’s needed. If not them, then who? Their acts of selflessness despite their vulnerability and the danger they are in, is what brings in abundance to them.

  2. Move With Love, Not Fear

    I’m sure we can all agree, at some point throughout this virus’s journey to wake us all up, each of us has felt some fear around resources. I have. I don’t have a source of income right now. I don’t know when I’ll get more money in.

    I imagine there are a lot of people scrambling and desperate for money at this moment. Understandably. They may have kids to feed. Bills to pay. Need a roof over their head. But I want you to know something. And this is powerful information.

    Energetic abundance is more important than financial abundance. when you have energetic abundance, the paths to manifest abundance are not restricted to come in through what we do to bring money in. When you manifest abundance energetically, it flows in from all areas of life, in ways that will leave us feeling in awe of the orchestrating intelligence of life.

    You’re not going to manifest abundance if you’re moving with fear. Grasping at opportunities out of desperation is not going to bring you something that will serve you. It is likely to reflect desperation back at you. Maybe through not being paid, or being treated badly or paid less than you’re worth because those with the money may realise there are other people who are desperate and will take what they can get for as little as possible.

    If you can take the time to recenter yourself, calm your nervous system down, take stock of your life, be honest with yourself about what was working and what was not working, and how to avoid the rug getting pulled out from underneath you again, you have a better chance of coming up with an idea that is more suited to you. And do you know what else??

    When we create with love, and compassion, we are no longer creating experiences from survival mode in the root. We are no longer creating from a contracted space inside ourselves that keeps us in a scarcity mindset. We are creating from our heart space, and creating from an expansive place within us that is connected to all that is.

    Pair that with living with purpose and in service of helping others, and you have yourself a recipe for abundance. Manifest abundance by first connecting with abundance through giving to and helping others.

  3. Follow What Feels Good

    The Covid-19 experience has manifested to serve us in the following way: We grow when we are pushed outside our comfort zones. This experience truly is serving us, as a collective. It is up to us how we will respond and how we choose to move forward from here.

    When we’re of service to others, we align to manifest abundance because helping others FEELS good. When we FEEL good, we attract more of what makes us FEEL good. You can read more about emotions and the role they play in manifestation here. The new way of life we’re heading into relies on us following the way we feel as our internal navigation system to point us in the right direction.

    Moving towards experiences that elicit feelings of compassion, kindness, love, and joy is going to fast track us to our new lives and help us manifest abundance.

    Life is literally diverting us from all the bullshit that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, and making sure we start over with strong foundations.

    This time at home, is an opportunity for you to stop, slow down, recenter and feel into what would bring you more joy in your life. I’m sure we’d all like to feel more joy. This opportunity is delivering you to building deeper wellbeing for yourself before you get to go out into the world again. You get to start anew, on good footing for your own best interests in the long term.

  4. Keep It Going

    You create whatever you want in your life, by gifting it to others first. You want food for you and your family? Get involved in making sure those less fortunate than you can eat too. And please, if you want ongoing abundance, be sure to understand that ongoing giving is part of this method of stepping into energetic abundance as an ongoing investment.

    You can’t expect to do something once and have all your problems solved. Devote to living with purpose and allocate regular time slots to go and give to others. Be it your time, your attention, your energy, or supplies. The more energy and attention you give to something, the more you’re going to see results. This is proven science.

    Make listening to someone else and helping someone else the most important thing you can do in the moment you are with them. And be mindful of not doing it in expectation of them giving back to you. It is energetically beneficial to give without condition.

    We can be fully satisfied helping those who come our way knowing that helping them is feeding us on a soul level and that we don’t even need to be acknowledged or thanked for helping.

    The idea is to help someone who may never be able to repay you, or someone you will in all likelihood never see again. Even a grouch who doesn’t demonstrate appreciation for what you’ve done. They are the ones who need help the most.

    When we give from this selfless place, we become a clear channel for abundance to overflow through us.

  5. Make Space For The New

    You can begin manifesting abundance by clearing out your closet and house of anything you haven’t used in years, and giving it to someone who doesn’t have. Not only are you letting your abundance overflow and become others’ abundance, but you’re also opening up space in your life for new energy to come to you.

    We all have an abundance of something in our lives. Find a way to distribute your abundance to others. In this way, you spread abundance, and align with it even more.⁠

    When we have TOO much in our energy field, it clogs the channel for new stuff to come in, so we need to make space to receive. Think of a mantle piece at home that showcases all your sentimental items. It’s a beautiful collection, but, if the cabinet or shelf is too full, you’re not going to have space to add anything new. So you need to make space by getting real about what is just taking up space and not serving you anymore.

    I clean out my closet and de-clutter the house each year and instead of throwing things away, I pass them onto the housekeeper or the municipal workers who collect the refuse. In this way, I’ve opened the channel and started the process of opening myself to receive more by first giving to someone else who doesn’t have. I become part of the flow of abundance in this way, and so can you.

  6. Share Your Joy

    If money was no object, what and how would you spend your time? What brings you joy? How could you bring joy to others through your passion in a way that is unconditional and selfless?

    Perhaps it’s volunteering at a shelter, scooping food at a soup kitchen, hosting video calls and teaching others what you most love for free, creating a YouTube channel or IG feed sharing your knowledge with others.

    There are so many ways for us to give to this world. There is something inside each of us that is medicine for this world, and very much the reason we are here.

    Find out what that is and share it with everyone else. Life will hold you as you give joy to others.

  7. Choose To Feel Happy Now

    The other important aspect to ensure you’ve got covered if you want to begin to align with abundance ASAP, is that you reach a place of being happy and at the very least, content, with what you’ve got now. Forget all the things you have perceived to have gone wrong now, and begin to feel happy with what is in front of you that is working, now.

    Once you’re at zero point attraction space — a neutral space to begin attracting from, free of negativity — you have yourself an energetic “clean slate” to begin working with.

    Reach this place of acceptance of where you are now, let go of what life has asked you to, take some time each day to activate your heart centre with feelings of kindness, joy, love and compassion, and then consider how you can help others.

  8. Hold Your Vibe Steady

    For me, I have noticed it takes around 3 months for the feedback loop we call reality to begin reflecting our energy investments with momentum. It’s of significance to keep the faith and stay in the knowing that what you need and want will be brought to you as you need and want it.

    This is essentially the meaning of abundance. That you have everything you need and want when you need and want it. We are likely to have lockdown restrictions for the next few months, so this is a good time to establish good footing for the energetic abundance to start flowing well when our worlds do open back up again.

    It’s like planting a seed. We trust that the sprout will pop up in good time, even though we can’t see what’s happening under the surface, or behind the scenes. There is an energetic process that needs to culminate first before the physical proof starts popping through into reality.

    Hold your energy steady and stable and in the meantime, get good at waiting by doing stuff that makes you feel joy. The more you’re in a state of joy, the more you’re going to pull in experiences to be joyful of.

The Takeaway

What you’re experiencing now may seem like the end of the world, and in some way it is. But we are always, always able to begin new and follow new dreams.

“Remember, sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” — The Dalai Lama

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I can assist you in learning to raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, or manifest your desires; transform and become a conscious creator and choice maker; shift through your self-limiting beliefs and step into a fuller, more vibrant version of yourself, and live your happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, most authentic best life.⁠

Manifest Abundance

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