what to expect on the spiritual awakening journey

20+ Things You Can Expect On Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

May 19, 2020admin

what to expect on your spiritual awakening journey

Here’s the second instalment in my series of the spiritual awakening journey posts. We will look at what you can expect on the spiritual awakening journey. Click here to read the first post, which looks at what a spiritual awakening journey is. In my next blog, I will give you tips to help you along your spiritual awakening journey. It can be extremely gruelling and doing it when you don’t know what is going on, or how to successfully cooperate with what Life is asking of you, can really cause even more trauma and pain.

It took me so long to get through my spiritual awakening initiations, mostly because I didn’t know ‘what the eff’ was going on. I felt as though I was failing at life, which gave me low self-esteem on top of having to learn my lessons the hard way because I didn’t know ‘what the eff’ I was meant to be learning. If I had an itinerary for my journey or curriculum for my lessons, it would have made a big difference, but I guess that’s part and parcel of why I have been part of the earlier waves of ascension and awakening: So I could find my way out of the darkness and then help the others when their time came.

I’m so profoundly humbled to be able to offer you help and assistance on your journey, through my own pain. It means my suffering was not for nothing. It had purpose and serves to help others now that I can look back and clearly see the process.

Just know, there are always upsides and downsides with anything in life. Success hangs in the balance here. Too much ‘up’ and we’re not going to grow. Too much ‘down’ and it’s not going to be conducive to growth either. We need the light to take us to new heights, and we need the dark to root us deep into our being.

The difficulty you experience along your way will only ever be proportionate to your levels of resistance to learning the lessons.

There is an “easy” way and a “hard” way as you proceed on your journey. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the opportunity to learn the easy way when life presents it, and so a lot of people are now needing to learn the hard lesson.

To What End?

We’re learning to stop relying on the outside to have an effect on the inside, and rather begin wielding personal power by turning inward and becoming self-sourcing for our guidance. In the spiritual community, there is talk about the coming Age of Aquarius. We have been living through the Age of Pisces, which was been in play for 2000 years. The transition has been coming in over the past 50 years, and kicked off with the flower power, hippy generation in the 60s.

According to the astrologers, the Age of Aquarius started on 11 November 2011, which is roughly the time I remember declaring out loud to Life that I wanted to make it through to the New World when talk of “the end of the world as we know it” made news in the spiritual circles in 2011/2012. Little did I know what I was asking for and that the process of being birthed into the “new world” would unravel me completely before putting me back together as a completely different being. It has been a wild and scary rollercoaster ride, but I am so happy I am where I am now. The journey is often bittersweet.

Pisces Energy

The Age of Pisces was focused on hierarchy and power, where there is a need to find someone or something to believe in. The energy of Pisces finds something to believe in, attaches to it and lets it guide it on how to live, whether it’s religion, political ideas, someone who has power, or work. The keys to life were kept secret and hidden. The general population didn’t need to know what the secrets were, they just had to listen to and follow the people who did know.

As a result, hierarchies and power dynamics came into being. Previously, everything we learned, we learned from those who have had power over us: parents, teachers, bosses, and high priests and priestesses. This is what human consciousness has been working through over the past 2000 years. But now, we’re in the Age of Aquarius and Aquarius has a whole new set of traits.

Aquarian Energy

Look at how the internet has come to play such a large part of our everyday life over the past couple of decades. We have instant information at our fingertips. Aquarius is the sign of information, and the Age of Aquarius is the age of information. Nothing is a secret anymore and we can access it from devices we have on beck and call in our pockets at any given moment. More importantly, we receive spiritual downloads directly to ourselves now. Everyone gets them but not everyone pays attention.

Pisces power structure was vertical hierarchy. Aquarian power is more horizontal, making power more equal and available to everyone and operating in network nodes.

The power focus is now on accepting ourselves as whole beings who don’t need to believe in anything outside of ourselves. We learn to accept that we have the wisdom within ourselves, that and it’s of more importance that we lead ourselves.

Aquarius also holds energies of ‘as within, so without’. The macrocosm in the microcosm, and vice versa. Outside reflects inside and inside affects outside.

It’s the same here with the spiritual awakening journey. The state of the world outside you is a reflection of your internal state of being.

I’ve put together some information on what you can expect as you traverse your route to your new world, which can often feel like you’re not living on the same planet you were born on anymore.

Let’s Look At 20 Things You Can Expect On A Spiritual Awakening Journey

  1. Transformation and growth is not always a painless process. It can look and feel like complete destruction at a core level. Consider yourself a seed that Life has just planted. First you have to come undone. Your shell is going to crack and your insides are going to come out. You’re going to have to root yourself while you make your way through the dark and dirt. Once you pop through the surface layer, then you’re going to have to head towards the light and brace against storms powerful enough to knock you down and break you.
  2. Your first point of entry is a place where there is a battle inside yourself. A battle between ego-consciousness and soul consciousness. Soul is taking over and ego does not want to let go. It can get dark and painful as the different aspects of yourself come into conflict.
  3. What goes on in your life is a roadmap showing you what to look at and shift inside yourself. Once you shift self-limiting and unhealthy patterns within you, your outside world will reflect the changes. Be it work, home, money, and relationships.
  4. Illusions are going to get stripped away, and there have been a lot of illusions in our world. You may find yourself suddenly watching loads of conspiracy documentaries, and feeling angry with levels of deception from those in authoritative positions.
  5. You’re going to have to leave some things and people behind you on your journey. This is a solo journey that not everyone will understand. While it is difficult, you will get better at it, and you will be brought new things and people that are a better reflection of where you’re at.
  6. As your heart centre actives and you purge the stuck emotions, you’re going to become more sensitive. Your energetic, emotional, and physical body will not be able to tolerate what it could before. You’ll need cleaner and purer options to nourish your being. At this point reading and watching the news becomes unbearable as you begin to feel pain and suffering for the entire world. This is where you can learn to shield yourself energetically from absorbing everyone else’s pain.
  7. You’ve reached a bridge between the old world and new world. It’s a space to learn and clear your karma and implement your lessons into everyday life. There is another place after this one. This place is to get you ready for the next place. Clearing karma means situations are going to unfold in your life that make you face your self-limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns. Always choose the option that anchors you to integrity, even if the people you’re dealing with are not. They have their own journey ahead of them, and karma never forgets a face or an address. Just take care of your side of the street.
  8. You’re in this new place to learn to love, respect, care, and believe in yourself. How you treat yourself is going to make a huge difference as you proceed.
  9. Your new realities are going to blow your mind. I frequently think that if someone told me this was not only possible but probable, I would not believe them. It seems so far fetched and more like something out of a science-fiction movie. Turns out, quite a lot of science fiction is now science fact.
  10. What you believe as true today may well turn out to be a non-truth tomorrow, or even by the time the day has ended. Your reality is expanding and you will encounter information that conflicts what you have previously been conditioned to believe your whole life.
  11. Life is breaking you open, not down. As Rumi said — “The wound is where the light enters you.” Your pain is going to serve you, even though it seems unfathomable from your current viewpoint.
  12. You’re embarking on a “hero’s journey”. It’s a solo one. You’re going to meet obstacles and there will be forces that try to keep you stuck and stagnant. But you will also cross paths with allies and those who have been sent to help you along your way.
  13. You’re not going to be the same person you were when you started the journey. The experiences that come your way are going to change you on a fundamental, core level.
  14. Manifestation is a real thing. You’ll get better and better at it, and while pulling in energetic abundance has a time-lapse at first so you can be sure of what you want, manifestation starts getting instantaneous. The fastest I’ve manifested something is 10 seconds. Not even kidding.
  15. Words will take on new meaning. There’s the dictionary version, and then there’s the higher consciousness version. Love is not “just love” anymore. It’s so much more. It’s all that matters, and the reason we’re all here.
  16. Your priorities are going to change. This is a good thing. Out with instant gratification, in with living intentionally and deliberately in line with your deepest truths.
  17. There are no mistakes. Everything that happens has to happen and nothing happens until it’s supposed to.
  18. Quantum Physics is going to catch your interest. Seriously… I geeked out super hard and binged watched a series which explained concepts such as quantum entanglement and the twin photon experiment, quantum superpositions, the quantum field, the famous double-slit experiment, and couldn’t get enough of learning about how our emotions affect our DNA, which in turn affects the world around us.
  19. Energy management is going to become a thing. You’re going to learn to consciously control your energy to get ahead in the outside world.
  20. Unusual things are going to happen. Keep an open mind. You’re not going crazy. This is part of your initiation to a bigger reality.
  21. Some days you’re not going to be able to get out of bed and life will seem deeply bleak for what seems like ages. This is a normal stage of the awakening process, especially when coming to terms with disillusionment and anger.
  22. You’re connected to a greater consciousness that everyone else is also tapped into. The ‘collective’ is going to become part of your vocabulary.

This list is in no way definitive. I’ll update it as insight comes to me, but this is a good start for you to work with.

The Takeaway

If there’s one message of encouragement for me to leave you with today, it’s to trust yourself and that your being knows what you need for your greatest evolution and it will bring it to you. You are exactly where you need to be right now, on schedule and on time, with everything unfolding exactly as it needs to. As long as you’re looking inside yourself and listening to your inner guidance, as opposed to what everyone else is saying you should do, you’re going to be fine. In the end, everything is okay. If it’s not okay then it’s not the end.

Click through to read my best tips on what you can do to help yourself along on your spiritual awakening journey, and please feel free to reach out to me if you need any advice. I’m here to help.

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