spiritual awakening journey tips

25+ Best Tips For Making Your Spiritual Awakening Journey Easier

May 19, 2020admin

spiritual awakening journey tips

In this blog, I share with you over 25 of my best tips to implement as you make your way along your spiritual awakening journey. They’re lessons I’ve learnt along my own journey and proved to be invaluable when it came to making sense of it all. If you recently experienced a spiritual awakening, you’re going to need all the help and insight you can get. The journey is full of twists and turns, highs and lows, and the terrain changes often. Just as you figure out one element and get used to doing things in a new way, it’s going to change again and you’re going to have to get good at nailing the lessons while they jump around all over the place.

Read what a spiritual awakening journey is here, and click here to learn about what you can expect along your path.

The difficult truth is that your journey is never-ending, and just when you think you’re through one lesson, life will bring you something that will really test your fortitude around the same issue. The same lessons can loop back around and take you deeper into the truth of it for higher resolve. The good news is, it does get easier. Or rather, you get better at it. There will be things that make the average human’s brain melt, and you will learn to take it in your stride.

You’re in training to be a spiritual badass. A mighty warrior sent within to slay your own dragons. It’s important that you believe you are capable of everything you’re asked to do.

Let’s explore a bit.

Fast Track To Enlightenment

I’m not going to lie, where historically people had entire lifetimes to come to their first layer of awakening, the highest orchestrating intelligence that governs the universe has now found it necessary to put us all on a fast track of accelerated learning. We don’t have the luxury of long and gentle processes anymore. We’re getting hit with lightning bolt after lightning bolt with new activations and processes to get through while still trying to navigate the outside world and make sure we have food and shelter during all the emotional upheaval playing out.

The spiritual awakening journey is not for the feint at heart. It’s designed to break you open so a new way of being can emerge.

The start of your spiritual awakening journey can be considered the phase of transformation that sees the caterpillar inside the cocoon already coming undone into a state of primordial sludge. It’s not a caterpillar anymore but not yet a butterfly. It’s that awkward chasm between the old and the new where nothing makes sense.

The end goal of the spiritual awakening journey is to get you to heart-centred living.  Life gets you there through making you feel every little thing so very deeply. Emotionally, the highs feel so much higher and the lows feel so much lower.

Spiritually, you’ve just exited ego-central and you’re headed for the heart. You’ve got a fair distance ahead of you to get you to a new reality that offers rest and respite. The journey is to do the emotional work.

Here is my best advice for new ways of coping on your spiritual awakening journey:

  1. Be gentle with yourself: This process is bigger than you and you are not in control of it. You’re not even sure what life is wanting you to learn so it’s kind of hard to know which direction you’re headed in when you don’t have an itinerary to see what’s going on.
  2. Learn to love yourself: Whatever you’re feeling and experiencing, learn what it means to love yourself, honour yourself, and respect yourself. Love yourself through any anger, anxiety, fear, pain, and everything else.
  3. Be authentic: One of the first lessons you’re going to learn is about stepping into your authenticity. Are you saying what you’re really feeling and thinking in each moment? Are you saying yes to others when you really want to say no? Are you saying no when you really want to say yes?
  4. Believe in yourself: Life before the awakening journey probably had us broken down, playing small, and self-sacrificing for other people. This is the time for you to start believing in your capacity to overcome insurmountable odds. Life will not bring us anything we can’t handle. If the mountain is in front of you, know you have everything you need inside of you to get over it.
  5. Take one day at a time: If you’re standing at the bottom of the mountain and look at how vast the journey ahead of you is, you will in most likelihood be paralysed with fear at the sheer enormity of the task ahead of you. Keep your head down, and just focus on the step in front of you. Focusing on the very next step in front of you each day, over a long period of time, is going to eventually reflect how far you will have come after just taking one step at a time. You don’t have to see or know more than what is in this moment.
  6. Get out of your own way: Often the mind thinks it can ‘do’ something to speed up the process. There is no ‘doing’ here, unless its the emotional work. The rest of the journey is lessons being brought to us, and us showing up for the lessons with presence and an unwavering commitment to doing our best for ourselves in each moment.
  7. Trust the process: It will not always make sense, but when you look back you will see that everything happened FOR us, not to us or against us. Everything that happens has to happen and nothing happens until it should. Everything that comes our way is for us to retrieve a piece of the puzzle, even though we don’t know what the bigger picture is.
  8. Surrender: At some point, you’ll begin to notice that nothing happens co-incidentally or by chance. Everything is immaculately and precisely organised by the highest orchestrating intelligence and everything is connected to all else. There are no mistakes. Everything is on purpose and is designed to bring us to a higher aspect of ourselves, especially the pain.
  9. Embrace uncertainty: We just have no way of knowing how life is going to go. Everything can change in an instant, and the more open and receptive we are to flowing with where life wants us to go, the easier it’s going to be. You may feel one way about something today, but tomorrow it could be completely different. And that’s ok. Embrace not knowing. All we ever really have is the present moment and this process you’re in is teaching you to focus on what is in front of you right now.
  10. Learn to let go: The tighter we hold onto things life is asking us to let go of, the more we are going to stay stuck. Your spiritual awakening journey is asking you to pack light and leave the rest behind. The further down your path you get, the less you’ll be able to take with you, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to acquire new things that are much better suited to our new way of being and living.
  11. Accept you can’t go back: You’ll get to the point where you wouldn’t go back even if you could because how you’ve learnt to live now feels so much healthier and more spiritually satisfying. You’re also not that person anymore and you will want different things. It’s ok to be nostalgic, however.
  12. It’s OK to change your mind: While you’re getting to know the new you, you will notice that what you were perfectly comfortable doing before you ‘woke up’, you’re completely not okay to experience anymore. You may only realise after you’ve said yes that you really don’t want to or can’t do that anymore, and part of living authentically is allowing yourself to change your mind when new revelations arise.
  13. You’re not going crazy: At least not permanently. Temporary insanity, maybe. Now that you’re awake, you may notice some spiritual ‘gifts’ also activate. Intuition is louder, communication with guides is established, psychic experiences can be common, so are synchronicities and the manner in which you notice life ‘talking to you’. You may be a little freaked at first, but the experiences will prove themselves reliable time and time again and you’ll eventually learn to trust them.
  14. Consciousness is key: Take each step as mindfully as you can, even when what is playing out in front of you does not feel respectful or mindful in return. Responding in unconscious ways is only going to hurt you even more, and it’s always wise to remember that we can’t hurt others without hurting ourselves.
  15. Be patient: Healing takes time and as much as we’d like to get through it as fast as possible, life decides when we’ve learnt the lesson satisfactorily.
  16. Take lessons, not losses: You’re not going to lose anything that’s not real. Anything you do lose will be to show you something valuable and will be replaced by something far better than you could ever imagine.
  17. Give yourself time to integrate: Your new perceptions are going to have you in your head quite a lot. Ensure you stay grounded and completely ‘in’ your body through exercise. And then give yourself time to implement your learnings into your everyday life. If you spend too much time in your head receiving downloads you run the risk of your knowing running too far ahead from your current feedback loop in reality and then you could have to spend more time re-integrating and re-calibrating.
  18. Maintain a functional relationship with reality: Yes, discovering new dimensions to living is amazing and they are amazing places where you learn exciting things, but we are here on this planet in human bodies, which means we’re here to have a human experience, first and foremost. Make sure you’re living with purpose and investing energy in hobbies and interests that get you out of bed and dressed, and allow for productivity and a sense of accomplishment.
  19. Embrace the apathy: You’re going to lose interest in things that used to excite you. You’re not going to see any point in anything, and you’re not going to find anything other than your spiritual journey exciting. This is a normal part of the journey. It will pass. You will find new things that excite you that are much better suited to the new you. The apathy is part of the process of unlearning who you were to make space to put you together a completely new being.
  20. You will grieve your previous life: Deeply. It’s ok. You aren’t losing anything that’s not real, and when your initiation is over, you will see parts of you coming back to life. Your personality will resurface. You’re still you, you’re just getting an upgrade to your operating system, and that requires a system reboot.
  21. Your Body Is Your Temple: It plays an important role in anchoring you to higher frequencies and grounding them into your reality. It’s going to need you to support, nurture, and nourish it. Eat clean food, exercise, see friends and keep in touch with family.
  22. Attitude is Everything: Adopt the attitude that everything is always working out for you, and watch it reflect back to you. I found out I had a medical issue in October last year that shook my world. But it worked out for me because I stepped up to boost my immune system and take better care of myself, and now my physical body and immune system are strong for living in the time of Corona. It worked out for me to have the stressful medical issue.
  23. You can’t save everyone: You’re going to want to “save” other people and show them what you know so they can also “wake up”. This will in all likelihood result in friends and family thinking you’re a weirdo who needs to be institutionalised and medicated for the rest of your life. Your spiritual awakening journey is a private journey. We don’t need to wake anyone up. That’s Life’s job. Look how it did it with you. The best way I have heard it put is: “Lighthouses don’t run around islands looking for ships to save. They stand firm, strong and tall, and shine their light, and those who need saving come to the lighthouse.” It’s as simple as that. We magnetise the people who need us and it will be clear we have insight to offer them. BUT, be mindful of not teaching your highest truth to them. It often seems too big and like too much for them to accomplish. It may send them running away. Assess where they are at, and pick them up where they are. Give them bite-sized chunks of information that they can chew on in their own time. When they’re ready for the next piece of the puzzle, they’ll be led to the right place to get it, by Life.
  24. Implement a daily practice: Make sure it incorporates centring yourself, grounding yourself, breathwork to calm your nervous system, an appreciation practice, and setting intentions for your day. I put my practice to work in 2014 and if I go a week without it, it feels like my reality is falling apart. The meditation and morning practice holds me strong each day and I meet whatever comes my way feeling strong and sure of myself as a result.
  25. Be the calm in the storm: It doesn’t matter what is going on around you, your job is to find your way back to the centre of your being. Breathe through everything that happens. Steady, slow, long belly breaths.
  26. Use The Tools: Your nervous system is going to need help. There are things you can do for yourself, like Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), which will help your body get rid of excess energy after experiences that fire your adrenals. They help immensely. Also recommended is Osho’s dynamic meditation for conscious and intentional release of excess energy, as well as getting good at shadow work. These are all invaluable!

The Takeaway

Focus on yourself and your own journey. The only thing you can control is your response to what is unfolding for you. Trust and surrender to the bigger plan, even though you don’t know what it is. Know that everything that happens is happening for your highest good. Pain isn’t always punishment and pleasure isn’t always a reward. Your pain is serving you. Be gentle with yourself.

Little by little, step by step. You’ve got this. I believe in you. Do you believe in you?

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