spiritual awakening journey

The Ultimate Guide To Your Spiritual Awakening Journey (Everything You Need To Know!)

May 19, 2020admin

spiritual awakening journey

Have you recently discovered you’re on a newly embarked spiritual awakening journey you didn’t know you were headed for? Confused about what is happening to you? Think you’re going crazy? Wondering why you’re suddenly watching conspiracy documentaries? Welcome to ‘the club’, and fear not. In the following series of blogs, I will reveal to you (having gone through it myself since 2011) everything you need to know about the spiritual awakening journey.

First, in this blog we’re going to explore what a spiritual awakening journey is, why it’s happening, and then in the next instalment, I’m going to tell you about what you can expect along the way, followed by a blog that reveals to you how you can help yourself come to terms with and master your new you-niverse.

But before I go any further, just know you’re not alone, there are many others also on the same journey as you. I’m not talking to you today about something I haven’t experienced myself either. While each person’s spiritual awakening journey will look different and have different stories, names, places, and faces, the template is much the same for everyone and the template is the same. Long story short: Everything is getting an upgrade and it’s time for you to ‘level up’ too.

Without more delay, let’s unpack the “spiritual awakening”.

The Question: What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

You can look at the spiritual awakening journey as an internal process of transformation, brought into being by the highest orchestrating intelligence inside you. The purpose of which is evolutionary. While you may be experiencing this on an individual level, this shift is happening more and more on a mass scale to bring humanity to higher levels of consciousness. Some say it’s because Earth is currently passing through the Golden Nebula electromagnetic cloud (photon belt), which is affecting the electro-magnetics of the planet. In turn, it affects us too since we also have individual electromagnetic energy fields.

Regardless of why it’s happening, it’s happening. There are three main aspects to each level of awakening you encounter, and there are always ‘level ups’ and new dimensions of life to experience. As you clear one layer or level, you begin the next one which expands your consciousness, taking you deeper and deeper down what seems like a rabbit hole leading to “wonderland”.

The Catalyst: Destabilisation

First, a significant event — like Coronavirus — that comes out of nowhere happens in your life, shocks you, throws your life off track  (changing it forever), puts you way outside your comfort zone (because this is the only place we grow), and activates energetic codes within you as your nervous system gets triggered and fires up while trying to navigate high-pressure experiences in the outer world as you try to survive.

What happens when you are placed in situations that are way outside your comfort zone for prolonged periods, and the hits keep on coming, is you get bombarded with “negative” feelings that serve to release previously suppressed emotions from a lifetime of unconscious patterns. This can feel like you’re emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in a hell realm.

In some ways you are.

The Medicine: Purge And Release

The negative feelings are here for you to transmute. By allowing yourself to be present with how you’re feeling and releasing it, unlearning old ways of coping reactively out of fear/guilt/shame, and then learning new healthier ways of responding to situations that are more heart-centred, you allow for higher levels of consciousness to integrate into your system. The negative feelings are your allies on your spiritual awakening journey, and the sooner you get comfortable interacting with your ‘uncomfortable’ feelings, the better you’re going to get at your transmutation and alchemisation processes.

The end goal is evolution through expansion, which happens via activation, transmutation, and transcendence before you climb higher in consciousness. That’s always the drill: activate, transmute, transcend, ascend, repeat.

You will discover quickly, that this is not a process you can control or ‘do’. You can’t run away from it or hide from it. And you can’t not look at it. Numbing and distracting yourself to cope will only make things worse. The only way out is through, and it’s a journey that lays within you. Life is evicting you from a previous way of life that wasn’t serving you and thrusting you into a crash course for a new way of living by dropping you in the deep end and now, it’s ‘sink or swim’ time.

The only way you are going to get through your spiritual awakening journey is by developing a deep and committed loving relationship with yourself and your highest orchestrating intelligence. Also essential is learning surrender to being open to what your journey brings you, along with trusting that everything that is brought to you is for your highest good. You will only be changed for the better, even though you may not know what the changes asking to be taking place are, and it will feel like the process never ends.

The Trick: Trust And Surrender

The more you try and suppress the emotions that come up as your outer world challenges you in the most insane and harsh ways, the longer the process is going to take, so get out of your own way by just letting them out as soon as you can when they come up the first time. Your feelings are not your enemy and should not be avoided. You don’t have to like how you’re feeling, you just need to cooperate with your emotions and allow them to assist in your healing through their role as the catalyst for your personal evolution.

As you release, more space is opened up through the purging of dense energy, and you will notice new levels of awareness: emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. The process is complete when you no longer feel triggered when the thing happens.

The Reminder: Take Time To Integrate

Once you have that level waxed, you will have a short period of time where you embody and integrate what you’ve learnt into your life. It moves from knowing it to being it. To walking your talk. Once you’ve got a grip on that then the next activation and transmutation process happens for further transformation. A whole new set of suppressed feelings will be triggered for you to release.

The Takeaway: It’s Grow Time

Think of the spiritual awakening journey as an emotional detox that also changes your perception, how you interpret, respond, and interact with the world and events around you, to bring you to the best version of yourself.

Your spiritual awakening journey is bringing you home to yourself and activating you so you can transition to heart-centred living.

Click here to read about what you can expect on your spiritual awakening journey, and here to find out what you can do to help yourself through your spiritual growing pains. Please feel free to reach out and connect with me if you need any insight on your journey. I’m here to help.

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