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Heart Based Living: A Guide To The Spiritual Awakening’s Endgame

July 26, 2020admin

Heart based living is a new passion of mine, and I’m hoping that with enough inspiration here in this post, it’ll start making sense as a way of life to strive towards for yourself too.

If you’ve recently become aware that you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may want to read this blog. Often, we’re too “in” the experience to be able to step back, zoom out and see the bigger picture of why something is happening, until much later on when we’re way further down our path looking back, maybe even a decade or so later.

Being “in” a spiritual awakening experience can be mega confusing and often you’ll have no idea what the heck is going on. Your reality changes dramatically, you start looking at life with different perspectives that can oppose previous outlooks on life completely, and you can very quickly change at a core level. All you know is you aren’t the same person you were before and you may feel extremely lost and take the experience on as a personal failure when there is actually a massively important internal process unfolding that’s out of your control.

You may think to yourself “If only I knew what was going on! Maybe then I’d be able to know what direction to head in.” Well, if that’s what you’ve been thinking, this blog is especially for you! I sure wished I had this information when I was in the midst of my transformation, so this is what inspired me to give you the overview now that I’m on the other side of it.

Spiritual awakenings happen to get us to transition to heart-based living. Also known as heart-centred living, it’s your being’s way of shifting you into a new way of moving through life that is a much better fit for us and the planet.

There are millions of people waking up and unknowingly beginning their journey to heart-based living today (especially with all the chaotic and destabilising energy doing the rounds for everyone on the planet in 2020), and while theories differ on why so many people are waking up to a new way of living now, the truth is: It has to happen or else this Earth, its people, its plants, its oceans, and its animals are all in trouble.

For me, the shift feels luminous in nature. Brought into being by a vastly intelligent orchestrating force of the universe because that’s what’s needed. Divinely ordained and determined.

So, how have we been living to date if we’re shifting to heart-based living only now? The answer, unfortunately, is that we have been living in a low-frequency fear-based reality.

heart based living

Heart-Based Living vs Fear-Based Living

If we take a look at the energy of fear, it’s rooted in survival. If we take a look at the energy of the heart, it’s rooted in love. They are two very different frequencies to tune into, feel, and work with. Fear is contractive energy and if you pay attention to what your body does when you’re in a state of fear, you’ll notice muscles tense up, breathing shortens and quickens, and adrenals can fire, depending on how stressful the experiences are and if you’re experiencing a kundalini awakening (more on that at a later date).

Love is an expansive energy. If you pay attention to your body when you feel love, you will notice it feels like it’s opening. Your body loosens and your breath is slow and steady. A much more comfortable energy to work with and move through life with.

Until not so long ago, the consciousness of the world we lived in has had power structures designed to keep us disempowered and under control using fear. Fear of losing jobs, relationships, homes. Fear of spending eternity in hell if we aren’t good people in this life. We’ve made decisions for ourselves and our lives which have been motivated by fear, and we’ve moved towards our decisions with fear in our actions too. All while in a contracted state.

If you aren’t yet aware of the science behind how our emotions influence the world around us, please read my blog on the subject here, and also check out the post I did on quantum physics here. I go into great detail to show you where and when science has proved that the outside world is a reflection of the inside world. It’s also super cool information to have when naysayers come at you with “Woowoo” scepticism. You’ll have all the info you need to hold your own in the conversation. It’s not ‘woo-woo’ or science-fiction. It’s science-fact.

If you want the nutshell version, the experiments the scientists performed showed that we’re connected to the world around us via the Higgs Field, also known as the quantum field, the energy field, the field, God, source, The Universe, or whatever else you feel to call it. Our emotions also have an effect on our DNA. When we’re in lower frequency emotions, our DNA contracts and knots and starts to get sick and die off. Whilst with higher frequency emotions, our DNA loosens, unwinds, and begins replicating and rejuvenating itself.

Our DNA, and this has also been proved scientifically, then, in turn, has an effect on the world around us. So when love is what we’re feeling, the outside world will reflect more harmoniously and kindly back to you. You will see and feel love back, and keep attracting more to love and feel appreciation for. When you’re in fear, you’re going to experience more things to be fearful of.

What is your default emotion, btw? Are you normally miserable and negative every day or are you interacting with life with a sunny optimism and a smile on your face? It’s a good starting point for self-enquiry.

A Pit Stop En Route To Heart Center

As you begin your transition to heart-based living, we enter into a process of purging the old dimension of fear and separation consciousness while we learn the foundations for the new dimension of love and unity consciousness.

Honestly, it’s not going to be without its challenges.

Your ego is not going to easily give up control and surrender the mind to the heart. In a sense, a kind of battle ensues within you at this leg of your journey. While our consciousness opens up to new realities, there is an ego dissolution which can feel pretty darned painful, and can go on for years in extreme cases.

Everything you took your self worth from in the old energy: money, your job, your friends, your relationship, your clothes, sometimes even everything you own and your home, will need to be left behind as the old mind structures come crashing down to make way for the new to emerge.

Don’t worry though, once you’re done with your initiation into heart-based living, you’ll get new people and gigs and spots that are a much better match for your new way of living. The trick here is to learn about healthy detachment, trust and surrender. You’ll get tired of hearing those words, but trust me, they will become your motto. Let go, trust, surrender.

Heart-Based Living, A Whole New World

Where in the old fear-based world, people would belittle other people to make them feel small just so they could feel big, heart-based humans are all about giving, sharing, and empowering others with open-source information. In heart-based living it is understood that we’re all connected and that we’re all here to make meaningful contributions to ourselves, our communities, the planet, and life. Life becomes about living with spiritual purpose and integrity.

Coming back to science, have you checked out HeartMath Institute? HeartMath Institute (HMI) is an innovative nonprofit research and education organization that provides simple, user-friendly mental and emotion self-regulation tools and techniques that people of all ages and cultures can use in the moment to relieve stress and breakthrough to greater levels of personal balance, stability, creativity, intuitive insight and fulfilment.

There have been several studies that reveal the heart has around 40 000 brain cells! The heart’s brain cells work the same way our mind’s brain cells do, which means that everything we experience gets recorded in the brain and also in the heart.

This is super interesting stuff because if we experience trauma and we go for therapy to heal from the trauma, often the therapy only focuses on mental wellness and in addition, doctors are just prescribing antidepressants to bypass the emotional system and numb people out. Not enough people are being taught how to navigate emotional terrain.

Two of the first researchers to examine the interactions between the heart and brain were John and Beatrice Lacey. During 20 years of research throughout the 1960s and 70s, they learned that the heart communicates with the brain in ways that significantly affect how we perceive and react to the world.

Our heart has significant intelligence and has been shown to communicate with the brain in four main ways: neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions).

The Laceys discovered back in the 70s already that the heart seemed to have its own type of logic and acted independently of the signals sent from the brain.

One of the Lacey’s early findings is that the heart has a complex neural network that is sufficiently extensive to be characterized as a brain on the heart, now called the heart-brian. The heart-brain’s neural circuitry is structured the same as the cranial brain cells, but enables the heart to act independently of the cranial brain to learn, remember, make decisions and even feel and sense.

They also discovered the heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and that the heart-brain has short and long term memory.

The smart people at Heartmath think the most important skill the majority of people need to learn is how to increase their capacity to self-regulate emotions, attitudes and behaviours. Self-regulation enables people to mature and meet the challenges and stresses of everyday life with resilience so they can make more intelligent decisions by aligning with their innate higher-order wisdom and expression of care and compassion, elements we often associate with living a more conscientious life.

Let’s not forget about the electromagnetic field our heart emits, which is scientifically measurable too and is known to have the largest electromagnetic field of our whole bodies. The heart’s EM field is detected several feet outside our physical bodies, and is around 60 times greater than the brain’s EM field, which means it’s our heart that’s encountering the world the most as we move around and interact with life.



heart-based living

Heartmath’s Electricity of Touch experiment revealed that when two or more people are next to each other, their heart fields overlap and interact and there is a transference of the EM energy produced by the heart.

The following statement can be found on Heart-Math Institute’s website:

“One of the most significant findings of HMI’s research related to this field is that intentionally generated positive emotions can change this information/coding.

That discovery raises the question whether the cardioelectromagnetic field information transmitted from an individual who is angry, fearful, depressed or experiencing some other negative emotion, takes on beneficial properties when it is influenced by positive emotions. Also, is the care, compassion, love or other positive emotion not only transmitted throughout an individual’s body as the cardioelectromagnetic field radiates through it, but transferred externally as well to people in close proximity or even, perhaps, over long distances?”

Is it starting to make sense for you that aligning with the way of the heart is more in natural flow with how our body works, and that we’ve been fighting our natural state of being for hundreds, if not thousands of years?

Is it starting to make sense that if we begin living from the heart, those in our fields are beneficially impacted by our intentionally generated feelings through transference, and the people they encounter will also benefit? In this way, the entire world will end up benefitting and experiencing more kindness, love, and compassion as more and more people anchor the heart-frequencies.

This is why so many people are waking up now. Because there has been enough people who have anchored the heart frequencies to affect the people around them, and those around them, and those around them. It has created a tipping point that is now allowing a sweeping wave to wash over humanity and catalyse the shift for everyone.

Those not wanting to make the shift to higher frequency living will no longer be a part of the new reality.

Your First Steps To Heart-Based Living

If you have decided heart-based living is for you, and you’re wondering how you can begin consciously working with the evolution energy, here a few things you can start implementing into your daily life to get you off to a good start:

  1. Start with self-love. You know the saying: How can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself? While it is true that we are all worthy of love, we won’t believe we are worthy of love until we begin to love ourselves. As we start to demonstrate more love and care for ourselves, our empathy and compassion grow for others around us too. The more we love ourselves in healthy ways, the more we can show up in a loving way to the outside world.
  2.  Lay off the news. There is nothing like watching the news to drag you down into fear and suffering. I stopped reading newspapers and watching the news around 15 years ago because it was too much for me to bear. I felt grief and fear for all the stories. To preserve my own wellbeing, and move away from fear, cutting out the news was a big step. Today we have social media to deal with too, so I do recommend limiting how much you are online there too. I believe that if I am meant to know what’s going on outside me, the information I need will come to me when there is something I need to know.
  3. Check-in with yourself. When you make decisions, check in with yourself about whether you’re deciding when you’re in a fear state, or if you’re allowing yourself the time to recenter yourself and make decisions with love and compassion.
  4. Start giving. Make conscious time to engage in activities that demonstrate love and care for yourself and others. Acts of giving jumpstarts the heart because caring and giving make us feel good.
  5. Trust your feelings. Your feelings are a preview of how you’ll feel for the majority of your decision’s experience. Flow with what feels best. Your feelings are your internal navigation system and they will always steer you towards an outcome for your highest good.
  6. Establish heart|brain coherency. Check out the info on HMI’s website about the importance of syncing your brain and your heart. They have a cool 5-minute practice that you can do daily to make sure your heart and your brain are on the same page.
  7. Allow yourself to feel. Feelings are energy that can be used as information and for confirmation. By allowing yourself to feel, you get to know another side of yourself, and begin to learn about what your feelings are trying to communicate to you when they come up. This is also how you connect to your heart, through allowing yourself to feel.
  8. Ask your heart for answers. Start playing around with this. You can begin with small decisions and as you learn to trust your heart’s answers, you can begin looking to your heart to guide you through life. To get your heart to answer you, slow your breathing down, close your eyes, touch your heart and ask your heart the question you want the answer to. In this way you can get to know your heart’s voice, the language it uses to communicate with you (the ego/mind will use very different vocabulary to the heart), and what it wants for you.

Heart-Based Living, The Upside

There’s a certain amount of grace to be felt once you’ve learnt to live in a heart-centred way. Not much sways you or throws you off center because when you look at life through a lens of compassion, you realise others are just responding to you from their current level of understanding. You can see when people are responding or lashing out with emotional pain and you also learn not to take their reactions personally.

Likewise, when you’re conducting yourself with love as best you can, you begin to have greater levels of inner peace because your heart won’t be weighing heavy on you for not acting with love and kindness. With increased levels of peace, we also have higher levels of confidence and creativity. We can also look forward to more harmonious connections with others who are also proactive about heart-centered living. We make better decisions when we’re living from the heart, and we can communicate more effectively. Most importantly, we’re in touch with our truth and living according to our truth, opening the pathways to increased happiness. There is a better sense of freedom and we feel safer and more comfortable inside ourselves too. And that is just how it will affect us, nevermind the benefits on the planet as more and more people begin to live from the heart.

Doing Nothing And Staying Stuck

Is the discomfort you may experience from trying a new way of living if nothing has been working to date more painful than if you had to do nothing and carry on living as you have been for however long?

What will it mean for you to be able to come unstuck and feel free and at peace inside yourself? How do you think you’ll feel in 2, 5, or 10 years if you continue to do nothing to change your circumstances and carry on living in fear?

For me, I remember anxiety being a daily part of my life before I started transitioning to heart-based living. I was too scared to make decisions, and when I did make decisions, I made a mess of my life because I was so disconnected from my heart and only living from my ego trying to get everyone around me’s approval.

I, and you, deserve to live peacefully, lovingly, and have more meaningful interactions that promote deeper levels of fulfilment in our lives.

By learning the technology of our body, and developing techniques that allow us to access higher levels of awareness and consciousness, we can cooperate with the energy of the times, and help ourselves get there in a more harmonious way now that we know where this journey is taking us.

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