My services

Welcome to The Vibe And Shine. I’m Nicholette. I support successful therapists, coaches and healers who feel stuck on the treadmill of creating marketing content, instead of doing the client work they really love.

I help free up their time and energy by helping them create great content so they can focus on making a meaningful impact and growing their business to the next level.

I LOVE working purposefully and have always found my deepest work fulfilment in supportive roles where I’m making an overwhelmed person’s life easier each day.

My promise to you is to help you keep up a digital presence that connects your work with your people in a way that doesn’t burn you out.

This Is How I Can Help You


  • Industry & keyword research
  • Planning & strategy
  • Profile setup & optimization
  • Profile management
  • Audience building
  • Audience engagement
  • Content creation
  • Scheduling & posting
  • Reputation management
  • YouTube channel creation
  • Ad creation & management
  • Graphic design
  • Monthly tracking & reporting
  • Analytics reporting


  • Industry research
  • Publicity & public relations
  • Email & newsletter campaigns
  • Increase network popularity
  • Content distribution
  • PR outreach (media, etc)
  • Layout & graphic design
  • Press release & media kits


  • SEO Keyword research
  • Planning & strategy
  • Blog setup & integration
  • Blog management
  • Content calendar
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Blog posting
  • Website content
  • Long format writing
  • Short format writing
  • Graphic design
  • SEO upgrade to existing content
  • Repurposing old content


  • Photography
  • Video and editing
  • Editorial brainstorming
  • SEO & writing coaching
  • Website updates
  • E-Book/Print layout & design

If you’ve decided you’d like to take the plunge and explore working with me, reach out and let me know what you need help with. If you’d like to email me, you can send a mail to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to helping you!