Andrea Mulholland, Owner Operator of LifeFit Coaching

    October 14, 2020admin

    Social Media: Nicholette helped me set up my digital marketing for my coaching business. Before working with her, I didn’t really have any direction or plan and my own efforts had been inconsistent and irregular.

    She started off with platform optimisation, did industry research, came up with a strategy for my content and did everything from sourcing photos, doing graphic design, centralising my content to a main hub, and then scheduled and distributed the content I wrote and made my life easier in that regard.

    I found the quality of her work to be perfect, colourful, and stress free. She helped me take notice of what I do and got me to work and think systematically so there was consistency, strategy, and coherent flow. I have got a number of enquiries and opportunities to sign new clients up through working with her.

    Nicholette is very easy to work with and I have been 100% happy with her work. I continue to work with her, and have definitely recommended her to others who have given me such great feedback about my digital marketing.

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