Karen Knox, Owner of Surf Cafe CT

    August 13, 2020admin

    Content services: I recently started my first business, a smoothie bar and cafe. At the age of 49, this is the first taste of being a business owner that I’ve ever had. I had some ideas but was at a complete loss as to how to implement or even where to start marketing and social media. I could do a simple facebook post but had no clue how to even set up a business page. Then, in walked Nicholette. She is a dynamic yet humble, confident, knowledgeable and experienced content creator and manager, who went the extra mile in helping me get my digital marketing going.

    On the day of my product photoshoot with her, Nicholette arrived with a flat lay board, DSLR camera, and a head full of experience and ideas. It was super fun and extremely empowering working with her. The owner of the shop my smoothie bar is in has been running his business for 25 years. He has had various people in to do his marketing over the years and even he was super impressed with her work.

    I would highly recommend Nicholette without hesitation. One of the things I really enjoyed about her is that I felt so at ease and although my knowledge and thoughts were limited in this department, she carefully listened to and valued my input.

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