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Welcome To My Print Portfolio

Feel free to scroll through, click on, enlarge, and read the print content I’ve written. After qualifying as a print journalist in 2003, I enjoyed writing features for local and international newspaper and magazine publications. From my hometown’s community newspaper and a children’s magazine, to an international tropical island gazette, and an architecture magazine: I loved every minute creating and gathering stories for this portion of my portfolio.

Working in print is usually a team effort, and we would start the week of in editorial meetings to organise and strategise the coming week, pitch articles, get assigned stories that covered events, news, human interest articles, restaurant reviews, property, what’s on, culture, entertainment, and anything else the ‘Ed’ determined the public needed to know.

From there, each of us would head out and conduct interviews on our respective beats, gather information, take photos, and then come back and write articles before sitting down and getting a grip on intense deadline and production days. And then we’d rinse and repeat weekly to bring the surrounding communities juicy, reliable, accurate info and images to sate their thirst and have them live vicariously through the publications.

These are probably the writing jobs I enjoyed the most. There was always somewhere to go, something to learn, and someone to meet. I live for that stuff.

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