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Welcome To My SEO Writing Portfolio

Feel free to scroll through, click on, enlarge, and read the SEO I’ve written. It was around a year ago that I found myself in a position to learn to write for Search Engine Optimisation. Long story short, I jumped at the opportunity and now I have humble but modest SEO content writing portfolio.

If You’re Not Sure Why You Need SEO Content, Here’s 5 Extremely Valid Reasons:

  1. If you want to be found on Google when your target audience is searching for something you can provide, your content has to be strategised and optimised for the Google bots to pick up. If you don’t have optimised content that is keyword rich and ticks all the SEO boxes, what will Google detect and rank?
  2. Content must serve customers and prospective clients in a valuable way. High-quality content provides a solution to pain points and questions and gives people information they are looking for. When posted to social networks and shared by your audience, it’s even more of a bonus that algorithms use social sharing as validation of value. When your audience clicks on posts on social media, it creates back links that makes the Google bees even happier. You want to be sharing your content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 
  3. If you want your target audience to find you, your service, your business, or your product, you’re going to need to make sure you’re in front of your people consistently and regularly. You do this by regularly posting quality content that helps them learn more about what they are interested in, to social networking platforms. Gone are the days of pay-per-click ads. You never know if the clicks you’re paying for are from the people you want to find you or if it’s some desperate human on the other side of the planet whose job it is to click on ads and get paid.
  4. Timelines and feeds on social networks move so quickly that you will need to make sure you’re posting consistently so that you are being seen daily. How else is your prospective customer going to remember you from all the infinite other options available? Having a pool of content, and a skilled writer creating content regularly, is going to ensure you’re answering important questions and providing tips and tricks to your target audience like clockwork when they’re eating their breakfast and scrolling on their phone each morning.
  5. Through posting regular content on your website and sharing them to various networking platforms, you create a flow of free traffic that Google uses as a validation signal that you’re providing content that solves problems for people. Google ranks quality content and gives higher priority in search results because it knows its users are finding the information they need in your super-informative and inspiring content. 

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Footnote: The below articles are long format article, where the brief requested 2000+ and 3000+ words using designated keywords. Aside from writing these SEO posts for the brand, I was also their blog manager. Check out out my blog portfolio for more blogging info and experience.

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