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Welcome To My Blogging Portfolio.

Feel free to scroll through, click on, enlarge, and read the blogs I’ve written. Through my years as an internationally published features writer for newspapers and magazines, I have developed the ability to write on a wide range of subjects and comfortably solicit information from interview subjects, be they a member of the general public or high-profile individuals.

Count on me to write only original content using reliable sources that provide accurate information, and to respect and meet deadlines. Let me know what your pain points are when angling for your audience, and put me to work to speak your audience’s language with industry-appropriate tone and vocabulary that communicate your messages effectively.

My Scope Includes But Is Not Limited To:

  • Travel and tourism
  • Personality profiles
  • Health, beauty and well being
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Architecture and design
  • Recipe and ‘How-To’
  • Book and film reviews
  • Adventure sports
  • Entertainment
  • Women’s sexuality, and
  • Spirituality and consciousness — In my own blog over the past two years.

Blogs are a great tool to connect with your existing customers, pull in new customers through sharing useful information and inspiration to showcase industry expertise, establish a pool of content to convert to posts for social marketing platforms, and also help you rank higher in search engine platforms when using keyword-rich posts.

Blog Management Services Include:

  • Sourcing reliable and skilled writers;
  • Planning and organising content strategy and calendar;
  • Assigning topics to writers with accompanying deadlines;
  • Editing copy to ensure brand standards are met and copy is clean; and
  • Posting to website before finally
  • Scheduling for social marketing platforms.
  • Also included here is ensuring images support content.

If you like what you discover here and are interested in my services, say hello and let me know what your needs are and let’s see how we can work together. You can also click here to learn more.

I appreciate you stopping by